Devic Elemental Energy Realignment Dome
by Michael Stodola

The following technique was given to Michael by the Devic team who works with him to do the clearings:

Visualize a round topped structure like a domed stadium, whch is erected over the property being cleared. It will be anchored in the corners with posts. The energy in the dome goes at least 50 feet down into the ground. In the case of water bodies, it will go as deep as necessary to encompass the bottom of the body and the supporting strata. Pan directs activity in the dome on the land and a highly developed water Deva is Water Bird Woman.

The dome itself is a structure within an electrical grid is present. This grid provides a travel network for displaced Elementals and allows them to move to new assignments or get into better position to continue the work they are doing.

The dome is erected inside the golden pyramid so that Elementals who need to move to assignments in another place can travel through the dome into the golden pyramid and be taken to their new positions.

The grid in the dome also provides acupuncture like energy to help open up blocked systems such as damaged plants or diverted waters. Pan directs the energy as needed. The center of the dome contains a tree of life which also energizes and harmonizes the system. Healing light in violet, rose and white is shining throughout. In fact, the upper panels have been seen as rose coloured with swirling white light around them. The vibrations of amethyst, rose quartz and white quartz are also present throughout.

Able Crystals at the Devic Centre -

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