Have you been taken over by a mind virus , or is your inner light shining? Many are unconscious of their power to shine. Many let other intentions occupy their mind space, and this is compounded as they immerse themselves in technologies such as the internet, videos,cell phones, and news programs. Oops did I just say "programs"? Am I revealing the poorly kept intention that all media is designed to program us? Many are allowing themselves to be controlled through trauma based mind control energies which they invite in without discrimination. Where does your attention lie?

 Most are in fear, or experiencing, False Evidence Appearing Real. We see fear and anger displacing our natural peace and harmony, and as a result are living in the problem rather than the solution. What solution you ask? Our remedy or solution must be our inner light. In order to get it shining the first effort must be to step back from the narrative; from the mind virus as it were.Yes, this is what is infecting our consciousness. It is polluting our value system and our emotional body as well as being toxic to our health and well being.

 We need to disassociate ourselves from the drama at least enough to regain control of our inner compass. The current narrative is psychotic. We need to hang on to our humanity and get into balance with our ecosystem, mother earth, and nature. Remember, what controls your mind controls your life. The mind virus is designed to put out your light and enslave you. We must keep a balance but many are too focused on the current hype. We've forgotten that our inner light has the capacity to transmute and overcome anything.

So please  don't wait to be saved. Check your light level to see if it has dimmed.Remember, your light is your free solution. Your inner light is the ultimate remedy for all problems, real or imagined. How dull or vibrant are you? If you're vibrant then nothing can harm you. If you're dull you fall prey to all types of controlling energies.

 Please try this exercise. Be still and relaxed. Ask yourself, "What is my internal light level? What am I radiating?" Note that you have the ability to radiate both inwardly and outwardly. See a light in you center. This light is in all of us. Focus on your inner light shining.Feel it flow throughout your body and then radiating to all of creation. Now stand in your power and say, "My light can overcome anything. My light deactivates, dismantles, and deconstructs any and all attempted imposition. I am an infinite, immortal, eternal, and sovereign creator being. I now take charge of myself and re-calibrate my light level. I confirm love and light as my natural essence."

 If you do this daily you'll likely brighten your outlook in all areas. Regularly ask yourself, "Where is the healing light energy focused today?" Relax! Enjoy! Have fun! As you progress in the exercise by re-capturing your soul essence  you'll begin to heal. As you heal you will truly become a light unto the world and will attract more light into your consciousness.Thus you will be capable of radiating more healing light to youself and others. Thank You for Being.

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