The Beamer

The Beamer


The beamer is a cartridge, approximately 7 inches in length, layered with metals (orgone effect) and finished with 24 carat gold. It has 3/4 inch diameter. It is our basic model, and is the most versatile in that it is portable, and easily carried in a purse or pocket.

Everything is energy. Humans are beings of energy: both electrical and chemical. Since most Western understanding of the body is "newtonian" and therefore chemically oriented, over 50% of our "Beingness" is not addressed. A major factor in the "well-being" of the body is the unimpeded flow of energy through Its' electrical systems. The focus of the Beamer products is to enhance and to assist in balancing the electrical aspect of ourselves. The Beamer products uniquely broadcast high resonance subtle energy that can be applied in a number of ways.

Sample Applications for the Beamer

Note: A beam of energy emanates from the tip of the Beamer. To "Beam" anything means to hold the Beamer a few inches over the object and to aim the tip of the Beamer at the object for a few seconds. The charge is virtually instantaneous. For a plate of food (or large object),aim the Beamer and move it horizontally or vertically over the plate to ensure all of the food has been charged.

* "Beam" your food and beverage before consuming We have performed many tests on the Beamer to show that "beamed" food helps to balance the meridians of our body. (see our literature entitled "Make Your Food Your Medicine".) Symptoms of allergies can be reduced or neutralized. Many people respond that the food tastes lighter, less bitter, that it digests better. "Beamed" food is more beneficial for our bodies.

* "Beam" your nutritional products and supplements to enhance their potency and to make them more balancing and assimilable to your body. Often, less dosage is required for the same effect. Muscle test before and after "beaming" for verification.

* Hold your "beamed" supplement on the shaft of the Beamer, and then "beam" your food or beverage. Since the Beamer is a transducer of energy, the energy of the supplement will now be in your food, and the efficacy of the supplement will be further enhanced. A fun demonstration is to hold a slice of lemon on the shaft of the Beamer and then to "beam" a glass of water. Most people report they can faintly taste the lemon in the water. Electro-Dermal Screening has proven that the energy of the supplement is transferred into the food and beverage.

* "Beam" your cosmetics, cleansers, soaps, and other such products. Try a product on one side of the face. Then "beam" it and apply to the other side of the face. Feel the difference!

* Use the Beamer to help open the flow of life energy within your body. An easy way is to hold the point of the Beamer on the end of each fingertip until you feel the flow of the energy. Some report tingling, others report a sensation of heat or cold. Repeat with each fingertip. This procedure can be used on the end of each toe as well. It provides an easy overall tune-up. If meridians are blocked, you may not initially feel the energy, but it will be helping to open the blockage. Once meridians are open, a few seconds for each finger or toe is generally sufficient. Blocked meridians will require more time. Treat one hand and then feel the difference between your hands.

* Use the Beamer on the body as a non-Invasive acupuncture Device. If energy blockage is the cause, the Beamer can be very effective. If you are aware of the meridian points, use the Beamer on the appropriate meridian points. If not, use the Beamer on the areas of pain. This may require anywhere from a few seconds to twenty or more minutes, depending upon the extent of the energy blockage. Krystaline has received many reports of pain being alleviated from causes as diverse as arthritis, headaches, backaches, chronic pain, sprained ankles and wrists, spurs, sore necks, tendonitis, bursitis, and many other complaints. The pain can intensify momentarily as the pressure is being released.

*Use the Beamer on the acupuncture points of your face for a mini facial. It provides a lift for the face, and can be pleasantly energizing.

* The Beamer can be very effective for enhancing meditations. Hold the Beamer in your left hand (either works, but the left is generally the more receptive side) and sit quietly. Balanced meridians improve the ability to become centered and connected. The Beamer also connects you to your first light body. For many, this will be the first time they connect to the higher dimensions in a conscious state. Kirlian photography has shown that the energy emanating from the Beamer appears as white light. Enjoy!

*Use the Beamer to help clear negativity. One of the inert gas components of the Beamer is very effective at dissipating negativity. Think a negative thought, then hold the Beamer and try to have the same negative thought. It takes much more energy! Good for situations when you are ready to release negativity.

* "Beam" crystals and gemstones to clear them of unwanted energies.

* Holding the Beamer In your hand increases your aura or life-energy field. This is verified by Kirlian photography. The average increase is in the range of 35-40%. Holding the Beamer (again, the left side is generally the more receptive side) therefore increases the energy available to the body for its' well-being. This increases the capability of the body to balance and to heal itself. The Beamer makes a good "teddy-bear" substitute.

* Sit and sleep in the field of the Beamer. The beam broadcasts in a lampshade fashion from the point of the Beamer. The first field is approximately six inches from the point, and this is most appropriate for "beaming" food,
beverages and supplements. The second field is up to seven feet. The third field extends approximately twenty feet. The second and third fields are appropriate for sitting and sleeping within. It is recommended that you begin at least seven feet away until your body has acclimatized to the Beamer.

*Place the Beamer In your bath water and enjoy a bath in the charged water.

* Beam the water you use to water your plants. They appreciate the energy as well.

* Your pets may appreciate having their food and water "beamed". They'll let you know.

* Sit In the field of the Beamer while you are in the car. Your alertness and focus are able to be increased by the larger flow of life-force energy. The Pyramid Beamer is more appropriate for this because the frame of the pyramid serves as a stand.

* Sit In the field of the Beamer while you work at the computer. Computer screens tend to drain your energy, whereas the Beamer increases your energy. People who work with computers tend to appreciate it, since they do not leave the computer feeling as fatigued. The Pyramid Beamer model is also more conducive for this pplication. Place it at least 18 inches away from electrical components, including the computer screen.

* Aromatherapy can be greatly simplified by using the Beamer or the Pyramid Beamer. One drop of the essence on the shaft of the Beamer broadcasts the essence throughout the room. People who are sensitive to energies feel the change in the entire energy of the room. It is no longer necessary to hassle with the diffusers.

*Since the Beamer is a transducer of energy, broadcast your heart energy while you are using it. Many people report that they notice a difference in their food when they project their heart energy as they "beam" the food. Try
"beaming" your food and tasting it. Then. "beam" the food again, this time broadcasting your heart energy. Experience the difference! The food is more like Grandma's home cooking, prepared with love.

*Become Involved with the Beamer. Use your thoughts and your heart energy while working on your body. The Beamer will amplify these energy waveforms (remember that the Beamer will not transduce negative waveforms- a built in security feature!). Heart energy has been proven to be 14 times stronger than thought energy for therapy.

Play and experiment
with the Beamer.
Happy Beaming!


An Ascention Tool

Wayne, we've been hearing some wonderful feedback about the Beamer. It not only looks beautiful, but I understand that it is a very useful tool. What is it?
The Beamer is a small cartridge about six inches long. It emits a micro-current and is what would be termed a free energy Device. The Beamer discharges a small electrical field, in a beam, much the way a flashlight gives off a beam of light. That is why we call it the Beamer.

What makes the Beamer so different?
The Beamer is a free energy Device, so it has no batteries, you don't plug it in, and essentially it does not wear out. It can be used in several ways, most uniquely as an Ascension tool.

Would you clarify what you mean by Ascension, and how the Beamer can help me with that process.
A misconception that many have about Ascension is that they wi11 be leaving the Earth. The process of Ascension is that of connecting and integrating with our higher bodies. Heaven comes to Earth. The Cosmic Mind merges with the Conscious Mind.
You have a third dimensional body that you use here on earth. 99% of our focus is generally on the physical. It is very difficult to keep that from being the case. As we gain clarity, we're able to make a stronger connection to the higher bodies.

When we are sleeping at night, we have trips in our fourth dimensional, or astral body. Then we have an etheric body, and above that we have a causal body. After that there is no form in the dimensions unless it is created for a reference point. To travel in those higher fields, we have what is called a Merkaba, or light vehicle, or light body. We have five light bodies to take us through the dimensions to the 144th dimension, which is our sun, or first Heaven, as some term it. There are many bodies after that.
As our consciousness expands, we are able to be more aware of our existence on these other levels. One of the apparent benefits of using the Beamer is that it opens up a channel whereby the first light body becomes integrated within the presence of the physical. People feel this generally within a couple of minutes of quiet time holding the Beamer. One can connect to their light body without a Beamer, of course, but the Beamer expands the aura by 35-40%. This makes the connection easier to maintain and hold. It does this by opening meridians, and by dissipating negative thought forms from the aura. This is an important step because the Beamer enhances the process of "Our Father...Thy Kingdom come on earth." The Beamer facilitates our connection to our first light
body. When we connect to the first light body, we activate our spiritual access keys and our freedom expands.

What would happen if I were to integrate with my first light body? How would I know that it was happening. ?
The experience varies, but there are some generalities that we have noticed. First, there is awareness of a resence of lightness that wasn't there before. Usually, it takes two or more minutes of quiet time to start feeling the presence. Some people see it as a white cloud in their minds' eye, enveloping them in a state of peace and bliss, calmness, warmth. These are terms that are used to describe the field.

Those sound like the terms used by mediators.
Yes, but one need not go into a deep meditative state to have the light vehicle presence occur. Once the integration begins, one is set on a course where they can experience more of God's creation. Spirituality is not how many times you go to church; it is the ability to access these higher realms and dimensions. As we connect to our light bodies, we increase our God-consciousness.

I'm intrigued, because I am certainly feeling "lighter" as I am holding the Beamer. How is It doing this?
Simply put, the Beamer subtly opens meridians, integrates your higher bodies, and balances your physical body. More energy is flowing from your higher bodies into your conscious mind and body. A ten year old boy drank water charged with the Beamer and his immediate response to his mother was "it charges your brain". As the energy flows easily through our meridians, we are able to access much more of our potentiality. Opening meridians is the basis of acupuncture.

So then, using the Beamer would be like acupuncture without the needles?
Yes. However, the high resonance field from the Beamer, unlike the needles, uniquely dissipates negative thought forms from the aura. That is why you are feeling lighter. On the physical level, when you stimulate the meridian flow, more energy goes to the organs. Each organ is actually a receptor of energy and has its own consciousness. The human system is just that - a system made up of organs. These organs act as antenna, and have their own resonant fields. So as they become toxic from the environment, toxic from thought, they become less efficient at carrying energy, and the body energy field becomes smaller. When the body's energy field is smaller, it becomes less efficient as an antenna.
Part of the feeling of tiredness that we have is the negative field that we are carrying around. These fields have a weight to them in the sense that they retard the energy flow through our aura. So when we use the Beamer, it immediately starts dissipating those fields. We are a walking antenna system, sending and receiving. We all know that what you put out is what you get back

As we clean up our energy system, we function better as a more enlightened being.

Somehow I am getting the distinct impression that the Beamer is much more complex than it appears on the surface.
Yes, it is a piezoelectric field, modulated to the top six octaves of resonance in the third dimension. The Beamer is a free energy Device. We could talk for hours.

Are there uses for the Beamer beyond light body integrations and non-invasive acupuncture?
There are several. Food can be charged with the Beamer. This food, when ingested, balances the meridians and becomes more therapeutic to the body. The Beamer tests well on any meridian measuring Device. The Beamer can be used for the relief of pain, to structure nutritional supplements into food and beverages, and to neutralize computer fatigue. It can also be used for clearing such things as crystals, gemstones, healing rooms, and healing hands. The Beamer has "smart" energy, in that it always shifts the bodies towards balance. It is especially receptive to modulation by thought, so you can project your own heart/mind waveforms through the Beamer to
enhance its healing properties. The Beamer dissolves negative energy, therefore it cannot transmit it.

What would be a typical reaction from having the energy field more balanced?
When we balance our energy field, we have, overall, a greater sense of well-being. It is easier to listen to the voice within when we are calm and balanced. Mental alertness improves. And, of course, the giant leap of connecting with the light bodies is profound in itself, since the greatest thing is to know thyself:

Thank you.

Happy Beaming


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