Sacred Geometry Tools & Body Wellness

By Michael Stodola

I am often asked "Do those tools really work?"; or "How can that thing help me?" The answers arise from a mixture of anecdotal evidence and quasi science which is usually questioned and dismissed off handedly by the establishment. On the other hand, those users of metaphysical tools who have received results aretheir biggest proponents. One must, however, realize that not every tool is for every person just as we do not all respond to the same medication or herb for a particular condition. It is also important to remember that certain tools act more as a tonic would. We will thus find an improvement in well being over time and if we are not observant we may fail to notice the improvement, and not attribute it to the herb or tool. At this point it is good for us to think back on how we felt before. This usually shows us that a change has indeed taken place.

Another vital key to the use of any tool, herb, or treatment, is our acceptance and our intent. Indeed the power of our own perception is undoubtedly the most powerful force at work and we can negate even the most powerful treatment by deciding in advance that it will not work. If that is the perception, then that will surely be the result. Belief in, and acceptance of, any modality is the key to its efficacy. I believe this is why the placebo will often work in studies done to test new products.

So let us take a look at the premise behind certain specific metaphysical or "new age" tools. For the sake of brevity I will deal with only a few of the many which are readily available, namely the Beamer, the Neutralization Ring, the Life Light Rings, and the Accuvac Coil.

The Beamer

Beamer Tool

This tool looks like a little rocket. It is a cartridge approximately 7 inches in length. It is layered with metals and finished in 24 carat gold. Thecartridge is filled with compressed rare gases. The tool emits an orgone type life enhancing energy.

Its construction is based on the principles of Wilhelm Reich and the psychic intuition of its inventor. This tool broadcasts high resonance subtle energies to assist in opening our meridians, balancing our energy fields, and stimulating a high resonance field in our body and foods. Kirilian Photography has shown that a person's aura increases 35 - 40% when using the Beamer products. Kinesiology has demonstrated that beamed foods and supplements are much better for the body. Some diabetics have noticed that their blood sugar levels did not rise as much when they ate beamed food as opposed to non-beamed foods. In fact, some medically supervised testing of this effect is proposed for the near future. This simple blood sugar monitoring is routinely performed by most diabetics and we would like to receive more reports. Tests have also shown that the consumption of beamed food and supplements assists the body in digestion and detoxification whereas non-beamed foods do not provide these therapeutic qualities. The increase in potency of beamed supplements is probably due to a higher resonant frequency providing the body with a more easily assimilated product.

The Neutralization Ring

Neutralization Ring

This ring looks like a wheel with mini spokes which travel only part way in from the rim. It is made of metal that has been plated with several other metals in a specific order to generate energy according to the Reich effect.Its shape is adapted from the Sanathan Sai Sanjeevini Healing System given to Sai Baba in India in response to prayers for a natural, effective, and inexpensive system for healing. Quantum physics understands that every thought, every form, and every encounter emanates a specific energy. These energies can be either healing or harmful, that is, in resonance or out of resonance with any organism. The Neutralization Ring is designed through its specific geometry and sequenced layers of metals to neutralize non-harmonious vibrations. The rings are most commonly used to neutralize negative vibrations in foods and supplements, especially those imparted through processing, cooking, shipping, chemical additions and heaven forbid, micowaving.The Neutralization Ring can also assist our bodies in neutralizing the effects of damaging influences such as artificial lighting, radio and TV waves, power lines, cellular phones and computer emanations. These noxious energies lower our vibrational field at all levels, including our physical and etheric body and our auric field. To combat these fields many use the Neutralization Ring (usually in pairs) to neutralize harmful EMF from electrical appliances.

The Neutralization Ring is also applied directly to the body to neutralize areas of imbalance which are manifesting as pain. Again the premise is that pain is a sign of discordant energies which are keeping the body out of balance and the pain is the body's signal that we need to take action. Combining the Neutralization Ring with the Beamer creates a synergy of energies which often have dramatic effects.

The Life Light Rings

Life Light Rings

The Life Light Rings are made of a copper wire which has been doubled and twisted in a clockwise manner to create a spiral of wire. This spiral is then cut to very specific lengths based on multiples or fractions of the cubit which is a measurement of antiquity.There are in fact 3 or more suggested lengths for the cubit,but the original Life Light Ring is based upon the cubit from the boss stone in the Great Pyramid. The measurement was left to us by the ancients and provides a resonant harmonic that imparts very special properties to the rings. The common sizes available are 1/2 cubit (approximately 3.3 inches in diameter), 1 cubit (approximately 6.6 inches in diameter) and 3 1/2 cubits (approximately 23.2 inches in diameter). Before the length of spiralled wire is soldered together three beads or spherical capacitors are threaded onto the wire to increase its energies. The small and medium sizes are subsequently gold plated providing an additional high vibrational pattern. The Life Light Ring creates a column of energy across the tensor plane of the ring. This column is a field which generates positive energy from both sides of the ring. Analysts and psychics have seen this field and say that its right hand positive spin is a life enhancing light field which increases life energy and vitality. Its range is reported as infinite and its energies pass through all objects. The Life Light Rings are used to balance the body's energies, potentize food and water, neutralize EMF's, and reduce stress. It is suggested that these ring energies assist the body in detoxification by opening the electrical bias of the body's cells. When this bias is open the cell can take in nutrients and release waste materials in the way it was designed. Tests done with radionics machines demonstrate that food and water treated with the rings has a much higher "general vitality or bio-availability". This means, for example, that poor quality tap water treated with the ring can quickly have its vibration raised to change it into a tonic with restored life giving properties.

The rings are commonly used to balance all body systems. Massage therapists and chiropractors report that the body responds much more quickly to therapy when in the field of the rings. Countless people report a feeling of greater well being and even pain relief when using the rings. These tools are also used for chakra clearing, opening, balancing, and adjusting the spin. This is certainly a tool whose uses are many and varied.

The Accuvac Coil

The Accuvac Coil

The Accuvac Coil derives its name from the following: Accu - from accupressure; Vac - from vacuum and Coil because it resembles a coil spring. Built with the assistance of psychics, the Accuvac Coil is designed to draw out or vacuum out negative left spin energies from distressed points in the body. When reversed it is said to put in or add positive right spin energy.It is often used on accupressure and acupuncture points as a non-invasive and non-contact energy stimulator. A very important aspect of this tool is that it not only works on the body physical, it also is commonly used to repair rents and tears in the body's auric field. Commonly the tool is used as follows: Negative energies are pulled out of the body by starting approximately one inch away from the skin and slowly moving away to distances of up to 20 feet. Intuitives who see energy have observed a black or grey energy exiting the body as these negative vibrations are sucked out. These negative forces are transmuted to positive spin as they pass through the coil and exit as lifegiving energy. In fact the second part of any coil treatment is to use the positive exiting end to put this good energy back into the body to replace that which was previously drawn out. The tool is used for pain relief, relaxing tense muscles, reducing inflammation or swelling and some suggest it reduces unsightly bruises and assists the healing of soft tissue injuries.

The Accuvac Coil is a very powerful tool and its powers are increased when it is used in conjunction with the Life Light Rings. Further information on these and many other tools is available from the author of this article.

So, do these tools work? Will they help you?

Remember please - everything, absolutely everything is vibration. The tools discussed deal with raising, harmonizing, or balancing vibrations to one degree or another. When we can get the body and its food into the optimum resonant frequencies we provide an environment for healing. This allows our food and supplements to become medicines while putting the body into a state of high receptivity and sympathetic resonance, creating a synergy of life enhancing energies. Ultimately the body heals itself, but we can and should assist it by
providing the most life enhancing environment we can. Do these tools perform miracles? No. Life is a miracle! When we use the tools to return the body to its naturally perfect state of vibration the corrections
often seem miraculous.

What is the guarantee the tools will work? It is the same as the one you receive when you buy a prescription or medication except you do not have to worry about the problem of toxic side effects. Our suggestion is that you become as informed as you can about anything you are going to subject your body to, be it medication or metaphysical tools. A further suggestion is that you become proactive rather than reactive. In other words the old adage that and ounce of prevention is more valuable than a pound of cure is still sound advice. Hopefully you will not get into the position of using the tools as a last resort because you have left everything so long you are desperate. The author uses and believes in the tools but would never suggest that you forsake proper consultation with your medical or holistic practitioner. The information provided in this article is largely anecdotal and not intended as a substitute for commonly accepted medical practices even though many of them may be suspect.

Please take charge of your own well being and be guided by your innate wisdom and intuition, If you follow your heart as opposed to your head and do what feels right you will more than likely do what is right for you.

The author, Michael Stodola, runs a business called Able Crystals and Therapies which, with the guidance of the Devic and Angelic Kingdoms he has dedicated to helping people attune to the vibrational reality of the universe.

He teaches conscious co-creation of a better environment and personal transformation through the use of crystals, sacred geometry tools, oil and essence therapy, the balancing of earth energies (geopathics), and co-operation and communication with Devas, Angels and Ascended Masters.

This metaphysical approach recognizes that the integration of the consciousness of vibration and frequency with our intent is the key to manifesting all things in our reality.

Michael can be reached by phone at (306) 955-4332 or by email at

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