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The Beamer products uniquely broadcast a broad band of high resonance subtle energy in the form of a micro-current The focus of the Beamer products is to enhance and to assist In balancing the electrical aspect of ourselves.

The Beamer
The Beamer

Tetrahedron Beamer
The Tetrahedron Beamer

The Pyramid Beamer
The Pyramid Beamer



Everything in the universe is comprised of energy. Humans are beings of energy: both chemical and electrical. Most Western understanding of the world has been newtonian, and chemically oriented, thereby ignoring over 50% of our Beingness.

A major factor In the "well-being" of the human body Is the unimpeded flow of energy through Its' electrical systems.

Unless this is addressed, we can not function at optimal health. Historically and culturally, the idea that the human system is organized around an energy pattern that determines its' functioning has been with humanity for thousands of years. The Chinese science of acupuncture is based on the subtle energy fields called meridians and the subtle energy called "chi". In India, both the sciences of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine use the word "prana" to describe the subtle energies of bodies and the life force in living fields.The Western world has had its' proponents of an energetic basis to life, but these have been largely ignored in the area of health and well-being. Einstein, the physicist Nicola Tesla, Marcel Vogel, Adam Trombley (well known in the field of astrophysics and zero point technology) and many others have proven that energy fields are important to the proper functioning of living organisms. These energy fields must be maintained.

Kirlian photography has greatly advanced the understanding that living systems are surrounded by subtle energy fields since it tangibly demonstrates the existence of these fields.The understanding of subtle energy fields and their effects is becoming more recognized in the Western world as modern equipment is able to show that which has been previously "unseen".

A primary basis for understanding the Beamer is an acknowledgment that living organisms are influenced by subtle energy fields. Many of our body functions occur at this micro-current level. The field of bio-energetic systems covers this subject in great detail. High resonance energy enables the body to shift its' energetic mode to a higher and healthier vibration. This is in opposition to low resonance energy, such as radiation, which is detrimental to the body. Continued exposure to the low resonance energies caused by power lines, irradiated food, processing and packaging of foods, etc. lowers our vibrational frequency. This has become more of a concern in recent years in our increasingly technological world. Stress can also lower our vibrational frequency. High resonance energy, especially at the micro-current level, is of great benefit to the body. If we are supplied with a dose of beneficial energetic frequency, then our body's cellular bioenergetic systems are supported to resonate to their optimal vibrational mode. The Beamer products provide this beneficial energy. They do not carry the unwanted, negative waveforms that are associated with alternating current and with batteries. Their micro-current is much "cleaner".

The Generator Beamer
The Generator Beamer

The Solarizer Beamer
The Solarizer Beamer

How Do the Beamer Products Produce This Energy Field?

Knowledge of Quantum Physics would assist in understanding the Beamer products. Many of us are used to thinking that electricity is something that is produced only by an electrical outlet or batteries. We see other micro-current Devices operated by plugging in or by batteries, and most of the ways we use electricity revolve around these methods. However, the entire world is electrical, as demonstrated by the facts that we can observe lightening during a storm, that we can create a spark when we shuffle our feet across a carpet, and that our bodies emit measurable electric currents that can be traced by E KG's and ECG's.

The Beamer Is a free energy Device. Nicola Tesla, a great physicist,(responsible for the whole understanding of alternating current electricity) was creating what were called free energy Devices in the 1930's. These are Devices that can produce a current by utilizing natural energy sources. They are called "free" because they do not need an outside source such as batteries or wires to make them work.

The Beamer creates this free energy through the combination of two natural energy sources. The understandings of Dr. Wilhelm Reich (orgone energy) and Sir Walter Russell (octave orientation) have been incorporated into the design of the Beamer products. To our understanding, Krystaline is the first to combine these two technologies.

Orgone Energy: In the 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich developed a technique for creating energy fields through the layering of different materials. Everything has an electrical potential, and when certain materials are layered one upon the other, they can create a fairly powerful subtle energy field. In applying this energy field to the human body, Dr. Reich found that it alleviated and cured many conditions and diseases within a short period of time. He was very successful with his treatments. Unfortunately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration suppressed his work

We are creating the orgone effect with the Beamer products through the layering of certain metals, one upon the other in a particular order to create a high resonance electrical micro-current.

These metals are all resonant with the fields of the human body, and have been selected with this in mind. The Beamer itself is made of copper, which is well known for its' balancing effects on the body (i.e. copper bracelets). The Beamer is finished with 24 carat gold, since this is the metal of the highest resonance.

Octave Orientation: Sir Walter Russell rewrote the periodic table of elements at about the same time that Dr. Reich was doing his research. Sir Walter Russell showed that the Inert or the Noble gases were in actuality the gateways for all of the other elements in the third dimension. We live in a universe with 144 dimensions. Our home here is upon the third dimension. Energy is stepped down from the 144th dimension through each dimension to a heavier and denser vibrational frequency.

There are gateways from one dimension to the next. From the fourth dimension to the third dimension, these gateways are the noble gases. Each of these gases serves as a gateway for frequency specific elements such that all of the elements in our periodic table are covered. For example, Neon , when modulated, forms among other elements, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, sodium, and magnesium. Sir Walter Russell acknowledged that chemistry and electricity are irrevocably intertwined. The lower the frequency, the more we approach death and decay. Thus Radon ( the gas that Russell termed Niton and the one encompassing the elements of the lowest frequency) leads us toward death and decay. The higher the frequency, the more we move toward Source; toward life and vitality.There are nine octaves of resonance in the third dimension. The first octave has the highest vibratory rate, and is closest to Source.

Our objective is to bring our bodies toward their maximum health and well-being.

Therefore the Beamer contains the electrical fields of the top six octaves of resonance. These have been chosen because the elements contained in the sixth octave through the first octave encompass the primary chemical components that our bodies require for their survival. This means that all the electrical frequencies of the elements of the top six octaves are being broadcast from the Beamer. If our systems are in need of the frequency of one of these elements, they will absorb the energy component of the field corresponding to the deficient element. If they are sufficient in that element, they will not draw it. This works along the same principles as a battery. A weak battery connected to a strong battery will draw a charge until it is recharged. If two strong batteries are connected to one another, there will be no flow between them. Since we have no way of knowing the exact requirements of our bodies from one day to the next, "Beaming" our food provides the full range of electrical frequencies. Our bodies can then pull the frequencies that they require that day for their optimal well-being.

The Beamer is a "smart energy'" Device for this reason .


The noble gases modulate the orgone energy field so that the "Beam" from the Beamer is a synergistic combination of the two types of energies. Since the gases are compressed and sealed within the chamber, they are always resonating and therefore broadcasting energy. The orgone layering is always creating an energy field. The Beamer is always "on". Life expectancy is indefinite.

The Beamer uniquely broadcasts high resonance subtle energy . It is a free energy Device that can be used to raise the resonance of food, that can be used as a non-Invasive acupuncture Device, pain reliever, and relaxation/meditation tool.(see our literature "Sample Applications of the Beamer")

Highly Suggested Reading:

  • "Vibrational Medicine"-Richard Gerber, M.D.,
  • "The Body Electric"- Robert Becker, M.D.,
  • "Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore". M.Cooke,
  • "Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet"-Gabriel Cousens, M.D.


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