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EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Einstein demonstrated that everything is energy. Humans are beings of energy, both chemical and electrical. Our electrical energies produce an electromagnetic field around our bodies. This subtle energy field is called the aura. The aura's integrity is dependent upon the unimpeded flow of energy through the meridians of the body. The Chinese call this life force energy "Chi". Our Western, newtonian based understanding of the world has focused primarily on our chemical aspect, and has largely ignored the other 50% of ourselves - our electrical aspect.


Our electrical energy flow can become impeded in various ways: through disruptive resonances from computers and electrical appliances, and through the normal bombardment by radio waves, television waves and microwaves. Flow can also become impaired by consuming denatured food & poor food combining, by taking drugs, and by breathing polluted air. As the flow of energy is lessened in our meridians, our body weakens. It is important to ensure that our energy pathways are functioning optimally if we wish to maintain good health. The knowledge of meridians and their importance to health can be traced back over 5000 years through the science of acupuncture.

The Beamer uniquely broadcasts high resonance subtle energy that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the flow of this life energy through our meridians. As with infrared and ultraviolet light, the beam is beyond the visible light spectrum. However, this beam can be photographed by Kirlian photography, and can be felt by those who are sensitive to subtle energies. The Beamer broadcasts a high resonance field that works harmoniously with our bodies. The beam is broadcast from the Beamer similar to the way light is broadcast from a flashlight. The strongest field is within 6 inches of the tip. Our literature entitled "Beamer Principles" explains how the Beamer Products synergistically combine orgone energy, octave orientation, and noble gases with sacred geometry.

The Tetrahedron Beamer introduces additional dimensions to the Beamer energies, and thus enhances its' effects. Simply put the Tetrahedron Beamer trades portability for more power. If the beamer is a 1/2 inch garden hose then the Tetrahedron Beamer is like a 1 inch hose with higher flow. (See individual literature pages for further explanation and for specific applications.)

The Pyramid Beamer, Solarizer Beamer, and the Generator Beamer are items now only special order as shipping has proven almost impossible due to damage as well as high cost. Also due to production time needed these items would likely take several months to fit in and then the shipping would be at the clients risk. Sorry but we're tired of damaged product.

These products are all free energy Devices. They need no batteries or plugging in: they last indefinitely, and the "Beam" is always "on". Research shows that products using batteries or electrical current are giving the body a much greater charge than is optimal to the functioning of our energy systems. In the book, "The Body Electric" much information is given as to why we respond best to subtle energies such as those from the Beamer products.


The energies of the Beamer products can be tested in a variety of ways. Electro-dermal screening measures the meridian balance before and after a Beamer treatment. Our literature "Sample Test Results on the Avatar Diagnostic System" explains this further. The Beamer energy can also be demonstrated through Kirlian Photography. The aura of the average person increases 60% when they are holding the Beamer or Beamer products. Kinesiology (muscle testing) shows positive results. Kinesiology is performed by many chiropractors and health practitioners. Dowsers can easily measure the effect of the Beamer on food or the body. Most people actually experience a difference in taste when food or beverage has been "Beamed" with any of the products. Our Food and Nutrition Sheet explains this further. For direct application on the body, the majority of people feel sensation in their bodies when using the products. Some feel a sensation of heat or cold, others feel tingling. This is the result of energy moving again through the meridian. (similar to taking the kink out of a garden hose, and having the water flow again).


The Neutralization Ring and the Ankh are additions that can be used alone or with any of the Beamer Products.

The Neutralization Ring is adapted from the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing System from India. Its' specific geometry and plating combine to neutralize negative vibrations such as electrical resonances, microwaves, radio waves, etc. Food and beverage that have been "neutralized" with the Ring, are not "muddy", and so are much more receptive to the beam from the Beamer Products. This is the same with application on the body. Use the Neutralization Ring first, and then the Beamer Product for a more effective treatment. The Ring can also be placed on a television, a computer, or other appliance, and it will greatly reduce the negative energy fields emanating from these objects.


  • Make your food your medicine , said Albert Einstein. But, today it is difficult to get high vitality food in our diet. Chemical contaminants, over or under ripe foods, packaged foods, processed foods, micro-waved food; even cooked food, can all cause stress to the body. By the time we eat the food, it usually contains many resonances that are not natural to it. The Beamer Products place a subtle charge into the food that the body uses to help balance its' life force energy. Digestive processes are improved. Many people report that foods that used to cause problems can now be consumed. Blood sugar levels are more easily controlled. Foods that would normally lower meridian flow, once "beamed", can actually improve the flow of the meridians. The food charged with the Beamer becomes a natural therapy for the body. Aim the tip of the Beamer or any of the Beamer products, at a glass of water, soup, herbs, wine, spagetti, or any media that you wish to charge. Hold the Beamer a few inches above the media for a few seconds. If a plate of food, move the Beamer over the plate so that the "beam" covers the entire plate. For further details, see our literature entitled "Food and Nutrition".
  • Use the Beamer Products Directly On/Over the Body. The Beamer can also be used on the body as a non-invasive form of acupuncture/reflexology. It is effective at improving the balance and flow of the energy through the meridians of the body. Many who have experienced chronic pain (arthritis, back problems, headaches, other) experience relief from pain once the energy meridians are opened and flowing properly. Touch the tip of the Beamer to the area of pain or the meridian point until you feel the energy shift. Approximately 4 to 10 seconds would be normal unless you have an area of chronic pain and blockage. Then up to twenty minutes may be appropriate. It may take some time for you to be aware that the shift is occurring - with use and with the opening of your meridians it will be easier for you to sense the changes. A good overall balance is to "Beam" the tip of each of your fingertips and your toes, since the main energy pathways end in these locations. This is a great daily treatment to keep the life force flowing! The Solarizer Beamer and the Generator Beamer can be used to do an overall meridian sweep of the body - see product application pages for specific details.
  • Use the Beamer products to offset the disruptive energies from computers and other electrical appliances. Computers, electrical appliances, and fluorescent lights generate positive ions that disrupt meridian integrity, and this causes fatigue. Balance can be restored and maintained by sitting in the field of any of the Beamer products, since they emit a field of negative ions which serves to increase our energy. Reduce computer strain by placing the Pyramid Beamer facing you and at least 18 inches away from the electrical components, including the monitor. The Neutralization Ring can be placed directly on the monitor or the central processing unit. It "cleans" the energy so that it is less disruptive. It is very effective when it is placed on machines and appliances in the home and the workplace.
  • Meditations are enhanced by holding the Beamer products, or by sitting in their field.
    This increases the energy running through our meridians. Our aura increases by approximately 60%. The ability to send and to receive information is improved by expanding the auric field.

Recommeded Reading: "Vibrational Medicine"- Richard Gerber, M.D., "The Body Electric"-Robert Becker, M.D., "Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore"-M. Cooke, D.C.,"Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet"-Gabriel Cousens, M.D. "Touch for Health"-John Thie.
*Krystaline highly recommends any material showing meridian and acupuncture point locations.

Note: The instructions supplied with these products are intended for information, reference, and educational purposes only. No medical guarantees are expressed or implied. In the event that you have a health problem, please consult a health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment. The Beamer products can be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

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