Tri-Pyramid System - 7 inchThe Triple Pyramid

The Tri-Pyramid System is a powerful clearing and balancing orgone tool. It helps to clear the auric field and to charge the body. This sheet is an adjunct to “The Krystaline Pyramids” Literature.

Pyramids generate negative ions ( reference Nexus magazine July-Aug 2009). Layering metals creates an orgone effect ( reference Wilhelm Reich’s work). 5 metals are incorporated in this Krystaline design, with 24 carat gold as the outer layer and platinum at the apex. The combination of negative ions with the orgone effect makes this a powerful tool to help balance body, mind and spirit.

Shungite can be added to this pyramid system to greatly enhance the therapeutic effect.

NOTE: Single pyramids combined with Shungite are recognized by the Ministry of Health in Cuba and are being used in hospitals there.

The effect of a single pyramid has been multiplied by this three pyramid design.

Applications: Refer to the Krystaline Pyramids literature for more applications

  1. Meditate while sitting in the field of the Tri- Pyramid System. Hang it so that you can sit under it, or lay it so that you are sitting in the field being broadcast from the base of the system.
  2. Sweep your auric field: “Sweeping” is best done with a partner but can be done by yourself. Whether alone or with a partner, start by aiming the system at a 45 degree angle so that the field emanating from the base of the system is directed to your zero chakra (about 12 inches below your feet) . Hold this position for a minute or two. Most people will feel very grounded by then. Once you are grounded, slowly “ move ” the pyramid system up your body ( base of the system level to the body and a few inches away from it). Finish over the head. Do this a few times up the front of the body. If you have a partner, you can then turn around and have your partner sweep up your back from your zero chakra to the top of your head. Do this as many times as feels appropriate. A few sweeps both front and back is often sufficient for a session. If you desire to be more grounded, then a downward sweep will facilitate this.
  3. Double Sweep: If you are using 2 Tri- Pyramid systems simultaneously (one at the front and one at the back), do not exceed 3 sweeps. This is enough to bring in your light bodies.
  4. You may sit or sleep with the system aimed toward you. For sleeping, hang the system over your bed. The field from the Tri- Pyramid system emanates in a lampshade fashion from the bottom of the system and so will cover the entire bed if hung from the ceiling.
    Caution: Since the system is powerful, acclimatize gradually. Overuse may overcharge your energy field. Should you feel that you are overcharged, then ground yourself by shaking you hands and feet to dissipate the energy. You can also ground by standing barefoot on the Earth or by connecting with Nature.

Enhanced Tri Pyramid Experience

The tri-pyramid system can be made more powerful by hooking it up to a grounding wire. You would attach one end of the wire to the Tri-Pyramid System. The other end would be plugged into the ground of the wall plug. Do this only after you are well acclimatized to the system.


Since pyramids serve to open chakras, the Tri- Pyramid System will facilitate clearing on many levels. Remember that each chakra has seven layers. You may clear an issue and then have it arise again in a later session. This would be a deeper level of the same issue. There can be an almost instantaneous shift when you are ready to open and clear. The rate of clearing is determined by the amount that you allow in the moment. Intention of what is to happen is from the mental body, while the allowing is from the emotional body.


Depression is a mind set. Until it is cleared, everyone has it to some degree. It is in the ethers and has a field of its own. Sit under the system, put it on your head, or sit in its field, and then visualize your depression ( & all other negative fields such as anger, regret, betrayal, etc.) flying off and into a dumping basket .


Modulators of many kinds can be used with the system. They add specific frequencies and can increase the effectiveness of a session. When doing a body balance treatment, we like to start with salt ( or good minerals) , then pure water, and then a pure oil. You can also use herbs, supplements, crystals and Shungite. You may sit in the field while the modulator is in the system, or be “ swept” with the chosen modulator inside the system. The modulators will pick up negative frequencies that you are releasing.

Clearing with the Neutralization Ring

The Krystaline Neutralization Ring is excellent for clearing modulators since it clears almost instantaneously. It may be important to clear the crystals and the Shungite several times during a session.


Tri-Pyramid System - 7 inch
Triple Pyramid (7 inch): $ 130.00

Triple Pyramid System: $459.00

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