QUE SERA STONE Que Sera Stone: (Llanite, Vulcanite)
Properties: This unique stone is made up of a conglomeration of minerals. They are part of a whole (mother) formation, which gives these stones the same properties, regardless of their actual mineral composition, since there is often a certain percentage of each stone within the conglomeration. Because of this mix, Que Sera stone vibrates at a very high level resonating with our Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. As such, they are very beneficial for tapping into our creative identity, Clairaudience and orientation to self-expression. They empower our psychic capacity, telepathy, intuition and orientation to self-reflection. They connect us to our consciousness as pure awareness, Universal identity and orientation to self-knowledge. Que Sera stones offer us an uninterrupted supply of present power, which is always switched ON, working as a power house for receiving energies from higher sources or streams of consciousness. This stone is associated with the Angel of Air and the zodiac signs of Cancer and Aquarius.
Folk Remedies: Use this stone for overcoming stress treating adrenal fatigue



Because of their unique power to take on the energy of any situation (much like their colour, white, contains all other colours), quartz crystals are one of the single most beneficial stones that you can introduce into your life for purposes of healing.

Clear quartz is highly prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. It is considered the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other crystals. This clear quartz benefit is at the heart of clear quartz meaning.

Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.  Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralizing background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations.  It balances and revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.  Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind.  Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities.  It aids concentration and unlocks memory.  Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.  Clear Quartz (Crystal Quartz, Rock Crystal) harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.

Quartz is found in a huge range of varieties and shapes. BE AWARE that the point configuration on each piece emits its own vibration and healing power based on its geometry and this will enhance the powers of other crystals. The site here provides a great beginning to identifying and understanding these various quartz features.


QUARTZ Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal, is further named after the growth types Phantom, Elestial, Double Terminated; locality Tibetan Black, Herkimer Diamond; inclusions Rutile, Tourmalinated; artificial coatings Aqua Aura, Opal Aura; and synthetic production Siberian Blue, Green; and that's to name but a few. Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, In general, Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Quartz Crystals aid greatly in purifying the physical, mental and spiritual bodies -healer of negativity associated with ones perspectives and judgments -helps one to redirect ones materialistic energies towards the Spiritual realm. It can produce a healing force field of negative ions while clearing positive ions and cancels the harmful effects of radiation/radioactivity. A single quartz crystal, carried or placed in ones environment will help maintain balance, energy and protection. Whether carried or placed somewhere, the 'force' of the crystal stays attuned to the one to whom it is connected.


How to most effectively have any stone desire to work with you. The traditional concept of "programing crystals: began with attitude of  telling the stone what you want it to do. This is still most often the method used. In contrast we support the concept of asking, not telling. One is a request for help and the latter is an order.Compare your two reactions when a friend either asks, or tells you what to do.


As well as the listed types, we have hundreds of natural and polished points in all sizes plus a large variety of clusters.


NOTE: Descriptions of Aura Quartz are followed by some of the many natural quartz formations.
AURA QUARTZ VARIETIES: Aura Quartz Varieties Are Man Altered by adding other minerals.
Aqua Aura Crystal is created by treating crystals of natural quartz with an infusion of pure gold. The quartz is placed in a pressurized chamber at high temperature and exposed to pure vaporized gold. Aqua Aura has an energy that can enhance intuition, calm nerves, and energize mental abilities. It also helps one's inner beauty to shine, and to attract wealth and success. Combines properties of Gold and quartz, releases negativity from emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, activates other minerals for healing, stimulates, throat and third eye chakras - AN INTENSE ENERGY
Also known as Siberian Blue Quartz this Heavenly blue crystal was created from natural quartz infused with cobalt. It helps one communicate with angelic clarity. It enhances one's psychic abilities and increases visionary experience. It is a powerful carrier of the pure Blue Ray. This stone is a valuable ally when one wishes to access higher guidance or instruction.
Indigo Aura, also called Tanzan Aura or Tanzine Aura is a high vibrational stone, helps you to communicate any psychic visions or dreams you might experience with this stone. A spiritual stone, Indigo Aura Quartz is helpful in recognizing the Christ consciousness within, aids in communications with the spiritual realms (guides, Angels, guardians) and can be used to access information from the Hall of Records. In your pocket it can help when encountering situations loaded with negative vibrations.
Opalescent Angel Aura Quartz or Opal Aura Quartz,sometimes called rainbow aura cleanses the aura and is useful for communication with Angels, Spirit Guides, and other Teachers. Having such a fine vibration, Angel Aura Crystals also allow the user to clear away negativity and helps to gently raise energy levels in those who are feeling depleted. Angel Aura can help to release negative emotions such as resentment or grief and is a perfect piece to use when facing a dysfunctional type of relationship, bringing a deeper insight into the relationship and the holder's part in it.
Rainbow Aura Quartz is the trade name of an attractive metallic blue and iridescent rainbow play of coloured Quartz. Rainbow Aura is also named Flame Aura and Titanium Aura- activates and balances the seven major chakras-stimulates and clears a pathway for the Kundalini and should be used with caution- lends itself to clairvoyance and clairsentient uses, brings insight and healing to dysfunctional relationships, helping to release deep resentments, grief and karmic ties-assists in the treatment of hormonal dysfunction. - helps treat throat, ear and eye disorders. Because the colours are produced by blending natural substances with a natural affinity, the metaphysical properties are enhanced rather than destroyed.
Rose Aura Quartz Crystal is a high vibration stone created from permanently bonding Platinum, Gold, Silver and other trace metals onto the purest Quartz. Use for the pineal gland and the heart chakra to transmute doubts about self-worth. It connects to universal love and restores cellular balance. It has been called a master healer as it can bring the body into balance and dIspels anger and provides emotional healing.
Tanzan Aura Quartz is a gemstone of the indigo/violet ray. It is one of the most powerful stones to bring up one's psychic abilities and to enhance the connection with the spiritual world. It is an incredible potent aid for intuitives of all sorts - mediums, shamans, readers, channelers and healers. It activates the third eye and crown chakras.
See Rainbow Aura Quartz


Following are some of the many natural formations of Quartz

See Angel Phantom Quartz
Anandalite is also known as: Aurora Quartz ,7 Color Quartz Rainbow Quartz and Iris Quartz and come from the Sanskrit "Divine Bliss." A healing stone considered to stimulate the kundalini energies in the body, and is among the most powerful stones for Light Body activation and awakening. It helps fulfill one's true potential and can ease disappointment, as well as bring joy and happiness. It is a new find of luminescent quartz from India and is a fully natural quartz that has the same visual effect as the treated Angel Aura Quartz.
Angel Phantom Quartz or Amphibole Quartz has a lovely vibration that will help you to reach the higher realms in meditation. These lovely stones may be used to make contact with angelic beings, and to find a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility.
See Cathedral Quartz
Atlantean Love Star Quartz
See Candle Quartz
Azeztulite facilitates meditation inducing a state of "no mind". A stone of inspiration. Tunes into spiritual guidance assisting in making important decisions. Activates ascension points at base of spine, middle of abdomen, and center of brain. Helps to see the future.
Golden Azeztulite Quartz is aligned with the purpose of our evolution into spiritual human beings. It specifically is attuned to the unknown latent capacities of the brain/mind and nervous system, stimulating the prefrontal lobes of the brain very intensely and very precisely.
Pink Azeztulite Quartz also known as Rhodazez, can aid in soul retrieval. It is an ideal stone for healers, facilitating a compassionate rapport between practitioner and client. It promotes empathy, and can help those who do intuitive readings to connect with the client’s soul, and to read the client’s Divine blueprint. Pink Azeztulite facilitates a sweet, calm, serene, yet highly activated state of awareness.
White Azeztulite Quartz- accelerates the state of no mind when used as a focus for meditation. Azeztulite™ can stimulate and activate the third eye bringing personal, universal and future visions and guidance to the user. Azeztulite™ should be used with caution as the vibrational shift it can induce may cause disorientation for those unused to working with spirit at high vibration.
Black or Morion quartz the most universally powerful member of the quartz family absorbs and focuses all wavelengths of energy. It is pitch black.It is rarely found in large crystals and is also one of the rarest forms of quartz, and the most beautiful
Blue Quartz-(Dumortierite)- is a stone of support, as it helps with those who may feel less than confident in thought and idea. Assists in staying true and in standing up for one's self.-it encourages one to see and accept reality, and react to it in an intelligent manner It is a perfect stone for families. For children, Dumortierite helps to reduce excitability and stubbornness. For parents, it is an excellent stone for calm and patience, a stone of communication,can stimulate the verbalization of ideas. Dumortierite is also a wonderful stone to use when feeling scattered, unfocused and disorganized. Dumortierite will help to enhance the energies of orderliness, self discipline and organizational abilities, also promotes an understanding of karma and forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness. Blue quartz is a helpful aid in any issues requiring diplomacy, a
soothing and calming stone, bringing a relaxing, peaceful vibe to any situation. Helps to improve one's communication skills, including with others, but also communication from the higher self into the 3D self,and contact with spirit guides and angels -helps you express your spiritual thoughts. Physically, blue Quartz is said to enhance the immune system and encourage proper function of the Lungs, Heart, Throat, and Eyes. Helps with cooling the body, throat, thyroid, and parathyroid, detoxification, over stimulation, hyperactivity, endocrine system, and blood. Produces a comforting resonance, generates composure, helps release introversion and fear, attunes to connectedness of others, activatesthroat chakra to help one speak over mind - HELPS DISPEL DEPRESSION, CONFUSION AND FEAR
Brandberg Quartz Crystals are liquid light and people drawn to their bright and clear energy, They radiate light and power and can call you to meditative states effortlessly They are prized for their glassy sides and clarity. Brandberg crystals bring balance, peace and holding a Brandberg crystal can open us to the Divine presence,or Source. Blessings flow out of these magical crystals.
Also known as Atlantean Love Star Quartz. Aids in accessing ancient knowledge and putting it to use, a mansion for comprehension of our physical body, helps us discontinue negative self-fulfilling prophecies - A TRANQUILLIZING ENERGY - A STONE FOR THE LUMINARIES.
Cathedral Quartz or Lightbrary crystals hold a record of all that has occurred on Earth. The energy of the Atlantean Quartz works to bring together the participants of humanity to save the planet. It is also an excellent tool for mediation and for assisting in the connection with the higher realms. May also assist one in meeting a personal guide. Used to balance intuitive sense and inner knowing, awakening the wisdom of the soul, a focus point for learning and enlightenment - A MASTER CRYSTAL
Cat's-eye quartz is said to bring good judgement and provide deeper understanding. It is also said to enhance intuition and to increase one's psychic abilities and powers of concentration.
Cat's-eye quartz has been used to treat vision disorders and is considered to be a powerful stimulus for one's self-healing abilities.
Also known as "Candle Crystal", it has a very unique characteristic, lots of tiny small crystals all over the body of the main crystal. It emits multi-spectrum healing energy along with peacefulness and protection. It brings harmony to all who are near and are being used in families, communities, and businesses to promote group cohesiveness and willingness to work together.
Chlorite in Quartz, is a powerful healing combination. The Quartz amplifies the purifying, detoxifying properties of the Chlorite making it one of the best crystals to use for physical cleansing. Chlorite not only works with the physical body, but the auric body as well. Chlorite will help to cleanse the aura, chakras and energy meridians. Chlorite is a great piece to use when there is excessive anger or frustration, gently removing and dissipating the energy. Chlorite in Quartz will help to resolve issues of the heart and remove blockages and resistance that will allow one to acknowledge, forgive, release, and move forward.
Chromium Quartz is a lab created crystal, where quartz is infused with chromium in a high temperature chamber. The Chromium adds to quartz a powerful green ray frequency. It is a strongly empowering stone for those who want to connect with the Spirit of Earch, Gaia, all the animal spirits and entities that promotes love and peace. It helps with heart healing.
Crackle Quartz is Pure quartz crystal (silicon dioxide), that was heated then cooled in a dye bath to create rich coloured crystal. It maintains its basic quartz properties, and carry the energy of the colour introduced into it as well. It clears blockages and balances the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional planes as well as giving clarity and bestowing energy.
Diamantina Star Seed Quartz Crystals, named for the area in Brazil from which they come, are said to be encoded crystals much like the Lemurian Seed Crystals, but by beings of other star systems. Clear diamantina carries within it psychic serenity and celestial interaction. Cracked faces within a crystal are frequency points, as they change, so the frequency changes.
Double Terminated Quartz Points can absorb, amplify and emit energy from both ends at the same time, Use Double Terminated Quartz as a bridges between any two things - two energy points, two chakras, two people, two places, - or between Spirit and Matter. Double Terminated Quartz Points can help you to be a part of the [WINDOWS-1252?]“flow” of life, avoiding stagnation. Double Terminated Quartz Points can be used to amplify energy and intention, and protect against radiation.
See Jasper > Dragon Blood Jasper
Dream Quartz gets it colour from Epidote inclusions, and has a soft soothing energy that is helpful during states of meditation. It can help you remember your dreams and enhances their spiritual qualities. While awake, Dream Quartz aids in envisioning and manifesting your dreams for the kind of life you would like! It also assists in quieting the negative voices in your head (you know the ones!) allowing room for more positive thoughts.
It is the "enchanted crystal", bringing with it the concepts of Shiva and the understanding that after transition from one phase of life from the physical body, the newness will be re-instilled. It provides the user with "a hug from the wind in the willow", allowing for flow in change and actualization. It can be used to help one to become aware of the immortality. Assists in comprehending life, levels of death, spirit and immortality, embodies the physical while aligning with the angelic, brings a sense of balance and well-being, elestial quartz purges through the darkness of the mind, enabling the revelation of truth and attunement to the celestial realms - A GIFT FROM THE ANGELS
Enhydro water bubble Crystal is a true spectacle of nature. Being able to see water bubbles move in solid rock that was formed millions of years ago is hard to imagine but enjoyable to watch. Enhydros are associated with cleansing and purification, be it emotional, spiritual or mundane. It is a Great crystal for dream or meditation work. Crystals with trapped fluid in which a moving bubble is seen, helps to initiate the coupling of imagination and practicality, a vibratory link to ancient creativity, demonstrates the integration of all forms; solid, liquid, gas; helps us to know we are more than we realize - A STONE OF EMPATHY
Faden Quartz are Tabular (Tabby) Quartz Crystals that have a milky white thread-like line of growth running edge to edge through the crystal. It is easily programmed and should be thoroughly cleansed of all previous programs when first received. Faden Quartz will fill holes in the aura and the Etheric body, a strong healing crystal, helping wherever there are disconnections involved, such as in cases of broken bones, torn ligaments, or any time there is a severing of parts. Energetically, Faden Quartz will make the connections, allowing for healing to commence. The thread that runs through the Faden Quartz is symbolic of the cord that connects the holder to another person. In this way, this crystal can facilitate better communication between people and enhance the relationship.A great aid for those who are seeking truth. Faden Quartz is a stone for the exploration of the parallel dimensions of ones reality. It strengthens the "silver cord" and produces an energy which both promotes and protects one during flight. This crystal facilitates the attunement between the self and another. It assists in producing and maintaining the ethereal connection which one has with another.
Fairy Wand Quartz is a crystal with an overgrowth capping in its termination. The cap is actually a younger crystal which grew over the top of the older one. It symbolizes sovereignty, authority, divine or royal power. Also it is and always has been associated with all sky deities. It reminds us of who we really are, the sons and daughters of spiritual royalty.
See Hematoidal Quartz
(QUENCHED QUARTZ) Fire and Ice is a stone of initiation and profound acceleration that slices through old patterns in order to expose the Soul’s purpose and how to create and manifest our own Reality. Fire and Ice has come from the same seam of quartz that was producing the Lemurian Seed crystals…carrying the cosmic fire of transformation that is awakening our spiritual purpose. Absorbing Light energy from the sun…it transmits healing energy into the deep heart of Mother Earth and humanity. It re-energizes the Earth’s grid and enriches our planet by providing a power source for Life transformation. These crystals are especially beneficial for Spiritual manifestation through a strong resonance with the magnetic energy of the Universal Divine Feminine…the Law of Attraction.
These crystals are the most dedicated and intentional of stones for this time on our Earth and are not satisfied with sitting on the shelf…they are devoted to a very specific purpose in healing and aligning the energies of the Earth and all sentient Beings living here. This they do through their direct connection to the Sun and water…the Living Flowing Light of our Earth. With their multi-dimensional properties…they are able to clear and aid the transformation of energies on many levels simultaneously…being some of the most expedient and powerfully effective Master healers of our times. This new crystal sustains us during this significant transition into the Love and Light of the New Earth. It is a beacon of pure Love…laughter and joy that can bring a true resurrection of Life Spirit on Earth.
Girasol, also known as "Blue Opal Quartz" though it is not an opal. A stone of gentle but powerful energy enhances and mirrors feelings -excellent for visualization, imagination, dreamwork, and guided direction of energy -enhances communication skills including freely speaking thoughts you've been holding back - encourages creativity in the artistic and practical areas -a powerful healing stone that works to enhance healing on all levels. Girasol is particularly helpful for metabolic disorders like diabetes and others, and fatigue and chronic fatigue.
Green Quartz has a healing effect when worn or carried. Use Green Quartz to help transmute negative energies into positive ones. Green Quartz is also known to attract prosperity,will help to activate the Heart Chakra, and impart a sense of wholeness Can help one to feel empathy and universal love for others, and as such,is a great stone for people who are overly selfish or controlling, can promote cooperation and tactful honesty.
See Quartz Ouro Verde
Golden Healer Quartz is a powerful healing crystal, allows the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into body through the Crown Chakra.Clears blockages and imbalances that ready the body for multi-level healing. A Master Healer, the Golden Healer is of the highest vibration. Hold a Golden Healer when meditating to connect with the “One”.It enhances joy, peace and the spirit of Oneness. A true Golden Healer is a crystal with an iron oxide coating under or in between layers of crystal. Colors will range from a pale, clear yellow to lemon to darker mustard. This is not a crystal that has a dusting or stain on the outside.
Golden Yellow Quartz is a stone of success generosity, confidence and stability. Use it to increase creativity and bring success in business and ventures. It releases anxiety and panic, strengthens memory and increases concentration.
also called Fire Quartz. Hematoid Quartz contains both the amplification properties of Quartz with the balance and stability of Hematite. The combination of Quartz and Hematite balances the body, mind and spirit. It brings a unique clarity and understanding to the emotions, helping to understand the difference between an unconscious reaction and a conscious response. Hematoid Quartz also assists when Self Worth and Self Esteem are lacking.Especially helpful for those with ADD and ADHD. It can also be used to calm anxieties, panic and/or hysteria. A single Quartz point or cluster that contains a heavy concentration of Hematite and/or Limonite. This concentration will generally appear as either stains on the outside of the quartz crystals or colorful inclusions of dots, drips, phantoms within the quartz crystals or clusters.Often red to orange and black.
the neck, throat, larynx, voice box and vocal chords are all under its influence, stimulates clairvoyance, psychic abilities, amplifies miracles and infinite possibilities, connects into the source of bliss - HERKIMER DIAMONDS EMBODY CLEAR TRUTH AND THE ABILITY TO DELIGHT IN IT
ICE QUARTZ, Arkansas
Quartz from Arkansas is purer and clearer than almost any other found in the world. In fact, the finer crystals are pure enough to make synthetic quartz used in computer components. Ice Quartz is sometimes referred to as Arkansas Diamonds. Clear Quartz from Arkansas is recognized as some of the purest in the world. Quartz from this area tends to have a more refined energy than that from Brazil. Arkansas Ice Quartz transmits energy, charges and intensifies, protection, balancing, healing, channels all the chakra colors, physic development, meditation. Clear quartz is the most vital element of any crystal collection. It contains within it the full spectrum of colors, and can thus be used for a variety of purposes: psychic and emotional healing, programming for any of your goals, to balance the chakras, or as a general meditational aid. Clear quartz crystals helps with wisdom, clarity of thought, general healing, memory, meditation, communication, transformation, awakening, cleansing, pureness of heart, intention, higher consciousness, positive thoughts, harmony and love. This stone amplifies magick, wishes and positive visualizations. They also encourage emotional clarity and purity. Ice Quartz is associated with all chakras.
Imperial Quartz promotes inner self evaluation and evolution. It brings the strength and loving essence to continue in any and all pursuits. It allows one to retrace any negative energy which attempt to penetrate ones protective shield. Its energy brings the tendency to feel less vulnerable, more dispassionate, and calm when dealing with the actual path for "change".
also called: Jupiter Quartz, Red Wool Quartz, and/or, Red Flame Quartz. This beautifully unique formation stimulates our dormant skills. Impressionist Quartz combines the properties of Magic Forest Quartz with its own kaleidoscope of impressionist features. This new/old kid on the block calls our hidden abilities to the fore. Be they creative, shamanic, organizational, entrepreneurial, or managerial, our latent powers blossom as we work with these stones. Like an impressionist painting, the minerals hematite, limonite and asbestos flow through the confines of the crystals' interior like paint on an artist's canvas. A TOOL FOR SELF-EMPOWERMENT AND MIND EXPANSION.
Indicolite Quartz specimens work especially well with the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, allowing for enhancement of intuition and clarity of communication. The combination of Indicolite (blue tourmaline) and clear quartz helps to amplify the wondrous qualities of blue tourmaline and combine it with the versatile quality of quartz.
Extremely popular metaphysically, Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer", with its very high vibration, and is the most versatile healing stone among the crystals. Clear Quartz is said to protect against negativity, attune to your higher self, and relieve pain.
Laser Quartz is the name given to a form of Quartz points which are naturally long and tapered towards the termination, which has small faces-also known as Laser Quartz Wands, are often etched on the surface- focuses energy into a concentrated beam, which can be used for precision healing. Laser Quartz Wands provide energetic protection when worn as a pendant, clears negativity, attachments, implants and cords.
See Quartz Ouro Verde
Lemurian Seed crystals are "master" crystals within the Crystal kingdom. They transmit the message of Oneness and Unity and Love that was the key energy of Lemuria. This is their work, to reactivate within the planetary matrix this ancient memory of Oneness and Unity so that it may become the way of life on the New Earth. They allow unconditional love for the Divine. Lemurian Seed Crystals were originally programmed by the inhabitants of Lemuria. These crystals have been encoded with the knowledge of the healing systems, culture and spirituality of Lemuria. To access the information inside the seed crystal, enter a meditative state while gently rubbing the crystal. Thoughts, visions, voices, feelings, sounds, will come to you. Lemurian seed crystals are also able to help one to time travel, especially back to the time of Lemuria. Legend states that there was once an advanced ancient civilization called Lemuria, similar to Atlantis but more spiritually developed and peaceful. As the end of their time on Earth was coming to an end, the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing - messages that would be revealed when the energy on Earth was ready to receive them. The Lemurians then planted (or "seeded") the Lemurian Crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom, to be found centuries later by us
Lepidocrosite Quartz aligns personal vision with the highest good to manifest dreams. Dissolving a fase self-image and delusions, it instils true perception. An empowerment stone that takes you beyond time and space. Used with awareness, this crystal can take you into the future to see the effects of present actions or to the highest levels of being to meet your true self.
synthesizes the properties of Quartz and Limonite and further acts to stimulate the fusion of the energies for the intellect and the crown chakra. It serves to bring intellectual understanding to the concept of the ethereal worlds and motivates channeling activities. This combination can be used to cleanse negativity from other stones. This stone has been used in the treatment of disorders of the endocrine system.
- also see LIMONITE
Lithium Quartz is a super high energy healing and balancing stone. It is said to be self-clearing and self-cleansing. It sends and receives energy as well as storing it -is balancing and calming -is used in crystal healing as a natural anti-depressant. Used to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, bringing relaxation and peace. It works in a gentle, steady and powerful manner, without the discomfort of sudden change -is excellent for meditation and prayer to heal repressed grief and anger, as well as past life emotional issues -is said to purify water. -is used in crystal healing for stress related disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, muscular tension, and repetitive motion injuries.
Lodalite Quartz is the name given to Quartz included with indeterminate minerals. Lodalite Quartz is also known as Seer Quartz or Shaman Quartz when cut and polished into a magnifying lens. The included minerals within Lodalite Quartz often resemble a lunar landscape. - offer a window into another world and softly gazing into - can facilitate a cosmic shift of consciousness.- is useful for journeying on all levels, cosmic, soul and personal. As a shamanic gazing crystal, Lodalite Quartz helps one connect the animal realm, provides protection during exploration of shadow traits, releasing fear and promoting understanding of the impermanence of body consciousness- can be used to stimulate healing , as its function is to harmonise the higher vibrational energies. It is believed that physical dis-ease is a consequence of dis-harmony in the energies of the subtle body- assists deep emotional healing related to past life attachment.
A unique multi-vibrational crystallization which blends  mineral and plant frequencies to balance body, mind, and spirit.  Magic Forest Quartz demonstrates the singularity of source while  recognizing the autonomy of each of its components. This assists  us in integrating our multifaceted aspects and lessening our sense  of internal division. This helps us focus on the present and release  concerns about the future. It is a tool which opens us to seeing the  ongoing processes of change while keeping us living in the NOW.  This helps us see the beauty in transition and transformation while  providing clarity in the most complex situations as it moves us into  our heart center.  As a friend it can be used as a meditation tool. Its consciousness is  a composite of harmonizing, relaxing, soothing, calming, and uplifting  energies all at the same time while helping us see past limiting beliefs  and focus where we most need to.   Magic Forest Quartz speaks to us with the intelligence of several  worlds and is truly, " A Tool For The Golden Age"
Manifestation crystals are also called the INNERCHILD. They are truly rare, wondrous crystals that are one of nature's truest gifts. They should be actively sought out and used constantly as Manifests are the crystals of Inner Joy. It occurs when a quartz crystal is totally enclosed by a larger quartz crystal. It is the rarest shaman stone and is believed to have the purest vibration of any quartz crystal.
Mondolite is a red quartz from the Sahara desert near Morrocco.
An excellent grounding stone, connecting one to the earth.
It is said to strengthen and harmonize invigorate and dispel tiredness. It is said to stimulate digestion, blood flow and the immune system helping with female reproductive organs, blood diseases and arthritic problems. It can be used like Rescue Remedy in state of shock, for headaches, for intestinal problems and helps balance ones emotional state. One of the best ways to use it is to lay it in a glass of water in the evening and drink the water the next morning. It works well with water treated with Shungite. – Rarity: scarce
Morion Quartz is naturally formed black quartz, created from exposure to radiation, sister to smoky quartz. These crystals have very old, wise energy and are deeply grounding. They reconnect you to yourself, assisting you to be true in thought and actions. They are very calming when you feel overwhelmed. They can also dispel nausea, and shortness of breath due to anxiety.
Radiating the white light energy of the Universe, Rainbow Quartz crystal is Light made solid. Activating all the energy centers in the body, this crystal clears a path for the life force to manifest thought the various bodies, bringing in vibrant energy and zest for life. It facilitates spiritual communication over along distance, including between worlds.
Nirvana Quartz is found in the Himalayan mountains at altitudes over 18,000 ft. where glaciers are receding. Nirvana Quartz has a mission to attune us to the not yet formed potential of what we can be. They are conduits for profound inner illuminations and awakening. This stone can assist in achieving one’s destiny. Not many crystals can top the love and joyous energy radiating from the Nirvana Crystals. These crystals speak of the sacred joy found in the heart chakra. Quite possibly one of the most complex energies found in the mineral kingdom, they whisper of ancient secrets to be found by opening the heart and letting Divine Presence enter.
This quartz creates a call to action. An amazing tool for moving us from lethargy to motion. Great for those who tend to be indecisive or procrastinate. Used in our business and/or personal affairs it helps us to "get going", while using all the traits of Quartz to integrate these energies into our daily activities in a focused yet expansive manner. An especially helpful stone for those who need a stimulus to get moving with comfort and confidence.
OURO VERDE (Green Gold)
Green Gold Quartz , Ouro Verde or Lemon Quartz is named for its gold-green color; it is said to represent Arcturus, the bright golden star called "the guard of the bear;" it is said to bring an energy of the first magnitude; provides a strength of protection to the user; enables one to experience the deeper meanings of life; helps prevent the uptake of radiation from both natural and generated by products; assists one in adhering to rules and regulations; enables one to make the correct choices in life; a stone of prosperity and achievement; assists one in "shining" in whatever realm they pursue; assists one in finding the causes of sporadic ailments, such as headaches or ulcers, so that they can avoid them; is said to be helpful for the immune system and allergic reactions; it is a primary product after high-energy electron bombardment of "Metamorphosis Quartz;" the Gamma irradiation produces the golden green color
Peach Quartz is great for grids, meditation, and energy-work.It can help one to transcend the mundane, open up to the Divine, and to discover their intent for the highest good. Peach quartz also helps to promote an understanding of how to connect one's dreams to their reality -is wonderful for releasing energy blockages The clearing of these blockages can help one to recover self-respect, independence, creativity, and sociability. It can support those who work in public service by keeping their focus on the needs of others. Working with it can help regulate and balance one to focus on their partner during sexual intimacy. Carry these Tumbled Peach Quartz Crystals with you when you find it difficult to express yourself emotionally or when you feel that you are lacking in personal power.
Phantoms are facilitators for growth, The Phantom crystal is a crystal or mineral deposit within a crystal. The color of Phantoms will vary depending upon the type of mineral of which they are made, Phantoms look like the “ghost” of a crystal within another crystal. Use Phantoms to facilitate inner growth, when in need of help in understanding and resolving past issues. The White Phantoms inside work with the Crown Chakra to integrate the experiences of the higher self into the other Chakras. Green Chlorite Phantom Crystals specifically work on self-healing and regeneration, and facilitate detoxification. They help the user in achieving a state of balance. Green Chlorite Phantoms help one recognize the Earth as a living being, and connect to Her on a soul-level. Quartz Phantoms have also been referred to as Ghost crystals, Spectre crystals and Shadow crystal.
Que Sera crystal is said to have good vibration. If you do mediation it's a great stone to have. Que Sera crystal has been shown to facilitate the amassing of ones mental, physical, psychic and spiritual powers so that one is always alert. Que Sera encourages risk-taking. It is used to understand emotions.

According to Melody this stone is from one of the grand formations of the planet... meaning that all these stones have the same properties regardless of their actual physical make-up! Melody calls them UPS - uninterruptible power supply. These Que Sera stones resonate strongly within the higher chakras. It has a number of quite interesting stone meanings and its qualities keep unfolding as you use it. The make up of Que Sera stone is as follows: Feldspar, Calcite, Kaolininte,Iron-oxides, Magnetite, Clinozoistite, and Leucozene. It also may have some quartz. They are still natural crystals stones. This is an interesting stone, that vibrates to the words of the song of the same name Que Sera, sera, "whatever will be, will be".

Raspberry Quartz has a raspberry hue from the inclusion of lepidocrite, hematite, goethite, or amethyst. It assists in clearing and activating the seven major chakras.

See also Impressionist Quartz

Red Flame Crystal stimulates our Earth Star energy centre, the furthermost energy centre that grounds our Crystalline Matrix (energetic bodies) into the Earths Grid. It connects strongly to the elements of fire, and to the second chakra. This Crystal can help with past life healing, especially "where the soul feels it has made a mistake for which it must pay." Also contains many attributes of MAGIC FOREST QUARTZ.

- see AGATE Red Green Moss
Reverse Scepter quartz are Scepter quartz with inverted scepters. These look like a smaller quartz crystal emerging from the apex of a larger one. Extremely rare! They are used to bring the energy of rebirth and renewal. They are guides to growth and new beginnings and powerful conduits of the Universal Life Force as it manifests it self as the engine of renewal in the Universe.
Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. It brings gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance, raises one's self-esteem and sense of self-worth. and it helps balance emotions, heal emotional wounds, traumas, even grief, bringing peace and calm -removes fears, resentments and anger. It can also heal and release childhood traumas, neglect, and lack of love. Overwhelming or unreasonable guilt is eased by rose quartz. It also eases the process of transition in dying. Rose quartz can be helpful for dream recall and dream work. It is used in crystal healing to benefit the heart, the circulatory system, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines, sexual dysfunction, sinus problems, throat problems, depression, addictions, ear aches, slowing signs of aging, reducing wrinkles, spleen problems, fibromyalgia, and reaching one's ideal weight / weight loss. It is also helpful and protective during pregnancy and with childbirth. The small Rose Crystallized Clusters are a very rare formation; they may be referred to as the "enchanted crystals;" it is said to be a stone of the heart and love; it is said to help one to understand that after transition from one phase of life, or from the physical body, that the newness will be re-instilled; gives one a "cosmic hug" when needed; is also used to assist one in overcoming burdens by bringing the heart and the intellect into synchronicity; carries the vibration of the heart; assists in developing self love, as well as love for others; the properties of Rose Quartz also apply. This gentle stone both stimulates unconditional love from within and attracts it from without. Promotes peace, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. Brings peacefulness to relationships and aids in the soothing of emotions. Removes negative energy from the chakras and replaces it with self-love. It acts as a rejuvenating agent for the physical body and the emotions. Helps bring out your inner truth, helps reduces weight & wrinkles, stimulates circulation & the heart, imparts empathy, encourages helpfulness, makes us gentle yet firm, supportive of the emotional body, encourages proper self-love, liberate from worry, helps fulfil elementary needs - LOVE STONE
Rutilated or Rutile Quartz is the name given to Quartz crystals included with Rutile. The Rutile inclusions can be orange to gold, red to brown or silver coloured, and resemble metallic hair. Rutilated Quartz is also known as Angel Hair Quartz or Star QuartzIt is used to activate the third eye and crown chakras, amplify conscious connection with the higher vibrations of spirit. Meditating with it stimulates psychic development, astral travel, manifestation and facilitates channelling abilities. Rutile Quartz can be used to stimulate healing of any dis-ease, as its function is to harmonize the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body. It is believed that physical dis-ease is a consequence of dis-harmony in the energies of the subtle body. It is useful in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Rutilated Quartz assists digestive dis-orders and is helpful in the treatment of respiratory dis-ease. Guides instant communication between all life forms, encourages spontaneity, aligns mind and body, connects with energy fields - REPRESENTS IMMEDIATE ENERGY OF ALL KIND
Satya Mani Quartz is said to be a stone of spiritual truth and initiation, a stone of enlightenment, bringing the light of the heart's Truth into one's mind. It may enhance inner radiance, compassion and creative manifestation. Satya Mani Quartz™ is for creative manifestation, deepening our link with the sources of the manifest world. It brings the joy of recognizing that the world is simply the manifestation of deeper living currents from the spiritual realms. Its currents intensify the consciousness between the heart and the high brain, or the third eye and crown chakras- Robert Simmons
Scepter (Tibetan) Crystals focus spiritual energy from higher realms deep into the center of a problem or issue. They remind us of our true selves and our true paths, and give courage, especially to take a needed action. Scepters were said to be used in healing ceremonies by priests/priestesses in Atlantis and Lemuria, and were symbols of power in those realms. This Quartz is mined in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, one of the most sacred areas on Earth. The vibration of this highly spiritual area is imparted on the stones, making thousands of years of spiritual and healing knowledge more easily accessible. Their source also seems to give Tibetan Quartz Crystals an almost holy, enlightened vibration as well as very harmonious and balanced energy. They can create a field of protection around the user, blocking negative energy from entering. The purifying energies of Tibetan Quartz also make it an excellent stone for balancing the chakras and meridian systems. Sceptre Crystal is a crystal with an overgrowth capping in its termination. The cap is actually a younger crystal which grew over the top of the older one. Scepter Crystal symbolizes sovereignty, authority, divine or royal power. Scepter is and always has been associated with all sky deities. It reminds us of who we really are, the sons and daughters of spiritual royalty. Atlantian / Lemurian symbol of power, focuses energy within the heart, links our powers and responsibilitiesharmoniously, express male energy compassionately, use as wands to direct energy - INSPIRES US TO ACTION
stone of power, very programmable, amplifies body energy & thought, enhances life force, channelling stone - CONNECTS TO SPIRIT - used for gazing into past & future, aids with anxieties of all kinds; loss, grief, death
Sichuan Quartz provides protection and purification, and are perfect crystals for opening to spirit and developing psychic abilities. Clears and expands the aura, raising the vibrations such that the physical body can attune to and assimilate the full spectrum of light-stimulates clairaudient abilities. Sichuan Quartz stimulates the third eye & crown chakras. It can open one's consciousness to inner visions. It is also said to stimulate clairvoyance, mediumship and other psychospiritual abilities such as prophecy. It is also said to harmonize the astral, subtle and causal bodies. Connects with the realm of angels and is useful in communicating with them.
Singing Quartz is the name given to small Quartz points, often cloudy Singing Quartz are said to be imbued with the ancient force that created the Universe, resonating the high pitched Om vibration when two Singing Quartz crystals are gently brought together like tingsha- provide a gateway to extra-ordinary communication with vibrational consciousness when used in meditation-instil a sense of happiness and acceptance of ones place in the here and now
Very powerful journeying crystals. One can get lost in the landscapes of these beauties! They are very soft in energy and you get a sense of swimming in a warm ocean; one filled with wonderment. These crystals have been used by shamans to induce visionary experiences and healings. They assist one in seeing auras and in maintaining the connection between body and spirit.
Smoky quartz is an excellent stone for removing negative energy of any kind and transforming it to positive energy. It is also a very protective and grounding stone. It brings physical & psychic protection from negative energy. It can help one reach personal and business goals. It can make wishes come true. It also helps with creativity, prioritizing needs and wants. It brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck. It is excellent for elevating moods and relieving depression. Smoky quartz relieves stress, fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies. Smoky quartz is very comforting and calming, and can be considered a stone of serenity. It can be very helpful in relieving grief. It is said to treat kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, fertility issues. Smoky quartz also removes toxins from the body and helps the adrenal glands. It is also very helpful for regulating body fluids and relieving fluid retention. Smoky quartz is also excellent for dealing with hyperactivity, and A.D.D. relieves depression, tension, balances sexual, mental & vibratory energies - BUILDS A PROTECTIVE ENERGY
SNOW QUARTZ (Quartzite)
Snow Quartz or (Quartzite),is beneficial for the immune system. It helps us to feel more pure, and indeed, is sometimes used in purification ceremonies. It is a bringer of good fortune, peace and wisdom. Snow Quartz stimulates a love for the truth and fosters clarity of mind. It enhances our personal levels of tact and co-operation and can help us to think before we speak. Snow Quartz can help us to identify with the infinite. It brings us closer to our own God or Gods and helps us to become more spiritually minded. It is a very good stone for meditation and looking within and can also help us to develop our psychic abilities. A programmable stone, connects mind & physical, stimulates cooperation & tact, excellent support for LESSON LEARNING
Spirit Quartz brings peace and positive energy to all realms. It is excellent for auric shielding as well as mental and physical types of protection. Spirit quartz is also excellent for astral rebirthing. It works very well with other minerals and can boost their energy as well as cleanse and activate them.
Stalactite Quartz is quartz often with apophylite druse. It reminds us to go deep within our body and look around. It comes from deep inside the earth and mirrors the beauty to be found deep within our souls,- "as above, so below",- "as within, so without". Helps connect with what lies deep within us and see the beauty there.It reminds us to honor the Earth as our home, for we chose to reside here in order to learn.
Strawberry Quartz can help the body to heal itself from many ailments by bringing the power of universal Love into the body’s system. It stimulates the energy centre of the heart allowing you to totally experience the feeling of Love. It is a good stone for bringing you joy and happiness. It enhances self-esteem and reduces anxiety. It can promote clear thinking and has a calming influence. It is also a stone to encourage romance and can ease tension in an existing relationship. It is a very good stone to meditate with as it balances both the physical and subtle bodies and stimulates astral travel. Meditation with Strawberry Quartz can also indicate to you the reasons why you have chosen the life and the reality that you have. Strawberry Quartz was used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies and to stimulate recall of the "beginning"; it was held by the high council, those being the most spiritually developed of the realm This mineral stimulates the energy center of the heart, bringing added energy to the quartz, and filling ones total person with the feeling of love. Stimulates the energy centre of the heart, balances connections between physical and subtle bodies and stimulates the psychic systems, helps us to find “ the reason behind it all” - WAS USED IN ATLANTEAN AND LEMURIAN HEALING CEREMONIES
An Amazing Combination. A single Clear Quartz crystal, carried with you or placed in your environment will help maintain balance, energy and protection. Whether carried or placed somewhere, the force of the crystal stays attuned and connected to you.
Sulphur energises, inspires and assists in you in perfection of your Self. It discourages the infestation of insects, annoyances and negativity from your environment. It also has the ability to cleanse caustic, annoying, negative attitudes from your own personality! It is an energetic stone, boosting your energy levels, providing inspiration and instilling devotion to progress on a personal level. Physically, Sulphur is used to treat infections, pain and swelling.
Tabular Quartz Crystals have a flat shape, because they have two sides that are much wider than the other four. Tabular-shaped crystals, also called “Tabby” Quartz, are excellent for transmitting energy and thought, and contains a variety of information relating to our Planet Earth. Many Tabular Quartz Crystals have notches on them, that when rubbed, can help to release the stored information to the user. Tabular Crystals can be activators for other crystals. Meditating with these higher vibrational stones facilitate attunement with the Earth’s energies and communication with higher realms. Tabby Quartz is helpful during times of confusion and misinterpretation. The free-flow of energy within this crystal can help to clear away energetic blockages along with any misunderstandings of the user, making it a great aid in communication with others as well as the inner-self. Tabular Quartz Crystals are great for making grids for and energy healing.
Tangerine Quartz carry the same healing properties as your clear quartz crystal - along with their own special healing qualities. Tangerine quartz is naturally colored with a Hematite (Iron Oxide) film or coating. It is an excellent stone to use after shock or trauma and especially at the soul level. It can be used to heal after a psychic attack. This gem can also be used for past life healing. Tangerine Quartz helps to stimulate the flow of creative energy. It helps to evaluate and face inner issues without judgment or criticism. It allows for the forgiveness and release of past issues/traumas that no longer serve and in fact have held us back. It can take you beyond your limited belief system into a more positive vibration, as it raises your frequency.
stimulates clairvoyance and psychic abilities, soothes tension, encourages adaptability, stimulates remembrance of greater reality - CONNECTS TO THE SOURCE OF BLISS
Tibetan Quartz Crystals hold sacred energy frequencies and the wisdom of ancient cultures. This crystal can be used to enhance, amplify, and intensify transformation, releasing self-limitations, disease and disorders. Tibetan Quartz Crystals gather, hold and release a very high energy iwth a powerful "OM" vibration. It is also an enhancer and activator of other crystals. It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy from both ends and are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreams and astral projection. Double terminated crystals strengthen energy flow, and create an energy vortex that can clear all unwanted energy, changing negative into positive energy. Tibetan "Black" Quartz is a powerful stone with purifying energies and the vibration of the "OM". It is also called Tibetan Smokey because it is often smokey and can have black inclusions, although clear examples exist too -can be used to balance very powerful energy grids and deep spiritual meditation. It is excellent for dissolving energy blockages. A superb protection and purifier for the aura and environment. It isoften used in the corners of a room for purifying energies and protecting the space from negative energies. Wearing or carrying this type of quartz will cleanse the aura and protect it from negative influences, as well as helping ground the wearer. Physically, Tibetan "Black" Quartz is used in crystal healing for powerful healing of any type, removal of toxins and other impurities, and moving illness energies out of the body. helps to adapt the fourth dimension into the third, Titanium has the quality of flexibility and openness to your energy field whichhelps align with today’s new energies - STRENGTHENS INNER BEAUTY AND REFLECTS IT OUTWARDS
The Black Tourmaline in this quartz will protect the wearer or carrier from being harmed by the negative energy of another.The Tourmaline within this quartz grounds the First Chakra to the centre of the Earth providing protection from those who do not understand the love of the Universe. a tool which produces a “solving atmosphere”, eliminates crystallized patterns which may be destructive, aids in adjusting imbalance, has properties of Tourmaline & Quartz
Vogel Faceted crystal was created by Marcel Vogel who formed the Psychic Research Inc., a non-profit company devoted to the study of metaphysical energy. Vogel found that by cutting and faceting the natural quartz it would increase the amplification and storage capacity of the human energy in the stone. Vogels allow for focusing of energy and to amplify healing.



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