To You From an Open Heart

by Michael Stodola

People of all walks of life are awakening at this time.

It was this idea that caused me to write the article which follows. The thoughts herein helped me to realize much about myself and to forge a greater bond with "my personal Divine ", herein referred to as Source. Now, this friend within is becoming ever more personal. Reading the following may help you develop a more personal bond with your divine/source/ creator. I offer it to you with an open heart.
Disclaimer or Qualification: 
I recognize that people have invested their lives/beliefs into various traditions, and that is exactly as it should be. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Each experience helps us develop a greater understanding of who or what we truly are.
I am not attacking you or your beliefs, as they are providing the lessons on your journey to self realization.
The article below is written to stimulate expansion of your consciousness

The Divine as Friend

When you are hungry in spirit, suffering, facing problems, or filled with doubt, see it as a challenge. Use it as a a tool to search for answers and a deeper understanding, but do it with an open heart. Be honest with yourself. Simply see what is there.

Go back in your mind and see the facts of your suffering or frustrations. Make no mistake, something caused you pain. The matter of relativity is nonsense. Whatever caused you the pain was clearly profound and it has carried a lasting effect. You have suffered. That is enough.

Just for a moment, remember whatever it was that caused the pain. Feel how you allowed yourself to feel alone, deserted, unloved. Whether it was emotional, spiritual, or physical pain does not matter. Pain of any kind reduces the highest of us to the lowest level of loneliness. We flee from it. We rage against it. We battle it with every weapon available. We have the false perception of being alone, and as a result reach outside of ourselves for the answers.

You can't lock the door to your life and tell this nightmare called suffering to stay out. It breaks down the door and forces itself upon you. So what happens? We often blame an outside force and walk into darkness claiming injustice and then incomprehensibly ask that same force to help us. Is this not insanity?

What we never want to see is that sometimes there is no earthly solution or cure. The stronger we are, the more we wish to see every problem as temporary. We fear the loss of control, which is an illusion in the first place.

To realize that something must simply be accepted and borne, is to deny our own strength,  thinking  the world is  controlled by forces outside ourselves. This perception creates limits.  However, when we recognize we are  always connected to source, we have the key. When, from the depths of our despair we truly see our connection to source, we no longer turn to something greater than ourselves. This is often called Source, Grace, Creator, God, Divine, or a name within any tradition accepted by you. It is that agency, which is so personal, that it is revealed to each of us according to our own understanding.

Most of our suffering is the perception that we need  some type of  divine help. The world in general teaches that you can't make it on your own. My perspective is that this is actually the world's greatest deception. Most of us try to live subservient to a divine/god until it negates  our own strength.   Instead we can simply connect to "source", for source is self and self is source. We do not have to relinquish our sovereignty to some imagined and promoted deity

You may say, as did I, that the divine/source as I understood it is something so big I'll never be able to understand it, let alone communicate with it or call it a friend. So, I suggest you consider source in the following manner. First, the totality of the source will always be unknowable. It encompasses everything both manifest and unmanifest. It is creator and at the same time all of creation. But the aspect of the source, which we call ," higher self, or soul, if you will, is that essence of self which you make your friend. Since the consciousness of all that is includes everything, it includes you. Make friends with source residing in/as you and turn to it with all your problems and joys.

Make it your life's compass. Recognize that it is ever present and talk to it/you about the good and the bad. Express gratitude as well as asking for help. If you develop the habit of constant communication with this essence, it will truly be your guide. Do not simply reach out to it in emergencies. A friend is one you include in your life during all situations. One to whom you reveal everything in comfort, knowing you will not be judged. You begin to accept you as you are. Thus, you have been relieved of the burdens you thought were forced upon you. You will have formed a solid friendship based in trust, and from then on your only obligation is to nurture this bond. You move from fearful existence to joyful living. Never again can you feel alone. You will be "Awakening To The Self."

The ideas expressed here are universal, but I must give credit that much of the inspiration to share them came from the novels of T. Davis Bunn, and others. So without citations, I thank these sources. I have but paraphrased and added bridges of personal interpretation.

Michael Stodola,  lives near Saskatoon, . For more information call (306) 955-4332 or 1-866-955-4332, and/or email: or visit

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