A talk given by Kathe Bachler 1987

First of all 1 should like to extend to you the traditional Austrian greeting --'Gruess Gott" and then also thank you for your kind invitation. I am delighted to have the opportunity to talk to you today about my work as a dowser, about the research programme that I was commissioned to carry out, about a few of the problems, opportunities and limitations of working with a divining rod and a pendulum, but above all I am delighted to be able to talk to you about the importance of choosing a good place for both sleeping and working in as a sure guarantee of remaining healthy in body, mind and spirit.

But, first of all, there are a few simple explanatory observations that I feel obliged to make, since there are a great many misconceptions, particularly in this branch of knowledge, which often lead to difficulties and misunderstandings.

We humans are affected by a wide range of influences, both good and bad, such as heredity, upbringing and education, diet and clothing, climate and weather, the building materials of our houses, various electrical appliances and last but not least radiation from the earth itself in good and bad places. These have a far greater effect on us than has hitherto been recognised. Of great importance also are our thoughts. Worry, anxiety, malicious thoughts, envy, hatred and jealousy -- all of these can make us ill, whilst good, loving and helpful thoughts, as well as sincere prayer, full of trust in God, have a healing effect on giver and receiver alike.

Today I want to report on the extent to which we are all subject to the earth's influences----influences which can be picked up by a divining rod or a pendulum. Both rod and pendulum are simple electro-physical instruments which make the influences, sensed by the dowser, visible. Dowsing reactions are not a figment of the imagination and have nothing to do with magic but represent a real physical phenomenon for which physics has not yet been able to provide a satisfactory explanation. However, for all scientists with an open mind there are enough recent research results, arrived at by use of biophysical instruments, instruments with which the findings of dowsers can be tested and confirmed, even if these instruments are still rather expensive. My own work with a pendulum has been corroborated in this way on a number of occasions. A leading researcher and scientist in the field of radiesthesia, the brilliant physician and inventor Dr. Dieter Aschoff, is on record as saying: "Whoever nowadays still maintains that dowsing is a figment of the imagination or deception merely shows that he is either behind the times or downright malevolent."

There are various kinds of rods: the simple forked twig, metal loops, bent wires, as well as complex and expensive instruments. Likewise there are various kinds of pendulums.

What can be located with a rod or a pendulum? - Water for wells, various ores and oil deposits, harmful radiation, the so-called 'interference' or 'disturbed zones' in flats and houses, but also interference from electricity and other sources. People who are exceptionally sensitive are also able to pick up good radiation and can find the good places at once! Here I should like to point out, however, that working with rod and pendulum can also be a strain, i.e. can make one ill. So due care has to be taken when dowsing.

Since time immemorial, in all countries of the world, a rod or a pendulum has been used to find subterranean water courses for wells. The missionary station San Miguelito in Bolivia always suffered from an extreme shortage of water in periods of drought. In 1972, 1 was able to find an underground water course at a depth of 43 metres which at the moment is delivering 4,000 litres of pure, clear water per hour to the well which was dug there.

In 1980, on my second world tour, I was once again asked to find water for a well - this time for an Indian village in South America. A large cancerous growth on a tree is a sign that at this precise spot two underground streams cross each other at different depths. Such crossings also attract lightning. All living organisms, plants, animals and humans alike, react in one way or another to these radiations, but the reactions differ. Plants and animals can be divided into two groups, ie; those that need and thrive in the environment that is found above subterranean water courses - in the plant kingdom for example mushrooms and many medicinal herbs, and in the animal kingdom cats and insects. Bees, ants and termites always build their nests in places of strong radiation. Bees produce more honey above subterranean streams, and viruses and bacteria also thrive on such interference zones. All TB patients that I have come across were sleeping in such places.

The second group of plants and animals are those that, like human beings, find such interference zones intolerable and therefore instinctively avoid them, or, if that proves impossible, become ill. Dogs and most domesticated animals belong to this group - horses, cattle, pigs and hens for example.

Professor Dr. Anton Schneider, a leading German construction biologist, asked me to investigate a plot of forested land. This tree had been attacked by the bark beetle and had been entirely stripped of its bark. It was on a so-called interference zone crossing. The beetle population was able to multiply very rapidly, whilst the tree itself was too weak to defend itself.

A cat's favourite place is a bad place for human beings. A schoolgirl woke up every morning absolutely worn out, irritable, nervous and without any appetite. As soon as her bed was moved to a good place, she woke up as bright as a daisy and ate like a horse.

Underneath a cowshed I found one wide stream, and below it another narrow one. Afterwards the farmer said to me: "It was exactly above this crossing that every one of our cows fell seriously ill. We lost a lot of money. On the other side of the shed as well our pigs and chickens were either constantly ill or died. In the good places all our animals were in tip-top condition." Ten years later, when a film about my work as a dowser was made for West German TV, this same farmer said: "Ever since we've kept our animals away from the very bad places, we've had no more bad luck in the sheds."

The human being is enveloped by a kind of radiant body as a protective sheath. In a healthy human being this protective sheath serves as a defence against harmful influences. It is invisible to the naked eye but can be felt by babies, very young children and sensitives. This radiant body can be punctured and impaired by all kinds of influences. Dowsers who spend too much time with their rods are also at risk.

There are a number of environmental influences which can harm us when we are asleep or working for long periods of time in one place. Sources of such influences are underground streams, geological faults, cracks and fractures in underground rock and, also, the so-called 'nets' or 'grids', i.e. zones which are spread over the entire globe. The origin and effect of these grids have yet to be fully explained. In my opinion, the most damaging to human health are underground streams and the so-called 'Curry Net' (figure 1), which is named after Dr. Manfred Curry who carried out and published the original research. In the drawings these interference zones appear to lie in a horizontal plane. In reality, however, they are invisible vertical walls of radiation which can be detected in every storey of a building. The radiation walls of the Curry Net run diagonally from NW to SE and from NE to SW. In Central Europe these walls are approximately 3.5 m apart and, on average, 80 cm wide.

In figure 2 the husband had a neutral, i.e. a good bed place and was healthy. His wife was exposed to two kinds of interference, i.e. water and Curry Net. She suffered from cramps, had various illnesses and a great deal of pain, particularly when lying in bed. Her child was born prematurely at 6'/2 months and her doctor told me that without his intervention she would have lost her baby, it being nature's way to get rid of all that is diseased. As the cot stood directly above the crossing, the baby cried and screamed, tossed and turned, and had convulsive fits until it was utterly exhausted. The mother had to comfort the baby up to 20 times a night. So I would beg all of you, whenever you hear of a baby or child crying all night, to tell the parents to move the cot until the baby sleeps soundly. Many a man sleeping above such a crossing is unable to father a child and many a woman remains childless. Many couples only had their wish to have a child fulfilled after moving their beds to a good place.

Babies and young children escape from radiation whilst asleep. The baby rolls away. The two-year-old rolls right to the edge, pushing hands and feet through the bars. Moving the bed a mere 50 cm away from the wall brought the desired effect: the baby stayed in the middle and slept soundly. A seven-year-old sleeps rolled up in a ball. It is obvious that such children will not wake up refreshed. The bed should be moved to the place to which the child escapes. A nine-year-old in Argentina escapes to his brother's bed, whilst asleep.

Many children escape to their parents' bed, but only when they sleep in a bad place. When their bed is in a good place they sleep soundly all night. I have recorded a few hundred such cases in drawings, proving that we are not dealing with coincidence but with a natural reaction. These are facts, not theories. Scientists need to be humble enough to allow themselves to be guided by these facts.

The sudden death of little Michaela. This child's bed was also on an interference crossing. The death might have been triggered by a strong surge of electric current since the parents' flat was in a power plant. The US scientist Egon Eckert has recorded many cases where surges of current above subway stations have been responsible for cot deaths. Electric appliances, boilers, TV sets, freezers next to, behind a wall or on the floor below can also have bad effects. The same goes for fluorescent lights, cassette recorders, radios and radio-and battery-operated alarm clocks next to one's bed.

As a baby Veronica kept running a temperature and developing angina, whatever medicine she was given. She had to go back into hospital again and again. Once her bed was moved she recovered in a matter of days. Her doctor confirmed that she is now fit and well.

A young mother felt absolutely exhausted and in despair because of her two naughty boys. She implored God: "Almighty God, help me, I cannot go on like this. I am at my wits' end!" and her prayer was answered. Only two days later, by a stroke of good fortune, I was able to find the harmful cause. At 10 o'clock at night, the boy whose bed was above an interference crossing, would begin to toss and turn, throwing his arms about as if he were demented. This was the time the boiler on the other side of the wall would begin to heat up. After their beds had been moved both boys slept soundly. Their health, as well as their behaviour, improved. The mother wrote: "We are now a happy family".

A letter from a mother led to my starting to investigate the homes of my pupils. I could no longer stand idly by once I'd realised that in many cases I was able to help pupils who were ill or had learning difficulties. At that time I was at a Secondary Modern School, teaching Maths, Sculpture and Shorthand. The mother of ten-year-old Monika wrote that her daughter had been sick in the night. During lessons, too, Monika often had to leave the classroom because she felt unwell. I would advise all parents not to send their children to school when they are ill. I asked Monika: "Have you already been to see your doctor?" "Yes", she replied, "but the doctor said that he couldn't help me as he had already tried all kinds of medicine without any success. None did me any good. According to him all I had was a nervous stomach."

I felt terribly sorry for Monika and had a word with her mother. She asked me to investigate her children's bedroom. I asked her not to tell me which bed Monika slept in. Here, too, it was the same as always: Monika's bed was above water and a Curry Crossing. She was always ill and a total failure at school. Her brother's bed was in a good place. He was well-built, tall, and did well at school. I recommended converting the two beds into a bunk bed so that Monika could sleep above her brother, i.e. in the good place. A few days later Monika told me, eyes aglow: "I now sleep very well". She soon recovered and became a good pupil. In subjects which rely on a good memory, improvement is often noticeable within a very short time. In Maths and foreign languages however it does of course take longer to catch up.

Georg was a bed-wetter. For seven years no doctor had been able to help him. However, an investigation of his parents' flat soon solved the riddle. Georg slept on a crossing of two interference zones (figure 3). He was small for his age - irritable and nervous on getting up. His four brothers all slept in bunk beds which were in good places. They were healthy and well-built. Their mother asked me reproachfully: "Why don't doctors and teachers tell us anything about the harmful effects of these interference zones?" The first time she had learned anything about this was when she'd seen a TV programme I had appeared in. As Georg's kidneys were already affected, it took another six months after moving the bed before he was fully restored to health. With other bed-wetters - all of whom lie on interference zone crossings - a cure can often be immediate and often simply by moving the bed at random.

After having helped many pupils to better health and better results at school by finding good sleeping places for them, I took my drawings and my evidence to the Director of Educational Services in Salzburg and told him about my work as a dowser. As a result I was commissioned by the Pedagogical Institute of Salzburg, i.e. by the ten leading educationists of Austria, all of them members of the Board - and the vote was unanimous - to do the necessary basic research on the topic "Failure at school as a possible result of geobiological influences in the home and at school". This enabled me to carry out my dowsing work throughout the Province of Salzburg and also to give lectures to teachers. It was not long either before I was invited to give lectures in the other provinces of Austria. After the lectures I was asked again and again to investigate the sleeping- and work-places of problem pupils. In doing so I amassed a veritable wealth of experience. I noted down the results of my investigations, together with scale drawings of 1:50. Again and again it emerged that pupils who were always tired, those who were the slowest, those who had the greatest difficulty in concentrating, those who were the most forgetful and the most difficult, and those who were always ill, were all victims of interference zone crossings. The results of this pioneering, empirical and scientific work with its many vivid reports and its accurate drawings were first published in 1976 in my book "Discoveries of a Dowser". This book has taken the world by storm and is by now in its 10th edition, having already been translated into several languages: into Spanish by a physician - Dr. German Duque in Columbia, the President of the Neuraltherapists of South America; into English by the Psychotherapist Marianne Gerhart, in California, USA, and also into French and Portuguese. (The English edition is now out of print. Ed.)

In Upper Austria I was invited by a teacher collective to speak at a workshop and it was here that the first documentary on the subject of interference zones was made. One pupil had often to stay in after school because he hadn't done his homework and made no effort to learn anything despite the fact that he was quite intelligent. He was an outsider who did not fit in with the rest of the class and was on bad terms with many of his classmates. What was the real cause? His bed was on a double crossing, i.e. on a water crossing and a Curry Crossing. The poor boy would wake up in the morning worn out and in a bad mood, feel tired for most of the day, and quite incapable of learning anything. His school reports were accordingly bad. After moving his bed the boy slept better, returned to normal in a short while and his school performance improved.

In Lower Austria, 165 of my fellow teachers from two different districts turned up for one of my lectures. A teacher came up to me in the break and said: "The handwriting of one of my pupils has become completely illegible over the last few months and I'm afraid she'll soon be having a nervous breakdown. Could you please investigate her sleeping place for me?" The girl's bed was on an underground stream. On its own, an underground stream can account for tiredness, colds and rheumatism, but it is quite out of the question that lying on water can lead to a nervous breakdown.

For that to happen, a Curry Net must be involved somehow. It was only when I checked the position of her desk at school that the mystery was solved - it stood on a double crossing. This pupil used to instinctively move her desk away from the worst danger zone. By dinner time these two pupils had moved their desk until they were only exposed to the harmful influence of the water. In every room, and of course in every classroom too, there are both good and bad places. We cannot altogether avoid all the various interference zones. What we can do, however, is to arrange for the pupils to sit at a different desk every four weeks. I always ask teachers to introduce the concept of a 'rolling class' so that no pupil has to spend a whole year sitting in a bad place. All that is needed anyway is for them to change rows.

In Carinthia, a teacher asked me after my lecture to help a girl who was always ill. Verena used to sleep with her head over a Curry Crossing and an underground stream. She had nightmares, screamed in her sleep, often ran a temperature and frequently had to miss school. She was very sensitive, small for her age and was often troubled by stomach ache and nausea . . . When once she instinctively slept the other way round, she slept better but lost her pillow because she had tried to move away too far. I suggested to her to sleep next to the door. A month later I received a letter from her mother saying: "Our daughter Verena is sleeping and feeling much better altogether." A year later I learnt that she had grown a lot and was doing much better at school.

In Vorarlberg a 13-year-old boy was an absolute failure at school despite the fact that he was both intelligent and hard-working. He could not concentrate at all. His bed was on a Curry Crossing and an underground stream. His state of anxiety was such that during the night the light had to be kept on and the door to his parents' bedroom had to stay open. In the morning he felt giddy and had no appetite. He also suffered from worms. The place where he did his homework was the cat's favourite place. He would sit there, shaking and rocking to and fro, unable to learn anything. He often got up and went away saying: "Nobody's given us any homework anyway". That, of course, was just an excuse, a white lie. His parents were very worried. Finally they began to pray fervently and their prayers were answered. After moving his bed and giving him a different place for doing his homework 'everything', as they put it, was all right again.

I ended up having to investigate also the sleeping- and workplaces of grown-ups whose health had failed to improve despite many years of medical treatment. In all these cases I found heavy interference zones.

In the Province of Salzburg, a doctor asked me to go and see a young farming couple who had been very ill for years. The husband suffered from cramp in his legs, pain in his kidneys and exhaustion. His wife suffered from severe rheumatism and hypertension. In these beds, both her parents had died of cancer at an early age. I advised them to move the beds to the other side of the room. Her immediate comment was: "That's exactly where my grandparents had their beds. They both enjoyed good health and lived to a ripe old age". The couple moved their beds straightaway, but suffered to begin with from reaction effects, i.e. for three weeks their condition and accompanying pain got worse, but then they made a complete recovery. It is extremely important for all to know that the last place to put a bed is where someone has already died of cancer.

With gout and rheumatism, interference zones are always one of the main causes, though diet is often a contributory factor. The head of an SOS Children's Village in Cochabamba in Bolivia suffered from gout and rheumatism because she slept in a bed exposed to strong interference. Her health improved once her bed was moved.

It was in Tirol that I came across the most wretched person of all. Everybody said of her: "She's not all there". Even her doctor told me: "The fact is this woman only imagines she's ill!" Such comments, apart from being wrong, are also unloving and hurtful. This nice young woman was so sensitive that she was affected by all kinds of interference, including that from a TV set when switched on, despite the fact that it was 5 m away from her, at the other end of the house. The cancerous tree in the garden and the crack in the wall of the house had already indicated that interference zones were present. The last specialist she had consulted had confirmed that she

was seriously ill. I recommended a place for her bed in the living room. A few months later I received a postcard: "I am now much, much better".

At an international conference on education in Salzburg we were shown a film about the Neuro Clinic. The effect on all of us was shattering. Afterwards, in the discussion, I said: "What I find particularly shocking is the fact that up till now so little has been done to inform people and help them to avoid the sad fate of ending up in a Neuro Clinic. In my experience so far with the mentally ill who had to be put into a Neuro Clinic, as well as in all suicide cases, strong interference zones were always present and these must at least in part be held responsible. Such was the case of the young secretary employed by a local firm of solicitors who one day had to be taken straight from her office to the Neuro Clinic." Another young woman used to feel freezing cold in bed, suffered from most severe depression, had migraine attacks which almost drove her out of her mind, had heart palpitations when lying in bed, suffered from nausea and had stomach ache. She was sent to the regional hospital for a thorough check-up and because they could not find the cause of all her troubles she was sent to the Neuro Clinic. There, too, they were unable to discover what was wrong with her. So they decided to keep her in for further observation. Fortunately her husband took her home, against the advice of the hospital. A neighbour gave her

my book. Only then did she realise the connection between her severe illness and the interference zones. She asked me urgently for help. In her case, too, moving her bed led to a speedy recovery.

After reading my book, the German dentist and dental surgeon, Dr. Rossaint, invited me to spend a week with him in Aachen as a result of reading my book. He asked me to accompany him on a visit to those patients whose wounds had taken a long time to heal. All of them were found to be lying in strong interference zones. The last case but two I should like to discuss in greater detail: a dentist had been suffering from a very bad heart condition for as long as 17 years. A doctor advised him to undergo an expensive heart operation that would cost over £16,000, and without any guarantee of success. It was a good thing that the dentist had been unable to make up his mind whether to go in for this operation or not. Three weeks after moving his bed away from the crossing of interference zones he was already 50% better, so I learnt from a letter he sent me.

Dr. and Mrs. Schoppenhauer from Bonn attended my lecture in Cologne and begged me to investigate their flat. The wife had a large malignant tumour in her gall duct which was inoperable. A naturopath managed to dissolve the tumour by homoeopathic injections and by insisting on a strict diet. The doctors at the hospital were amazed at this success. The naturopath urgently recommended an immediate investigation of the patient's sleeping place because in every case of cancer an interference zone crossing is a contributory factor. Only after having moved the bed to a good place was the patient able to make a complete recovery.

Here the patient felt decidedly comfortable, whereas in the bad places she felt a degree of discomfort. Everybody should take notice of and obey such 'hunches'.

A doctor and his wife asked me to come and see them in Berlin. The husband had a heart condition. His first wife just couldn't stand the stress of the double crossing of interference zones underneath their bed. So she left, subsequently divorcing him. His second wife constantly suffered from such severe stomach ache when in bed that she was on the verge of despair.

One of the reasons for many marriages breaking up, and a reason ignored until now, is that both partners are exposed to the harmful effects of interference zones as a result of which they are irritable and never really feel well. I know of many married couples who felt very much better after moving their beds and were able to forgive each other and live together again happily.

For years a musician had suffered from severe stomach ache. No doctor had been able to help him. Finally he went to see a surgeon who gave him a thorough check-up. "I'm not sure," said the surgeon. "whether your liver is responsible for your serious illness. I should first have to open you up." In despair, the patient said: "All right, open me up then". He did so. There was nothing wrong with his liver. But where did the constant pain come from then? From the double interference zone crossing!! A naturopath is able to detect which organ is defective without cutting his patients open, either by iridology, reflexology or by using a pendulum. By these methods a correct diagnosis can be made quickly and accurately. Such methods should also be learnt by orthodox doctors as back-up methods and applied in cases which fail to respond to orthodox treatment.

After giving a lecture in Switzerland I was asked by a dentist to investigate the flat of some friends of his. Some time ago their 12-year-old daughter had developed a severe backache during a gym lesson and it had never gone away. She had already been to hospital twice for a thorough check-up, but without result. For the last eight weeks she had been confined to bed with a cramp-like pain and her doctor had told her that he didn't think she was imagining her pain, but because no physical cause had been found he suspected that the problem must be a mental one and that he thought it best to send her to see a psychiatrist. Water and a Curry Crossing were the cause! Her bed was moved immediately. A few weeks later her mother wrote: "My daughter is well again! She didn't need to go and see the psychiatrist! Our doctor too is pleased. You have completely convinced him!" Six years later I had a letter from the girl herself, together with a photo. "Every night," she wrote "I thank God for my good sleeping place and for giving me good health. It makes my flesh creep when I think of the time when, for months on end, I tossed and turned in bed, racked with pain."

On the recommendation of Bishop Heinrich Forer I was invited to give a series of lectures in the Italian part of South Tirol. Here, too, just like in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the audiences were open-minded and showed great interest. After each lecture people who were ill and at their wits' end kept coming up to ask whether I could investigate their homes. The husband in this particular family had toothache and a sore throat, whilst his wife suffered from a whole range of complaints from pain in the heart region, from operations to remove her appendix, and from diarrhoea and neuritis. Soon afterwards she wrote to me: "Since moving our bed we are both sleeping much better and I don't need any more sleeping pills!"

All serious illnesses I have found up to now to occur above interference crossings: twitching, tinnitus, facial paralysis, angina, asthma, heart attacks, strokes, inflammation of the kidneys, cancer (in more than 700 cases without exception) etc. Doctors say that our immune system is weakened by constant radiation so that, depending on one's constitution and the prevalent influences, different diseases can develop.

My own dear sister Barbara Sor Emerentiana, went to Bolivia as a nurse. She was especially interested in looking after the poor Indians and was very fond of them. 1 was privileged to support her work from Austria. Tragically she too fell prey to an interference crossing. When I flew over in 1972, all I was able to do was visit her grave. But I am determined even now to do all I can to help these people. When working as a dowser, instead of a fee, I always ask for a contribution towards helping the Indians. I myself live on my pension as a teacher. On my first world trip I visited Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil; on my second trip the USA, Peru and again Bolivia; and on my third trip Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, the USA and Spain. I should like to thank with all my heart the well known doctor German Duque, M.D., of Columbia, for translating my lecture and my books and also the well known doctor Enrique de Castillo, M.D., of Mexico, for publishing my paperback "The Good Place". I am more than pleased that through my lectures and books I have been able to spread the knowledge about the Good Place in Latin America as well knowledge which is of such great importance, and I sincerely hope that it will help many, many people.

In San Ignacio in Bolivia, the headmistress of Domestic Science School asked me to investigate the sleeping place of Rosa who had a liver complaint. Her bed was on water and a Curry Crossing. Rosa was ill most of the time and in the previous year had spent more money on doctor's bills and medicine than on fees for her place at the private boarding school, so the headmistress said, adding that she had considered sending her home. Another girl called Anna

shyly came up to me and asked whether I would investigate her sleeping place which was in the next room and on the same underground stream and the next Curry Crossing. Anna was mentally ill! The headmistress said: "I didn't think interference zones were involved in Anna's case. I just thought she was a bit strange. All young people are a bit strange at times, but it doesn't last long." Later she wrote to me: "Both girls were found good sleeping places and were soon well again, happy and full of life."

After I had given my lecture in Lima in Peru, a young German professor on the staff of the Ursuline Grammar School asked me to help an 11-year-old pupil, Ivane. She had an allergy and no doctor had been able to do anything for her. She could never get to sleep before midnight. Her sister was in a similar state. Here too I found water and Curry Net influences. I got everyone to carry out what I call the 'place test'. In the bad place 'P' (figure 4) they all felt uncomfortable, were aware of a slight vibration and some experienced pain. The professor confessed to feeling giddy, whereupon I got him to move away immediately. On the good place near the door everybody felt all right. I suggested putting a bunkbed there so that the two girls would have a good sleeping place. Three weeks later a letter arrived bearing the glad tidings that the girls had recovered.

From the very beginning I made a special effort to inform doctors in this case two young doctors in Argentina. I was able to convince them and they asked me to investigate the home of their most unfortunate patient whom they were no longer able to help. She already had a serious brain disorder. At night she would scream with pain. Here, too, there was water and a Curry Crossing. Her bed was moved and I subsequently learned that the patient had less pain and had better nights. It proved to be too late, however, to save her and a year later she died.

In Sao Paulo in Brazil I showed my research material to a professor who worked in a hospital. I was able to convince him that what I had found out about earth radiation was true and he asked me for some practical proof. A young nurse who had been with them for six years was very often ill. In the mornings, especially, she would wake up with a headache, stomach ache and backache. Sister Lucia's bed was on water and a Curry Crossing.

Cardinal Dr. Franz Koenig of Vienna asked me to investigate their conference room. I plotted the precise location of all underground streams and Curry Lines (figure 5) and then advised him to use only the good places whenever not all assembly members were present. I then mentioned that many people feel uncomfortable in places above interference zones, finding concentration difficult and sometimes even collapsing or passing out. At times, people just get up and leave the room. I enquired whether anything like that had ever happened there. He replied straightaway: "Yes, it did. In this very armchair one of our bishops fainted and died on the spot". He was only 50 years of age. Though he was not all that well at the time, I'm sure he would not have died that day if, during the conference, he had sat in a good place. I deliberately show this as proof that there is no doubt that both the Catholic and the Protestant Churches consider working with rod and pendulum, when used in the service of mankind, to be a good thing. Unfortunately, there are some over-anxious people who think that any kind of work with a rod or pendulum is sinful. This is a dangerous heresy, because by such scaremongering tactics people are prevented from asking a dowser to find a good place for them. For seven years these people have been slandering me as well and have interfered a great deal with my radiesthetic work. It was because of this that I felt an urgent need to write my second book "The Good Place" a great help for health in body, mind and spirit. The Archbishop of Salzburg wrote a very pointed foreword and recommended my books and my dowsing of homes. He also warned, however, against the misuse of rod and pendulum. In the first chapter I try to examine the religious question in detail, quoting many Catholic and Protestant theologians. Then I cite some more interesting case histories. I also go more fully into the dangers of working with rod or pendulum and outline the methods one can use to protect oneself. This chapter is of particular importance for all who work with rod and pendulum. If a dowser fails to heed such warnings he runs the risk of falling seriously ill, of totally exhausting himself or of having a nervous breakdown. Finally, I write about the combined effect of various good forces, and also about the power of positive thinking and of sincere prayer. The response to this little book of mine has been most gratifying. Like wildfire it spreads throughout the world, bringing to all its message ofjoy perhaps to you and your friends as well.

This is my entire research material. The dowsing reports of over 3,000 house and flat investigations in 15 countries, involving 12,000 people, have been conscientiously classified and filed in large ring- binders, in chronological and alphabetical order. From these, statistics were systematically drawn up. Here, too, is stored my correspondence with doctors, Ministers of the Church, educationalists, scientists, and with those who sought my help and were helped as a result together with letters from people all over the world who have read my books.

Well-intentioned doctors and scientists are welcome to examine my research material which has already been subject to thorough analysis and evaluated by Dr. Karl Fischer of Salzburg for his doctorate on Radiesthesia and Geobiology". The result: it emerged as 'highly significant', i.e. very clearly, that people in bad places, especially on water and Curry Crossings, felt worse and were more prone to illness, and that those in good places were healthier.

In conclusion, I would beg you all not to be alarmed about the fact that there are places which can make you ill, but rather rejoice that in every house and in every room there are also good places where we all then have the chance of becoming healthier in body, mind and spirit. We should all relearn to pay more attention to the sensitivity of our body and our soul and let ourselves be guided by it.


Through the good offices of Ilse Pope, a free-lance researcher into geopathic stress, and at the invitation of ANAC (Association for New Approaches to Cancer), The British Society of Dowsers, and the Dulwich Health Society, I was invited to England to hold my first slide lecture in London on 2nd June 1987. The lecture had been translated and spoken onto tape by Aubrey Pope. My talk was received with great interest and enthusiasm. For this I thank and praise the Lord. I would very much like to thank my friends in England, Ilse and Aubrey Pope, as well as those who invited me.

Thanks are also due to Ken Spelman and Rosemary Bonsor of the Naturmed Partnership for their invitation to give this talk in Stroud on 10th June 1987 as well.

On 14th August 1988, 1 gave this talk in Manchester. This time at the invitation of Dr. Keith Mumby of the Food and Environmental Allergy Clinic, who undertook to publish my first book "EARTH RADIATION The Startling Discoveries of a Dowser - New advances in the causation of cancer, allergies, arthritis, learning difficulties and many other diseases". The book has been a bestseller in Germany and Austria and is now in its 11th edition.

Meanwhile I have been invited by Dr. Jean Monro of the Allergy and Environmental Medicine Hospital, Breakspear Hospital, Abbots Langley, to give this talk again at a seminar to be held on 30th September 1989. By publishing this lecture in booklet form I hope to help many people all over the world, and that's what I want most for all the readers!

Kathe Bachler

Book available from Whale Books, PO Box 38, Hereford, UK. £9


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