Krystaline Sun RingThe Krystaline
Sun Ring

The Sun Ring will structure nine layers deep. Food normally has a bioenergy field of up to three feet. Most food is around 6 to 18 inches. This can increase to as much as twenty two feet. An amazing increase!

Food that is structured digests better, with less energy required to process the food.

Nutrition is absorbed more efficiently.

Supplements placed in the Sun Ring have more potency. Get more healing for less cost.


After clearing with the Neutralization Ring, place whatever you wish to structure on the Sun Ring for 4 or 5 seconds. It is now structured 9 layers deep.

The Sun Ring can be used on painful areas of the body. Placing essential oils in the ring, such as peppermint will synergize with the ring to create a more powerful healing system.

Gemstones may also be used. Shungite is recommended because it is so interactive. Hold a piece in your hand and direct your intent into it. For example you can say please vibrate the necessary frequencies to balance and heal my knee. Then place the shungite in the Sun Ring and hold them on the knee for faster, deeper results.

The Sun Ring is a broadcaster and negative ion generator. Place the ring on a wall. Sensitive people will feel a positive, uplifting charge going into the room.

Whatever is placed into the Sun Ring will be broadcast into the room for a radius of approximately 20 feet. Placing gemstones, oils, or flower essences will be energetically broadcast into the room.

Clear and charge water in the bathtub for an extra relaxing experience.

The Krystaline Sun Ring may be used as a mini Radionics system:

Place your intention into the ring. This may be done by:

  1. writing it on a piece of paper and then placing it in the ring.
  2. energizing a gemstone such as shungite with your intent and place it into the ring
  3. placing your index finger into the ring while thinking your intent.
  4. placing vitamins or any healing method into the ring
    Next take a plate of food or beverage and hold it over the ring for about 5 seconds. It is now energized.

The energy of your intention is structured into the food nine layers deep. If you charge a glass of water with a lemon in the ring, there will be an aftertaste of lemon. This verifies that there has been a deep transfer of information to the water.

Now the energy that was transferred will be charging you for the duration of the digestion time. Making ‘your food your medicine” is now high tech!


Now also available with additional Platinum plating.
The result is a ring which has:

  • More power due to the addition of the platinum layer.
  • Increased band width with this extra layer.
  • When used together with the gold sun ring, together they produce a "pranic" field which is similar in structure to the flow between the two poles in a battery.


"Hey Michael, Thank you for the quick delivery of the rings, they are working well. My husbands heart rate was over 130 and not going down so I used the neutralization, sunring and two divinity rings on him and it dropped his heart rate to high 70�s. We were happy with the small ones but having even better results with a large single neutralization and large single sun ring and two small divinity rings. The other rings were for another person and her family. I used my small ones on her and she fell in love with how they made her feel afterwards. Again thank you so much for the gift and the help to make my decision on divinity rings, we are very happy with that choice." -- Kelly AB Canada


Krystaline Sun Ring

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Krystaline Sun Ring

The Krystaline Sun Ring (4 inch Platinum): $ 63.00 Add To Cart


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