"In this dualistic experience, our job is to experience the opposites,
as extreme as they may be, in order to comprehend even one event."

 Conflict vs Co-creation

by Michael Stodola

Let's assume that source has the qualities listed below and, on that basis, examine the premise of the following article.

Source equals balance, unity, stasis, neutrality, harmony, peaceful co-existence, accommodation, consensus, adjusted agenda, liberty without license, evolutionary contentment, always give and take in balance, (never static).

The world is one of wave form or consciousness without solid or ideological constants. Everything is always being affected by the whole. That is why co-creation is the only solution. Any answer or idea that attempts to diminish the other, only causes further conflict. The interplay is for experience in order to understand both sides in this dualistic experience. One cannot know one side without knowing its complement or opposite. There is no judge or judgment; simply a series of experiences that often trigger the opposite or reverse.

Emotions seem to conflict because we put them down or denigrate them in ourselves and others instead of simply recognizing them as the emotions or feelings they are.

“It simply is," and its counterpart simply is. Self acceptance is key. Being angry or fearful is simply experiencing what is in the collective. It is not you or yours. Use the heart, not the head. A good example is to see danger rather than fear, and deal with it accordingly.

The comparisons and interactions are infinite, for source is infinite. There is no beginning or end.

We usually desire to be something more or different, and find no satisfaction here either. We always "take us with us," so first we must be happy where we are. Then. this contentment or comfortable individuation of source can contentedly experience anything else it desires: although the desire is likely to leave, for what more could a contented person desire? Thus, we go from one experience to the next, or a new adventure. We and source are never static, for source is self and self is source.

Morphogenesis is simply something morphing into or becoming a field or physical pattern that becomes a reality. Pain, anger, etc. repeated often enough have morphed into such a field or reality. They are not yours or mine. They simply are energetic patterns with which we interact. If we identify with them as what they are, we can simply observe and experience them without judgment. When we claim them as ours, then we fight to overcome them. What we resist persists in our world. Remember, these fields, as is everything, are simply wave forms of consciousness.

It all makes sense, but seems to make no sense, because absolutely everything is being influenced by everything else and understanding this infinite interaction is simply not possible.

The "New Age Movement," or "New Thought Movement," is but a new smorgasbord of belief systems set up to placate those disenchanted with their old beliefs. The old ones didn't provide relevant answers nor can the new ones, for the answer is within. We are the answer, experiencing myriad questions and/or doubts.

In this dualistic experience, our job is to experience the opposites, as extreme as they may be, in order to comprehend even one event. Instead, we want either an answer or to be someone or somewhere else. We incorrectly assume we'll find what we seek "out there." Few ever look within, and of those who do, fewer still accept what they find. The simplicity of the isness of now is too simple for we who have decided to figure out this great puzzle.

Why is there war? Why do some seem happy and others sad? There are so many questions. When we see that "It simply is," the questions go away, and so too do the answers, for what good are answers if there are no questions? We simply observe life without questioning or evaluating because "It simply is."

Why does the final drop of rain fall after a four-day downpour? Why not one less? Of course, that can not occur. If all is a single creation, then each and every part must be in play. That last drop is part of an equation that must always balance. However, the rain is not gone, it is water creating yet another set of interactions which will create others to infinity. There is no beginning and no end and nothing stands in isolation from the whole. Everything is interconnected. "What is, simply is."

This realization stops all judgment, comparison, measurement, and doubt. Everything then. simply is an experience of the "now." Every moment is the totality until the next moment.

A veil creates the concept of duality. When lifted, all is clear and simply is. It is incomprehensibly totally comprehensible. The body/mind/person is an experiencing machine/organism. The answer to "Why?' is," Because of Everything." The mind is the veil that colours reality. We chose it in order to experience duality. I, or self, as universal co-creative essence of source, am on track to remove this self-placed veil in the fractal of the source essence within my heart and thus experience what is.

The wave form of consciousness is the isness or source. As I consciously intend all my actions to be co-creative, I find that conflict ceases to enter the equation while I progress though the experiences on this earth plane much more contentedly.

Michael Stodola is the owner of the Devic Centre and Able Crystals located just outside Saskatoon.

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