ZEBRA ROCK Zebra Rock is a mixture of Quartz and Basalt, occurring in a zebra-type pattern. This mineral brings one compassions and understanding for others; it serves to assist one in realizing that "if you see an empty house, it does not necessarily indicate that no one is home". It helps one to look beneath the superficial attributes and to recognize the loving spirit which always abides.
ZINCITE Zincite in metaphysical lore is a stone of synthesis. It can bring together seemingly disparate or chaotic energies and synthesize them to work together well. It is particularly well-known from Melody's books to synthesize energies of personal power, physical energy, and creativity. This makes it a powerful stone for boosting creative energies in a way that brings creations to fruition. It is often used to remove energy blockages, as well as being used in Radionics. Zincite can also synthesize groups of people or things, bringing together like-minded people and promoting their efforts as a group. Yellow Zincite in particular can bring or boost a strong sense of one's own personal power and enable one to use it. Zincite is used in crystal healing lore to treat chronic fatigue, AIDS and other auto-immune problems, bronchitis, and candida, as well as prevention of epileptic seizure. Zincite is related to the lower chakras.
ZIRCON Zircon strengthens the mind, aids bowel problems, creates emotional balance, self-esteem, aids with sleep. Red or Purple Zircon are said to increase prosperity. Zircon stimulates the liver, alleviates pain in general and helps with cramps. It balances the emotions and enhances self esteem. Zircon also helps us to overcome loss. It helps you to think about what are the truly important things in life and to let go of materialism. Zircon is said to be a stone of purity and innocence. It helps in experiencing spiritual reality. Zircon stimulates your mind to think about the meaning of existence. Zircon is the oldest mineral on earth. Radiometric dating calculated an age of 4.404 billion years for some zircons. This age is interpreted to be the age of crystallization. It has the capability to survive geologic processes like erosion, transport, even high-grade metamorphism. Zircon facilitates time travel, it helps with the understanding of our existence.
ZOISITE dispels laziness & idleness, clears, heals & transforms lower chakras, stabilizing, energizing, helps balance ovarian functions - BRINGS NEW



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