Good Day All,

May I preface by saying the following is strictly my interpretation of our evolutionary paths/awakenings.

I can not answer the question posed as I don't believe anyone really knows where we are going. In one sense we have already arrived, as we are doing exactly what we have planned to do. There is no place to go to or arrive at for consciousness continues its infinite evolution.

What you believe at present is a self planned step in you learning to experience an ever evolving you. Jobs, home situations, study, emotion, and spiritual or religious practices that compose your present reality are appropriate for you at this time. How long each continues is dependent on the lessons needed for your growth. It is like going through school with each grade depending on the foundation of the one before it. It is like eating a meal, finally feeling full and then ready for desert and a bit later for a snack, and then another meal. All different flavors but each appropriate and enjoyed in the moment.

Ah, you say, indigestion!! Yes, how else would you learn that triple chocolate cheese cake after soup salad bread, cream smothered pasta,wine, and liqueur, is a bit much to handle. A lesson with an experience to emphasize the result. You then know. You will not stop eating, except briefly, as you need nourishment to survive, to keep the physical body alive. Is it any less true of our pursuit of spiritual or religious growth. The very word growth means the process of growing  or evolving. It is not static.

I bring this up at present because I have just finished one experience and am preparing for the next. You might say I'm snacking between meals. Fortunately I did not over indulge but I'm ready for the next event. I'll elaborate that you might gain some insight from my experiences.

I spent my life conventionally, according to western societal norms until the age of 52. I was guided though this period by the same unseen force that guides me now. I needed to learn and experience personal lessons and function in society. I was very happy even though there were many rough spots. In 1998 it ended. It was time to move on and a knowingness came over me so I did not resist. We sold everything, 2 businesses, 2 cars, house, truck, boat and trailer and ended up no longer city folks all in 6 months.

My next few years were spent studying, but the courses and content were not planned. They appeared, felt right so I did it. I learned and in many cases taught. I simply knew to proceed along certain paths and of course as the doors opened I went through. Soon The Devic Centre, our acreage, a place of harmony developed. Our mission was to stimulate people on their personal spiritual path. Nature and the Devas became mysteriously real to me. Energy treatment modalities were practiced.

 Then I was exposed to the Oneness Movement and it became all consuming. This door opened to take me on a 6 year journey of learning and sharing. It was a big meal but most satisfying for a time. I have now been directed that the learning here is over for me. I'm about to embark on another phase. I see a door opening. I'm not fully aware where it leads but I have had glimpses. All will be made clear to me in the proper time. Just like getting out of bed at mid-night to write this was appropriate. I have wondered when and how I could communicate this shift for several months. I shared the oneness course with over 200 people and many likely thought that I'd be there for them indefinitely. Well guidance has told me to move on and for a while I felt I would be letting others down. I realize now that is not the case. I'll still be here for you all, be it on a slightly different page, but my book is filled with the lessons to this point.

Each of us is on a personal learning/experience journey exactly as is appropriate. Each should continue to embrace their own traditions as long as it seems nurturing. Let your heart decide. It is there you will find the answer. Not in this article or from any book or guru. Those are used to spark you to look inside and  it is inside that you will find direction. If I had not spent the time I did in in business, studying, and teaching, I would not be where I'm at. So I give thanks to guidance which allowed me these experiences. I offer the oneness movement a special thanks for it helped me to find my authentic self. I now feel free to be me and have a knowing that there is nothing between me and that fractal essence of my universal self which is in my heart.

My wish for all of you is that you not stand in judgement of either me or yourselves. This applies to all whether or not you looked at the oneness movement. Please don't "should" anyone, and definitely don't "should" yourself. You are who you seek, and are where you need to be. Only your heart will know when or if you are to change course. In the meantime I'd appreciate being  considered your friend and confidant. I can offer ideas not answers, if asked, but more important I can be with you and listen to both your questions and suggestions. Let us form a community which shares without the concern of being judged.

Having said all this I'd like to close by saying that you will no longer find  any emphasis on a particular path or teaching at The Devic Centre. We've recalled our mission statement and invite you here to grow on your own spiritual path. Please drop in and/or contact me if you are so moved.

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