"Thank you so much to the Deva and her work on clearing my property and also me. I find I have a better clarity of what I want and don't want in my life anymore. And I have so much energy! The atmosphere in our house is much inviting and peaceful. And not like the heavy energy we had before. I highly recommend this service from Michael. Thank you so much for making our home a happier space again." -- G

"Just thought I'd touch base to let you know some of the changes I've seen at our farm property. Our mother cat and 4 kittens could not stand (hiss and fight) at our new puppy, now they are friendlier and put up with Hawks curious playful antics. Our wild cats have seemed to move on to other yards, except for one pure black one. We needed to load 3 specific horses to go to a futurity competition a week ago last Tuesday. I was putting energy out as my husband broke his arm and can't help the same (totally understandable) 4 horses came up to the gate the one we didn't want to load turned around and walked away. I was able to shut the gate and so grateful things worked out the way it did. We then went to the gelding pasture a mile away and the one we needed to load walked right into the pen first on his own. Our house cat has gained 2 pounds, she primarily stays downstairs but is venturing upstairs more as she's adjusting to our dog. In the last week I've noticed a few hawks around but Monday my husband and I were sitting out and noticed 13 flying around in a circle over our pasture. Never seen anything like that before. My husband isnt into energy work but even he took note - I am putting it out there he sees and is more open. I notice there are ravens but seem to be more flocking together in a big tree. On an overall I'd say our yard/house/property feels more like home. There is a calming/inviting peace to it. Our family of 4 has had some major realizations, discussions and decisions to make in the last couple of weeks. It has been done in a calm manner. I'm grateful. As some of the decisions/topics have rippling effects on members of our family."

"My oldest daughter took our pup for a walk today, down the lane, when she came back she confided in me that our property seemed more peaceful. She said she sees a dome around where we live as if we are protected. She said it's like the everything is more calm. Oddly enough I didn't tell her that you were clearing our property, but did after to reassure her that what she seen/felt/experienced was true.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."



"Hi Michael,

Just wanted to give you a follow up on my end.

On Feb 26, the date of your last e-mail, I noticed an increase in energy. It was noticeable because I was feeling extremely down and lethargic and could feel it in the house. It had been like this for weeks and I know 100% it wasn't the weather.

At first, I thought, was the increase in energy just a coincidence?  However, this lighter feeling has persisted over the last few weeks. For certain, there has been an improvement no doubt.

There is something weird I would like to share with you. Five days before I contacted you, I purchased copper wires to test geopathic stress around our house. I know we have a lot of man-made stress from:
- WiFi (ours and townhouse neighbours)
- cell phone towers (one which we can see unobstructed from our upper floors exactly 1km away)
- hydro power grid (1km away)
- electrical wiring underground
- gas lines underground.

I made myself L rods and tested around our house. The rods danced quite a bit in the obvious areas like electrical outlets. I expected that.

However, the less obvious areas where the L rods danced quite a bit were in my master bedroom (on my bed!) and an area in my living room.

At first, I thought maybe *I* was moving the rods unintentionally. Michael, I tested it in those areas many, many times over the next few days, several times a day. There was no doubt in my mind that the rods were moving on their own quite and animated at that, too! After I contacted you, I stopped dousing entirely.

About a week after I contacted you, I doused again in that specific spot in the living room. Couldn?t get to rods to move like before. I thought maybe I didn?t have the exact spot and moved around a few feet. Nothing. I don?t know how to explain this. I tried again the next day. Same thing. I?d like to try dousing again but misplaced my rods while cleaning my house and had guests over. (Didn?t want them asking questions.) As soon as I find them, I?ll try again.

So something is definitely happening.

Our neighbours directly on the east side have been very passive aggressive towards us in the last few years but they were not always like this. Things like: Slamming doors extremely hard (the way they slam, it has to be on purpose with force), playing music and video games ridiculously loudly, stomping when walking (not a hard walk but literally stomping), avoiding us if they see us, not saying hello unless we say it first but hardly acknowledging us, etc.

I know it sounds weird but I think their bad energy is infiltrating our house. I?ve always been sensitive to people?s energies and this one, I feel strongly and don?t know how to address it.

Having said that, I did notice in the last little while, they have been ?quiet?. I know they are home because the wife still walks loudly but at least she is not ?stomping? on purpose, nor are they slamming the doors with force. Definitely a different energy now. Hope it becomes permanent. I?m not looking for friendly neighbours - just courteous ones!

So that is where we are at currently.

A year ago, I would never have imagined myself contacting someone like yourself for help but as I researched and felt my intuition, this felt ?right?. So I thank whatever forces led me to your website!"

-- A., in Ontario


"Hi Michael - your "Devic Clearing" certificate arrived yesterday and I thank you and the devas for your help in getting my life back on track. I feel much calmer and my life seems to be on the mend with lots of miracles happening. Also thanks for my personal deva - "Jetlal" who I feel around me. Blessings!"- Gail - July 20, 2017

"Dear Michael - Many thanks for the clearing work on our property. The energy has already created a wonderful emotional healing for me and produced some great clarity and understanding so that I no longer feel 'trapped' in my circumstances. I trust this Loving energy will continue to transform all our lives for our Highest good." - D. and M.

"Thank You Michael - for clearing away all the geopathic stress and the noxious energies, the trapped spirits and entities on our property. Most of all, Michael, on my physical body - do so see a lot of difference within - healing healthwise and much more harmony on the outside. My soul is much lighter and is wanting to live again!" - M.S.H.

"Michael, Thank-you for your personal attention to the 'clearing' of our home. We do feel a greater sense of harmony and positive energy." - B.S.

"Dear Michael, Thank you so much for all of your help. With people like you, the world is such a nicer place!" - B.

"Hi Michael, We have experienced a profound energetic transformation since the clearing. The day after, being so used to such heavy energy, the 'lightness' of it was almost overwhelming until we got used to it. A feeling of such divinity... heavenly! We are deeply grateful to you and to the Devas. I've put a lovely plant in my window as a symbol of beauty and harmony. Daily we are playing music to reinforce good vibes and raise consciousness." - L.

"Michael, thank you so much for all your support. I'm grateful for all you have shown me. People like you make the world a brighter place to live in. All the very best to you as you continue to serve us all." - S.

"Dear Michael, Thank you so much for the work you have done with the Devas of our home, our river lot property and my work place. Caring and harmony truely shine through! Many Blessings to you." - K.D.

"Hello Michael, Yes, I do feel the difference, my home is much more pleasant. I got the energy to start cleaning and organizing it. The cleansing did make the place look and fell brighter, I also felt a clearing in my mind like a weight had been lifted. Thank you so much." - V.P.

"Michael, I think we can safely conclude that my home is a vastly different place now. It feels very safe and calm to me. I have a growing comfort with being in my home and it is becoming more and more inviting to me. I used to sleep with a fan on in my bedroom because I didn't want to hear every noise - which would always frighten me. After coming back from Christmas, I decided to sleep with the fan off so that I would not be experiencing the electromagnetic force caused by the fan. That was on the 2nd and I haven't slept with it on since. I hear noises, but I'm not afraid, and I tell myself it is an opportunity to get to know my home better, as if it is talking to me. I want to really thank you for all that you have provided for me." - P.

Previously, Michael was active as a  oneness blessing giver and trainer. Below are some testimonials related to his work as a blessing giver. We left these to stimulate your imagination as to what the next step might be. Since that time Michael has been developing a different methodology which dispenses with the need for intermediaries in having you take charge of your spiritual life. It is very empowering and  Michael has seen the results personally. He is preparing a presentation to share this with others in a manner which respects their personal traditions/beliefs while helping them move to the appropriate level of awakening which will be unique for each one.
 This next step is really, "One Giant Leap", as it is truly empowering.

"Hi Michael, I'm just writing to thank you for the Oneness Blessing I received from you. Things have been a lot better since this awakening! The next morning after that, I had a vision of my abdomen... overflowing..., and when it was over, everything was perfect. My awakening continues, and it seems that each morning in meditation, I get some clear messages as to my activities for the day. It's awesome!" - J.M.

"Hi Michael, I've had a few people share verbally, experiencing some aha moments, more peace, clarity and well-being overall. I can say the same. I look forward to visiting the Devic Center again." - C.

"Hello Michael: It was such a pleasure to meet and spend time with you. My experience of the Mukthi Process felt like one of surrender, is the only way I can describe it. It was like the room was a single consciousness, energy and there was no room to act, think or be in the lower dimensions of being physical. To move or operate the physical felt like a challenge almost, it was more comfortable just to be. It was the same with trying to think and operate from the mind, it was like it didn't really belong and was much nicer just not to go there. Yet today it is much nicer just to be in the mantra, and I don't find myself getting stuck in the small stuff as easily.

Another experience I would like to share with you, was the blessing I received. As you came towards me, I felt the presence of my mom with me. With receiving the blessing she got stronger and stronger. I started to feel my grief for her and then I realized I didn't have to meet her on my level where the pain was, I could shift to her level and upon doing that I felt the joy, happiness, light and love where she was at. That gift was overwhelming and the tears turned to tears of joy... Thank you and blessing to you." - H.

"Hi Michael,I just wanted to send you a thank you and some praises for the course. The way you facilitated was so powerful. I am in my second year of massage school and find it lots of work and the deadlines seem overwhelming, that is why I only went to Sunday. All my time is spent
doing school. When I come home yesturday I felt so calm in regards to an assignment I have been working on. I seem to have a better understanding of how to piece it together (this is amazing for me as internalizing and assimilating new stuff has always been a struggle) I noticed that in the work shop yestuday, understanding just flowed in. What a pleasant surprise and most welcome! I feel so much more connected to God which happened yesturday. It seems like time stood still or I experienced it in a different way. When I left I stopped and counted how many hours I was in your class and it seems like no more than 2 hours could have possibly went by. What a magical day.

What Corrine said about seeing the image of Bhagavon teaching through you made perfect sense to me. You are a gifted teacher Michael, a beautiful soul. Thank you for the wonderful day,"
- L. B.

"Hi Michael, This is Corrinne..from Meadow Lake. I would like to express my sincere
gratitude to you for coming and sharing the "Oneness Blessing" course with us here in Meadow Lake. It was a truly life changing experience for me. Thankyou!"
- C

"The Blessing has made itself a central part of any healing work that I do--many changes in a very short length of time. The workshop was quite a profound experience.
- There was another shift that started in early Feb. This involved only one or two people at first and then grew to much larger numbers of people. 'Unplanned beneficial co-creation' with a Meadow Lake connection seems to have allowed this possibility.
- the Deeksha workshop gave the Divine an opportunity to take that unexpected shift to much higher levels. Again, thank you for coming our way."
- J H

"Hi there Michael, O my goodness. I have many experiences to speak of already. On Sunday
night I found myself in YouTube. I came across all the videos questioning Bhagwan. I went to sleep that night and he came to me. I felt the need to apologize to him. The message to me was to trust fully. Do not question. Trust Creator. And trust in myself and my capacity. I woke up feeling bliss. The next night he came to me again. Feelings of pure peace and trust filled my heart and my life. Tonight I had another shift happen. Pressure in my forehead. . Skin vibrating. .nauseousnesss. Yet I feel incredible peace. The work I do now seems to mainly only require Deeksha. I used to dowse and ask questions about the clearings required. Then there were protocols to be carried out. Now everything is cleared and healed with Deeksha. I have already seen the difference. I am so grateful. This experience is truly amazing! Life is amazing! THANKYOU! Hope to hear more of your experiences soon. - Love and Light,"
- C

"I can tell you one thing. Since the training I have cleansed at the deepest level of my being. Things that I thought that I had cleared up have surfaced again. It took all of my being to keep things under control. I have since come to grips and released them to the light, but the first couple weeks after were quite the experience." - J.D.

"Hi Michael, I just want to send you a little note of thanks for the awsome day I had at The Devic Centre participating in the Mukthi Deeksha. This has been the most profound experience of God I have ever had. When I have doubts (which happen often) about whether I am getting (Deeksha or asking apropriatly) I will remember my experience getting the Mukthi Deeksha and it shall renew my faith and carry my through. I think you are such a profound leader for The Oneness Blessing and helping to spread this gift to humanity. When you are feeling doubtful and low remember how awesome you really are for the work you do. You are a gift to us Michael. God Bless You!!In Gratitute and Appreciation," - L.B.

"Hi Michael,Thank you again for a wonderful weekend. One of my biggest insights was
the fact that my Divine was very masculine with little to no feminine identity. Amma Bhagavan provided some balance to my concept of Divine Spirit. I really feel good about that and have really focussed a lot on Amma and the Mother God. She has given me inspiration and clear insight to my feminine nature. Blessings to you and all that is you!"
- S.K.

"Dear Michael, you shared so much of yourself in this workshop, and that made it special....so now you have a special place in my heart. As for YOUR heart, i am holding it in my prayers, so that it may heal completely. I feel very blessed for taking this workshop and for knowing you." - B.

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