Food for Thought!

What thoughts are you feasting on?
by Bonnie Bogner & Soul Vibrations

I would like to start this segment off with a link to an excellent video about the food we put into our bodies. GMO Foods Video Link

If you have debated the thought of eating organic, this may help you to make your decision. What are you putting into your physical temple?

Now what about the diet of thoughts and beliefs you dine on daily?
Most of us ruminate on the same few self-depreciating thoughts day after day without really being aware of what we are feeding our souls. Take a few minutes to notice what you are thinking about right now...I*should* do this or that; I *have not *done something that was expected of me; I am *not good enough* in how I look, what I do, etc. Does this sound familiar?

We are inundated everyday with messages of fear and inferiority from external sources as well as from within. No wonder people want to check out from their own thoughts!

Think about how you might be checking out without even noticing:

  • Do you get lost in television, computer or video games?
  • How about stuffing yourself with low vibrational foods?
  • Do you go buy another gadget to help to feel better for a few days or weeks?
  • What about all of the other 'distraction techniques' that our society engages in?

Now, I am not suggesting that you never enjoy television, computers or gaming; that you never eat for enjoyment or shop for the fun of it. What I am suggesting is that you may wish to become aware of when and why you are engaging in avoidance activities.

Humanity is in the process of accelerated enlightenment. What does enlightenment really mean anyway? The definition I would use is that we are moving into a time of truly 'living in our hearts', the recognition that we are source energy. As more light is coming into our existence, enhancing that experience, we must each do our part to keep up. For if we are not keeping up, then we are being left behind.

The process of keeping up is different for each person, but there are three basic guidelines for all of us to follow.

  1. Take care of your body temple with what you consume and through movement.
  2. Take care of your mind by doing something to create positive stimulation every day.
  3. Take care of your spirit through daily practice - mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, connecting with nature, yoga or some other stilling practice.

As we continually evolve, what worked six months ago, may no longer work now. Pay attention to what your body, mind and spirit are calling for. Notice if the majority of you activity is life affirming or life diminishing. Be gentle with yourself when you realize you maybe behaving in ways that are life diminishing as guilt is a very low vibration emotion. Bringing just a little more self love, self honour and self respect into your life will enhance your experience and help you to evolve.

One of my favorite techniques of self-love is using affirmations. Lousie L Hay has many wonderful affirmations in her books, but here are a few for you to try on for size.

  • "I am worthy (and whatever ending you would like)"
  • "All is well"
  • "I am alive, I am awake, and I feel great"
  • " I embrace life with grace and ease"
  • "I am divine all the time"
  • and my personal favorite - "I am perfect whole and complete, exactly as I am"

These can easily be repeated over and over again as you go about your daily tasks. Words create a shift in our vibration and therefore our feelings, so why not make your diet of self talk one that is tasty and healthy.

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