A message re: Devic Space Clearing

I will cease asking my Devic friends to instigate clearing processes as in the past. Be ready for a challenging ride, but remember; you signed up for it or you would not be here now. So I officially announce that I will no longer ask my Devic Friends of The Devic Society for Environmental Harmony to do future clearings. My heart is both heavy and light as the two aspects of this permeate my being. MANY TEARS!!, but as the world changes so must I. Remember, every ending is a new beginning. Beginning soon there will be a new process led by two ladies. They will reveal more as the details are refined. -- Michael Stodola.

Devic Space Clearing/Co-creative Earth Healing

Michael Suggests people in stressed properties follow the outline which he used to do the property clearings

Michael does Energy Dowsing, Geopathic Assessment of Properties & Onsite or Remote Devic Clearings. No therapy or healing practice can have any lasting effect if you are working in a sick building or space.

Geopathic stress is the documented cause of many chronic conditions. Michael follows Divine inspiration and works with the "devas"to assess and clear away geopathic stress, noxious energies, old emotional residue and trapped spirits or entities on both your property and physical body. This is done on site or from a distance.

Deva means “body of light” in Sanskrit. A consciousness which organizes, structures, transmits and holds the archetype. A “thought form” through which an object is materialized into physicality. The consciousness of a place or thing. We can communicate with and assist the Devas through conscious acts of co-creation. Deva is the root for the word Divine.

Space Clearing Details.
A  Co-creative space clearing involves  the following:
 1. All forms of Geopathic stress are harmonized.
 2. All spirit energy is helped to move on .
 3. All old emotional stress is removed and neutralized.
 4. Help clear the people and animals residing there. by connecting to their soul essence.


Please read the following articles as they will clarify many of the terms. We want you to be fully informed and this reading in most informative.
Go to   http://www.ablecrystals.com/articles.html 
 and read these 3 articles:

  • Geobiology/Geopathic Stress
  • Noxious Earth Energies and their Influence on Human Beings
  • Devic Elemental Energy Realignment Dome 

    To proceed, YOU ask permission from the Deva or consciousness of the property to begin.
     Once permission is attained the process begins. The major work is normally accomplished quickly and within a short time you should start feeling the difference. A lightening of the property if you wish, as the heavy old interference and residue energies are removed.

    The clearing ,however, is not complete as it will only proceed at the appropriate level for all concerned.  As residents adjust to the new higher energies then the Devas clear more deeply. This step by step process assures that no one is thrown out of balance too quickly as they would feel unsettled. The full clearing may take a week to a month.


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