Food and Nutrition


-Albert Einstein

Great thinkers like Einstein and Tesla both said it. But ... today it is difficult to get
high-vitality food in our diet. There are a number of reasons.

Chemical contaminants in food have an electron spin that is opposite to the organic spin. The body stresses when trying to eliminate something that
is not organic.

Sometimes food is either overripe or picked prematurely, causing incorrect
levels of enzymes in the food. This may cause digestive problems.

When food is packaged, it may be contaminated by vapors from packag-
ing materials such as cardboard and plastic.

When food is processed, electrical resonances, machine resonances, and
other unwanted wave forms may be absorbed by the food.

When food is cooked (especially microwaved), enzymes are killed and vital
life force energy is reduced.

Certain foods may cause allergic reactions that stress rather than nourish
the body.

Improper matching of food types with individual body chemistry will imbal-
ance meridians. Remember *one man's food is another man's poison.*

Water has its vortex energy removed when it goes through pipes or is dis-
tilled. This reduces its biological activity.



Foods that are structured with the Beamer have the correct organic spin.
They are easier to digest; they assimilate and eliminate better. Less energy
to digest food provides more energy for other activities.

With the Beamer, foods can taste better. Many people feel the energy rise
into their head rather than drop to their stomach as the food is ingested.
The most common comments are: *the food tastes lighter* or *less bitter,
smoother*. Wine is a great taste test.

Foods that normally test negatively can be improved with the Beamer to
actually test positively. Digestion normally requires one-third of our daily
energy output. Foods that test negatively will cause a further energy drain.
Muscle test the food before and after structuring. It tests much stronger after structuring.

The Avatar Diagnostic series of tests show that the Beamer improves
meridian balance in the body ( see diagram ). Balanced meridians mean
healthy organs.

Life Force energy is added to food that has been structured by the Beamer.
Muscle testing, electro-diagnostic equipment, electro-dermal screening or
Kirlian photography can prove this fact. Having more energy initiates more
cleansing, thereby improving health.

The Beamer improves the sense of well-being. When directly using the Beamer, many people experience a calming yet energetic feeling.

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