As Always, The Answers Are Within.

 Where does your intention lie? Put another way, what are your dominant thought patterns? Where do you place your attention? At present we are challenged with a world gone mad with attempts to subjugate and control us. The current situation can be viewed from many perspectives. There is, or there is not, a virus. Vaccines/injectibles  are safe or harmful. Let's put the questions aside and focus on how we navigate these troubling times. What can we do to create a world where we feel safe and secure?

 Since we are being pushed into a technological singularity I feel it vital to re-connect with ourselves through nature. Most of us are  functioning in ways suggested to, or mandated upon us by beaurucrats who attempt to force compliance to restictive policies. Most of us function mindlessly and follow the herd without thought. We become frustrated since we are working from the outside in. It is time to function from our inner self. Let's remember we are sovereign beings and are best when we function from the promts of our heart space. The answers to our dilema must come from within.

Let's go within to see where our attention resides. Are we living in the problem or the solution? Most of us are frustrated and in fear to some extent. When our focus is on the news, our phones, and computers, we are likely immersing ourselves in lack, limitation, and fear. This is a toxic mix and disconnects us from our humanity as it is really trauma based mind control.

There is a simple effective solution. Reconnect to nature and the natural humane you.  Here's the prescription. Find time each day to be free of technology. Shut off all devices. Be silent and in silence. Where possible get outside. Find a space in nature and simply listen. Try it for ten minutes, 30 minutes or all day if you are able. It is amazing how liberating this is. Many people can not be disconnected for even the ten minutes suggested. They are addicted to their devices and have entered into the technological singularity which by its nature deprives them of the right to self determination. It has progressed to such a degree that many can not function  as natural beings. They've become unconscious robots driven by negative suggestions. It is a limiting debilitating situation.

 However, when we decide to take back our power through a re-connection to our natural being, we are on our way to wholeness. Our natural state is one of harmony and balance. It is time to re-balance. Once we accept that we, and only we, can fix ourselves, we are on the mend. The world situation becomes simply an experience and we can experience harmony, safety and balance if we choose. When was the last time you stretched your body, letting it know through words and feelings, that you truly love and appreciate it for carrying you through this reality? When was the last time you turned off your phone, closed your computer, and sat in stillness with just your thoughts? When did you take a quiet walk and listen to nature and your internal dialog?

 Sadly the answer to the questions above are usually, "I have not been doing any of this." So the problem persists and you feel that the world is a bad place at this time. Guess what. There is really a wonderful natural world just outside your door and away from the controlling confines of technology. Get outside and re-connect to the real world. Try it a bit at a time. It may be a challenge but is worth a try. The old "Hug a Tree" , is a great place to start. I think the hippies were on to something. Nature will  help us be in balance with the world.  Please think on this and remember, the greatest ally we'll ever have is our thought, and the biggest threat to ourselves is our thought. Nature provides the pathway to healing thought patterns. Follow this pathway to a vibrant happy life. Re-connect to the humane natural you with the assistance of nature.It is a paradox that going out in nature is the best medicine to let us go within to the source of our true being from where we can make choices that best serve us.

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