The Pyramid

Everything is energy. Each form or shape generates its own unique energy or frequency that is appropriate for use in certain applications. The pyramid form is fundamental to the universe. It is one of the five platonic solids from which all other geometry is generated. The pyramid can be a powerful tool in our growth and awakening.

Many factors contribute to the specific energy being generated by a pyramid: its' shape, the angle of its sides, and the material it is composed of are all relevant. Different shapes of pyramids generate different resonant fields and do different jobs. We have designed the Krystaline pyramids to be the most appropriate for balancing the energy in our bodies, and helping to awaken our latent abilities. Our pyramids are made of certain metals and layered with specific additional metals in order to increase their field strength and to add particular beneficial vibrations. The Krystaline pyramids are made with copper, brass, and silver, and are then plated with nickel, gold, and rhodium. Copper and brass harmonize our energy field. Silver balances the upper three chakras with the lower three. 24 carat gold plating enables the pyramid to be used omni-directionally. Rhodium adds field strength and has known healing properties. The total combination of metals creates a strong orgone energy field which can be very therapeutic.(Ref. Dr. Wilhelm Reich).

How Does A Pyramid Work?

Magnetic FieldsThe pyramidal shape collects energy from certain bandwidths of the electromagnetic emanations from space and focuses it into vortices or energy spirals. This powers it. The pyramid is able to refocus light, as all energy is light, into its sub-atomic particles called tachions. Tachion energy is the "glue" of the universe. It is the bond between the spiritual and the physical realms of reality. There exist three magnetic fields of tachion energy, represented as pairs of charged particles: the physical (- - ), the mental (+ -), and the spiritual (+ +). The pyramid shape is literally a collector and focusing tool for all three of these energies. The human aura has a primarily (- -) charge. As humanity advances, we must change our auras to a more (+ +) charge. The pyramid is an electrical capacitor, or tuning Device that can help humanity achieve this change. The pyramid can also be described as an electromagnetic energy collector, or antenna, that collects the frequencies of energy and places them in layers, one upon the other. Similar to the way in which a prism breaks up white light into seven colors of the full pectrum, the pyramids' energy is also composed of seven sub levels. These seven sub component levels of magnetism correspond to the seven major energy centres in the human body called the chakras.

Why Use A Pyramid?

The pyramid can help an individual learn to use and understand the electromagnetic field of their own aura. A pyramid antenna magnifies the receivers' ability to use energy. The energy that is magnified is the life force energy of the human body - the aura. 
The seven magnetic components that pyramids emit are in balance or "normalized" with the universal energies. Absorbing the pyramids' balanced energies helps us to balance and vitalize our own energy centres. The auric field of an individual indicates the average level of their seven chakras. The pyramid helps to increases this auric field by simply placing it on one of the chakras. This may be proven by "muscle testing" for the pyramid, or by observing the increase in auric field by the use of Kirlain photography or an aurameter. Environmental pollution and human resistance to the natural flow of order in the universe create blockages in our chakras. Organs then become toxic in the body as elimination of waste becomes less efficient. Vitality decreases. The pyramid helps to increase the flow of energies in our chakras and this increases our vitality. Flow of energy through the chakras is also required for good mineral absorption Minerals are absorbed both through osmosis and magnetically. When a chakra weakens, mineral deficiencies occur. Building the vitality of the weak chakra enhances absorption efficiency and helps to restore mineral balance.

Suggested Uses for the Pyramid
  • Balance your Chakras. Hold the pyramid over your seven chakras, for 3 - 5 minutes for each chakra. If desired, tune the pyramid by feeling for the maximum energy sensation while moving the pyramid either closer to the body or farther away from the chakric point. Observe if this distance from the body changes from point to point. Feel the change in energy and degree of calmness.
  • Charge your food and beverage with the energy of the pyramid. Charging your body with the magnetism of the pyramid will result in detoxification. The best way to maintain the pyramid energies in your body for an extended period is by charging the pyramid energies into the food you consume. It is simple. Place the bottom of the pyramid facing your meal just before you eat. In one minute the food will be charged. During the whole time that this food is being digested, your body will be receiving a "trickle charge" of this pyramid energy. Food charged under a pyramid is easier to assimilate, digest, and eliminate because of its higher resonance.
  • Ripen your fruit in the field of the pyramid. Place the base of the pyramid facing the fruit that you are ripening, or place the fruit within the pyramid. Fruit tastes much better and is much juicer when ripened in the field of the pyramid. You can also charge your fresh produce and other food. Pyramid treated foods remain fresh longer than untreated foods.
  • Place the pyramid over water, coffee, tea, cigarettes, wine, vitamins, food supplements, and any substance that may contain synthetic chemicals. The vortex of energy from the pyramid will change the molecular spin from a clockwise (synthetic) to an anticlockwise (organic) rotation, thereby neutralizing materials that are foreign to the body.(Ref. Pyramid Energy Book by Hardy) Muscle test before and after charging. Observe the difference in vitality levels.
  • Relieve minor aches and pains in a relatively short time by placing the pyramid on anything that hurts.
  • Sleep under the pyramid. Suspend the pyramid so that it reaches a level less than 3 feet above the bed. The first night may be slightly uncomfortable as toxins are removed. You may also sit in the field of the pyramid.
  • Place a razor in the pyramid. Razor blade experiments with pyramids have proven their ability to sharpen razor blades to thousands of people. A razor blade becomes dull when the molecular structure looses its crystalline shape. When the blade is placed in the electromagnetic antenna of the pyramid, the crystalline structure is repaired and the blade again appears to be sharp. Leave your razor blade in the pyramid between uses.
  • Place gemstones in the pyramid. Specific gemstones may be placed inside the pyramid to "tune" its' energies to specific chakras. This creates a synergistic effect that is more powerful than the pyramid or the gemstone by itself. Gemstones will maintain their charge for 2-3 weeks after being placed in the pyramid for only I minute.
  • Enhance plant growth by placing a pyramid over a plant. Treat the water before you water your plants.
  • Pets appreciate charged food and water as well.

We suggest that you research other books and materials for more ideas on how to use your pyramid. Suggested Reading: "Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man" by Hardy.


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