Genesis Or Expanded Perception

by Michael Stodola

Genesis?? Yes in common parlance we use the word to signify a beginning as in an idea. However infinity has no beginning or end and you, by the way, are infinite. You are infinite spirit/source with a body to experience this creation. Your body too is infinite but more on that later. The concept of "Genesis" is a construct of a human mind unaware of its infinite potential. Please continue as this article may help you to re-evaluate who/what you are and where you are going. Consider this hypothesis.

When we began this earthly experience as a fractal of our sovereign universal source self, we set a path which seemed limited as that was necessary for us to have a particular experience.Our experience ultimately affects all of source/creation. The experience or events ripple through creation, clearing or causing everything to adjust.

The you that is you is infinite spirit. The body and all you see is also infinite, but it is constantly experiencing a sequence of changes which seem to be finite. Death or the transformation of a tree, animal, or fire, at first seems final. It is however still an infinite progression for nothing has been destroyed. It has simply transformed or assumed another form. It is our limited perception and emotional state which traps us into a belief of a finite reality. What an opening for those who would like to control us.

Contemplate this please. We have the idea of choice, but it is to feel we are in charge and actually moving into greater understanding. This is the tool which usually keeps us keeping on. We planned it as a fail safe for this experiment. What we do not realize is that we made a choice dimensions/eons ago to embark on a pre-programmed journey. We did this in consultation with all the rest of humanity and thus set up the experiment as a group. So the idea, " And God Rested"---- NOT LIKELY !!!!!!

There are no Gods other than creation or source, and the moment creation rests everything ceases. Evolution is consciousness in action and source is a continuum. Without the continual manifestation of potential into a wave form of created energy a stagnation of creation decomposing upon itself would occur.

The "God Concept" is a finite controlling mechanism. Creation or source is infinite, immortal, and eternal. Try this metaphor: Think of water pouring out of a an opening. It just keeps coming. Nothing stops it as it spreads out to cover vast expanses. There actually is nothing to stop it for it is "existence". There actually is nothing else because the water is infinite potential or source which is all there is. The water even covers previous layers of water building and mixing layer upon layer and this mix, while carrying the original essence, is then mixed to create a new more complex form ad infinitum.

There can not be source "and" anything else. Source has no boundary and thus is in a constantly expanding. It experiences itself as a dimension and then expands to create another type of experience or dimension. Remember it is pure potential, having within it the power to create experience after experience as it will. Each individuation of itself also begins its experience creating and manifesting with infinite possibility. The only rule is that everything affects the whole.

Source is experiencing itself in myriad ways. It seemingly conflicts with itself , but that is the illusion. This is the realm of all possibility. There is interaction at every level simply to experience the event. Also please see that this is a cosmic event. It is not limited to this planet or galaxy. There are billions of galaxies and the intelligence of source is manifesting as countless life forms even as it has with the many species seen here on this planet and dimension. It has no beginning or end. It is infinite possibility.

Consciousnesses of myriad types are spawned from this gushing torrent of possibility. But they are still source, individuated for an unfathomable purpose that words can not describe. Words are finite. The minute you name something it can not be anything else. So we, the human species , create separation. If you are an "I" you are separate from source . This is in mind only. I defines and thus limits. I as a human is finite, while I as spirit is infinite, immortal, eternal, and sovereign. We are source manifesting as an individuation of source which can not be divided, for it is all inclusive.

Individual means indivisible. So in reality we are all source, but so is everything else!! Even the word "everything", is limiting for we use it only to include those things of which we are aware. Infinite potential continues to expand and manifest so even since the start of this discourse much has been created at levels we will not fathom as we are individuations having a particular experience in this cosmic soup, and although we feel we are separate, every action we have is felt by all of conscious creation which is source. We are the soup, but having this particular experience we are not aware of all else that is going on. This is because of a safety filter, possibly the brain, which confines our awareness to our experience in this body.

We are a construct which is only designed to experience this limited reality. Thus we have an insane sense of sanity based on separation. Nonetheless we are integral to all of creation for we are ultimately source. Yes, the vehicle/body which allows us to experience this particular part of the whole, seems to be finite. Realize it too is source, and as everything on this planet, will go through constant transformation. It simply changes form. Ashes to ashes if you will, but still in existence for it is source experiencing itself in multiple forms.

Self is source, and source is self, so we automatically continue to evolve or progress into more and more complex wave forms at the conscious level. This consciousness in not the body. The body is the vehicle used to express source on this dimension. The traps we set are myths creating a self separate from source. Source is all that is!! It is pure potential, ever expanding and being and knowing itself as whatever manifests. This manifestation includes all, that we with our belief in separation, choose to judge as right, wrong, good, bad, sacred, or profane. We, these creations or manifestations of source are experiencing both ends of the spectrum on this dualistic third dimension. Without realizing it, we are simply observing a tiny fraction of the infinite which can never be known, for to know it is to limit it and that is a finite concept.

Our mission is to expand our perception while realizing the infinite nature of reality. We will never arrive, but will rather move through myriad experiences as part of infinite source creating and experiencing itself.

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