Thoughts on The Clarity of Co-Creation
by Michael Stodola

You don't have to get anywhere . Simply look within!

You are who you seek is a statement I've made many times and is the title of the first article on our site . See:

I was asked to clarify my journey of change in case it might help others. Remember please that this is my reality, and I'm relating concepts I considered up to this point. If it helps you to clarify your concept of reality then I'll have achieved my purpose. I don't take it as, "the answer", but simply one part of the infinite complexity of what I call the Infinite Isness. It is ever changing. I'm also not who I was was 5 minutes ago. I resonated with some one saying that Ekhart Tolle's Book, The Power of Now, is actually The power of then. All he was doing was sharing a window of time on his evolutionary path. He's no longer there.

Please consider that, in spite of all the situations present in your reality, you are exactly where you are supposed to be for your personal evolution. These situations are also affecting all of creation. You are a creator being and as such create waves or vibratory patterns which ripple out and affect the whole. At the same time you are affected and must adjust to the patterns or waves being created by others. You are like a pixel on a computer screen. If you are not there the picture is incomplete. If you move, all the other pixels must move: conversely when the rest move you too must adjust.

So what does this mean? Are you a powerless entity subject to the whims of some external force?

For me the answer comes in the word CO-CREATION. This means creation occurring as a result of co-operation between two or more participants. They may be people or things. Your family or mother earth. Everything is connected and thus involved. Because it is infinite it is too large to explain or actually fully understand. But I offer this thought seed for you to consider. It brought me to the place where I finally have one indisputable certainty. I now understand that I'll never understand. The ever changing "Infinite Isness" is beyond my comprehension. I am pleased to say that this realization has allowed me to relax and watch the big picture unfold.

My actions definitely affect the whole and as I co-create I can watch and learn how I'm really affecting this miniscule part of infinity. When I ask, "Why did I choose to create this? and What do I have to learn from this experience? " I am able to step back and move out of judgement. I'm also forced to realize that I'm here because I set it up. It is part of my evolution. What seems to be some external force being in control is actually a result of what I've co-created within this reality. Ultimately I am responsible. I can't pass the buck or blame something else. The buck stops here. As my friend George said,:

"By asking these two basic questions, we are immediately removing ourselves from the victim archetype and stepping straight into our Creatorship. We are no longer playing the game of pain and blame, because we are owning all that we experience as a result of our creative evolutionary path in this Universe. Clarity is freedom! "

I'll leave you with this to ponder and I welcome further discussion and/or sharing. I believe that even after much discussion we'll have more questions than answers. However, when we realize "It simply is", then the questions disappear and with no questions we have no need for answers. At some level we know, since all is within. I believe we are spirit with a body and a fractal of our infinite ,immortal, eternal sovereign self resides within our heart.

The more we go within, our day to day evolutionary experience begins to make some sense and we relax a bit. As we follow our heart we gain clarity. Please consciously co-create and clarify your personal assessment of "what is".

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