By communicating and co-creating with the Devic Consciousness , Michael Stodola has dedicated his business, The Devic Centre and Able Crystals, to help people attune to the vibrational reality of the universe.

We teach conscious co-creation of a better environment and personal transformation through the use of crystals, sacred geometry tools, oil and essence therapy, and the balancing of earth energies (geopathics). Since our premise is that everything has consciousness we communicate with it and use the sanskrit term Deva as an all inclusive word encompassing names from various traditions.

This metaphysical approach recognizes that the integration of the consciousness of vibration and frequency with our intent is the key to manifesting all things in our reality.

What Does Michael Do?

Devic Seal for Environmentla HarmonyThe Focus of Michael's Work is:

  • Empowerment of the Individual
  • Working with the Devas
  • Energetic Self Healing

Michael has trained and been certified to facilitate energy dowsing, gem essence therapy, oil therapy, Quantum Touch® and The Reconnection®. As a co-founder of the Devic Society, Michael is certified in Devic Property Clearing (Also called Earth Healing or Geobiology).

Michael has trained with Bill W., Dr. Bob, Wayne Gaydos and Heather Bethune, Raymon Grace, Slim Spurling, Eric Dowsett, Bill Askin, John Living, Christan Hummel, Diana James, Dr. Eric Pearl, Richard Gordon, Alain Herriott, Rebecca Clemments, Robert J. Gilbert, the Guides of the Oneness University, and Stuart Mooney.

Michael is a retired businessman from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada who has been researching Holistic Methodologies for many years. During his research he became aware of an ability to channel energy. In of July 2004, Michael became a certified practitioner of Quantum Touch® and The Reconnection™. He was also a Quantum Touch® instructor, but has let his certification lapse. These two healing modalities are internationally recognised. Michael channels life force healing energies to clients' bodies and auras assisting the persons' natural healing tendencies.

These modalities treat on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. Michael is a Certified Practitioner of the Sacred Science of Geobiology and Earth Acupuncture and is qualified to use and teach the use of the Krystaline Beamer Products, the Life Light Tools, Dowsing and Devic Clearing. He also is a Certified Dowser, has studied Bio-Geometry and specializes in co-creative Devic property clearing.

Michael provided this service on site, or from a distance. As co-founder of the Devic Society for Environmental Harmony, Michael works with the devas on a daily basis. He and the society have cleared areas throughout the US, Canada, Britain,Croatia, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Isreal, Sweden,and Brazil.

He now helps people open to clearing their own spaces.

Michael Stodola  has spent time in India studying at The Oneness University. He no longer practices or offers these modalities, however, this study did assist his growth.

What Is Truth?
Truth is diverse. This is somewhat contradictory, but proves that all things hold true according to one's understanding at the moment. There is no need to debate over who is wrong or right. We are who we are at the moment until a new insight arises. Once we understand this we will no longer feel the need to prove it. We simply live it as it evolves.


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