Where Your Heart Is, So Is Your Head

Your heart and head are in constant communication but our head/brain, has been programmed over eons to resist the promptings of the heart. We want to progress but keep thinking the intellect will provide the answer. It can not. It is a part of the body and a vital tool to implement the guiding of spirit as we each evolve along our unique path.. Without it we would not be able to implement the complex ideas sent from the super intelligence of the heart/spirit. Our error comes from putting head/brain before the impulse of heart/spirit. I believe the physical heart contains a spiritual fractal of the magnificent spirit we actually are.

Come From Your Heart!!!! This phrase baffles many and I'd presume to suggest that it means using your intuition rather than your intellect. Be assured it does not in any way put down the intellect. My premise is that if we are intuitively guided, we place our selves in a position where the intellect can properly implement the intuitive choice. First I see the body as a creation for our experience on this planet. How else could we as eternal spirit be able to function. We must have a physical vehicle to function in a physical environment.

I imagine the brain/intellect/head as a mini computer given as a tool to enable the body to deal with simple everyday tasks. The Heart/gut are super capacity main frame computers with unlimited capacity. Most of our parents instructed us to, "Use your head". A better injunction would have been, "Use your Heart".

Have you ever heard the statement , "He had a head felt feeling."? Not likely and yet we constantly speak of heart felt guidance or a gut feeling. When followed, these prompts are never wrong. They seem to flow and we arrive smoothly at the desired destination. Please recall that each time you were moved intuitively, and listened, the results were correct in the particular situation. Also, once you accepted your prompt/decision, your head/brain implemented the details with ease. In essence,through the heart brain connection, the heart sent a pattern to the brain which it radiated setting up a vibratory pattern to achieve the best result.

So, we have, and always have had an integrated mechanism to simplify life. When you get an intuition or heart felt feeling, you "know that you know". The intuitive faculty is our spirit guiding us, while the head is the physical tool to implement. For years we have been told that intuition/second sight is the work of some unseen force and should be ignored. It was dangerous as it allowed you to think for yourself. It separated you and gave you an aura of self confidence. Those who wanted to keep you following the herd/tribe cast you out for being different. What a beautiful control mechanism and they burned witches at the stake; over 30,000 at last estimate, to get this point solidified.

We've been brain washed into thinking we must never deviate from the norm by actually taking responsibility for ourselves. This control most often begins at child birth. Note; anyone who deviates from the norm of their belief system or leaves their organization, or tribe is usually shunned and often made to feel both uncomfortable and unworthy. Their lives are often difficult in the extreme as they struggle with their decision to either be independent sovereign beings taking charge of their own lives, or returning to the comfort of directed living. Often they shut down their heart and allow themselves to be led back into the comfort of controlling beliefs. They join the masses, ever programmed, and waiting for something "out there"to save them, while all the while the answer is within!

Self reliance, which is actually relying on ourselves as spirit, and truly coming from the heart is not a simple task. It requires that we question everything we've been taught. We are alone until we understand and integrate our heartfelt prompts into our daily lives. As we integrate these prompts we recognize more and more that we are one in spirit, and really are spirit. We cease relying on external forces as we realize that coming from the heart is answering the call of our soul.

Many will continue to feel the need and comfort of an intercessor and stay where they are until the lessons/experiences they chose are complete. This complex concept will be visited another time. However, once people break free and see they are spirit here having an experience their perception of life changes and they are liberated.

The details/insights I've received revealing the validity of coming from the heart could fill a book and each leads to more discussion.

We tend to intellectually complicate the concept that we are pure spirit operating in a body. Most continue to look outside themselves for "the answer". Remember; You are who you seek! Accept yourself. Please get out of the head/intellect and into your heart.

YOU ARE SPIRIT! Immortal, Eternal, Infinite, and Sovereign.

-- Michael Stodola

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