TANZANITE Tanzanite helps us cope with change, calms us and reminds us to slow down and take some time for ourselves. Tanzanite helps us to overcome fear, depression, worry and anxiety,- a stone of protection making us feel happier, more compassionate, loving,trusting and more centered within ourselves,-a high vibration stone, good for deep meditation, providing us with links to both the angelic realms and to our spirit guides. It helps us to see the next level of our own spiritual evolution. Tanzanite stimulates clairaudience, enhances our psychic abilities and expands our mental sight.
TEKTITE - Cintamani Stone - Colombianite

These increase awareness of all senses, enhance our ability to be present now, integrate future and past in the now, a powerful tool to bring cosmic knowledge into the earth plain, facilitates remembrance of the larger reality - BALANCES MALE / FEMALE OF SELF - EXTREMELY POWERFUL
Cintamani stones are pure Light and their energy can not be misused. They help dissolving implants and strengthen your inner guidance and connect you with your higher purpose in this lifetime. But be aware that they are strong amplifiers and serve as magnifying lens to show you what is inside of you, in order for you to transform it, and make you more ready for your mission so that you can play your part in the planetary liberation process.

Colombianite is a sacred stone of the Colombian Indians from the Muisca tribes. Natives call it "Piedra Rayo", which means "Stone of Lightning" or "Light Stone". It is connected with the sacred, Divine origin. Colombian shamans use it in their rituals as a means of communication with the God. They also use it for prophetic visions. Possibly it was created by the fall of a large meteorite approx. 29 million years ago, along with Saffordite. It is very rare, much rarer than Moldavite and Saffordite and in scientific circles it's formation is still an enigma.

These are Cinta Mani stones from Sanskrit, whose prophecy is written in both Buddhism and Hinduism. According to the ancient writings this is one of the four relics which were given from the sky to the people, to gain God's Mercy over all Life surrounding them.

To help you sort out the confusing information and to save you a fortune we offer this geological statement which simply says many "so called tektites" are actually weathered volcanic glass (Obsidian) which unscrupulous vendors claim are a special tektite. BE CAUTIOUS.

Libyan Gold Tektite is a rare translucent golden gemstone that was once used in the ceremonial jewellery of the ancient Egyptians. It is believed to carry extraordinary energies because of the phenomenal forces involved in its creation from a huge meteorite impact. It transmits the Golden Ray; which is the highest light vibration the physical body can receive.
TIFFANY STONE Highly energetic but subtle stone. Helps with communication and interpretation of psychically received information of all kinds, including telepathic, channelled, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and others. Energetically it is excellent for removing energy blockages of the meridians and chakras. Tiffany Stone is associated primarily with the third eye chakra.
TIGER EYE for fatigue, gives and immediate energy boost or “second wind”, helps achieve clarity, helps strengthen your light structure, opens physical to light - GREAT FOR BUSINESS - PSYCHIC PROTECTOR
Blue Tigers Eye, and Hawks Eye, enhances integrity of communication. It can help find courage to recognize thoughts and ideas, and the willpower to carry them into the physical realm. Blue tigers eye can be used for protection,it is also said to bring good luck to one who wears or carries it.
Also known as falcon's eye and blue tiger eye. It is the unoxidized form of brown tiger eye.
is a stimulating stone that is said to increase motivation and to help overcome lethargy . Red Tigers Eye brings energies of vibrance and vitality, and of enhancing integrity of self and can be very grounding. It is said to help one have the practicality and willpower to take care of oneself fully. It is a survival stone and can help with the correct use of power for survival in difficult times, and can bring vitality.
TIGER IRON combines qualities of Red jasper, Tiger Eye and Hematite since it contains them all. Focuses our power to create more and new life, encourages us to face our fears allowing us to feel capable in any situation, tones the circulatory and immune systems, integrating the body’s and mind’s empowering ways, helps to find havens of refuge when danger is perceived - CONNECTS US CONSCIOUSLY WITH OUR POWER
THULITE Thulite stimulates the sacral and heart chakras and aligns the energy of the heart with the energy of the mind. Thulite facilitates the integration of the inner world with the external world, the energy of love with the energy of reason- encourages healthy relationships with others and oneself- dissolves negative emotions and teaches one how to find joy in all aspects of life. Thulite helps break self destructive habits of thought.
TOPAZ Topaz enhances clarity of mind, confidence, strength, willpower, alertness. It is excellent for meditation and attuning to the higher self, assisting in living according to your own aspirations and views. Also, it attunes to the angels of truth and wisdom. It assists in seeing the scripts you have been living by and to recognize where you have strayed from your own truth. Changes negative energy to positive, encourages self realization, suppresses fears, releases infections, tones immune system, a stone of true love and success in all endeavours, check books for particulars on various colours., stands for kindness, adaptability and gracious humour. Topaz is a powerful stone in the way that quartz is. It is a balancing and calming stone that balances emotions, releases tension, balances emotions, and can bring joy. Topaz is also believed to bring success and good fortune, and synchronicity. It is also used for protection, particularly protection from the evil eye and greed. It also is said to bring creativity, individuality, true love, and hope. Spiritually it brings in spiritual love and peace. Physically, topaz aids with gout, blood disorders, hemorrhages, poor appetite, tissue regeneration, tuberculosis, aging (reverses), endocrine system. Light blue topaz can be helpful for providing emotional support, repelling negativity, and cultivating the knowledge that "all is as it should be".It has been used as a protective amulet against psychic attacks and household accidents.Helps understand the big picture. - TOPAZ IS THE KEEPER OF CLEAR, COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION
Placed on the throat chakra or third eye, aids those chakras and verbalization. It is excellent for meditation and attuning to the higher self, assisting in living according to your own aspirations and views. This color attunes to the angels of truth and wisdom. It assists in seeing the scripts you have been living by and to recognize where you have strayed from your own truth.
Imperial or Golden Topaz enhances mental processes, bringing clarity and logic to any situation,-helps one to see all aspects of an issue or problem,making it easier to find a solution. In this way, Topaz is also helpfulto those searching for existential meaning, illuminating all the piecesof the puzzle and helping one to become receptive to their form. A "stone of good fortune," Imperial Topaz has been credited with bringing
prosperity and abundance to the wearer, by clearing away blockages that inhibit the vibrations of one's intention. Carry Imperial Topaz with you when depleted of energy and in need of a boost.
Also known as Yellow Topaz, it acts like a battery and recharges spiritually and physically, strengthening faith and optimism. It is an excellent stone for conscious attunement to the highest forces in the universe and can be used to store information received in this way. It reminds you of your divine origins. Imperial Topaz assists in recognizing your own abilities. Centres compassion, develops curiosity and humour, stands for kindness and adaptability, provides energy, strengthens theintellect, acts to further the quest for the enlightened state- TOPAZ CHANGES NEGATIVE ENERGY TO POSITIVE - A SHIELD STONE
Mystic Topaz is white topaz enhanced with a US patented coating technology. The process is called "physical vapor deposition", it produces a kaleidoscope of colors. Mystic Topaz helps to build a stronger connection to your faith, religion or spirituality. Also it helps with the releasing of negative emotions such as depression and fear.
TOURMALINE Tourmaline is a stone that has been revered over centuries by the cultures of ancient India, Africa, the Native Americans and the Australian Aboriginal tribes. African Shaman have used Tourmaline to awake from illusion and become one with the Universal Spirit. It balances the Male and Female energies within the body. It also clears, maintains and stimulates each Chakra point on the body. Black Tourmaline helps with arthritis, dyslexia, heart dis-ease and anxiety. An excellent protecting and strengthening stone. Helps to reduce fear, particularly if related to bad dreams or nightmares. Instills confidence and understanding. Aids in balancing extremes. Promotes understanding & self confidence, balances male & female energies, the mind & the auric body, balances right/left side of brain,helps release the “victim consciousness”, provides for protection from danger on the physical plane, Note: different coloured Tourmaline has specific traits - HELPS TO DIMINISH FEAR
See Albite
usually green or blue and pink; Green increases success, attracts prosperity; Pink - joy, peaceful change enthusiasm, strengthens the heart physically and emotionally
It can be used to both repel and protect against negativity. It also has been used as an energy deflector, being an excellent stone for those with potential for exposure to excessive amounts of radiation. It provides for an increase in ones physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. It also maintains the sense of you "feeling good" about yourself. Used to both repel and protect against negativity, helps one deflect feelings of doom and gloom, helps lung problems and dealing with air pollution, grounds and anchors one in the physical body, used for arthritis, dyslexia, heart disease, anxiety and disorientation as well as balancing adrenals, helps protect against cell phone and electromagnetic smog - A BASIC STONE FOR THE FIRST CHAKRA
Blue tourmaline is said to combat water-retention, promote detoxification of the entire body, strengthen the immune system, as well as reducing throat and bronchial infections. Blue (energy: receptive, element: water) this stone is best worn for peace and restful sleep as well as to de-stress.
Dravite helps one to form a subtle, but solid Earth connection. It is said also to bring a realization of the "God-within". It can be used to clear the aura and align the energies of the aurithic field about the body. Some say that faster plant growth may be stimulated by placing a piece of Dravite on top of the soil in the planter.
transforms negative to positive, attracts prosperity, helps develop feelings of love and renews creativity, teaches us to see with the heart, holds the essence of the plant kingdom, helps healing plants and transfers energy from mineral to plant kingdoms, for treatment of blood sugar imbalances, is primarily for female use. A gift of Green Tourmaline by a female to a male will tend to drive him away - she should give him Pink Tourmaline, a green received from a male will make him seem more attractive - see Pink Tourmaline and the “Can’t Miss” Watermelon Tourmaline - GREEN IS FOR THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES
Tourmaline is excellent for balancing the hemispheres of the brain, clearing away blockages, and transmuting negative energies. It works well with all of the Chakras, and promotes compassion, sympathy, and self-confidence. It is also thought to help lessen depression and mend emotional wounds by allowing the one to see the meaning and purpose of certain events in life.
Paraiba Tourmaline is mined laboriously by hand. It comes from 60 meters deep tunnels where it is found only in small pencil-thin veins. Because of the difficulty in mining, this mineral will always be rare and expensive. It brings the mind, body, spirit, and soul into wholeness. It is an excellent stone for imagery, promoting dreams, and inspiring creativity.
Rubellite tourmaline strengthens the will to understand love and promotes creativity in the various realms of loving aspirations. It also provides physical energy and vitality. It assists one in the development of creative talents, and the fulfillment of artistic enterprises. It reduces stress and brings peace. It promotes peak states of meditation and total recall of dreams. Strengthens insight and acceptance, emotional stabilizers, helps attain peace and understanding, tactfulness and independence, stimulates healing qualities of the heart, use for disorders of lungs, heart and digestive system, will help males be attracted to a mate so it is a great gift from a female to male. CAUTION - the opposite - a gift of Pink Tourmaline to a female from a male will drive her away - males should give green - the reverse is true - see Green Tourmaline and the “can’t Miss” Watermelon Tourmaline - PINK IS FOR THE MALE OF THE SPECIES
A wisdom stone. Watermelon tourmaline brings the energy of green and red tourmalines. It promotes creativity, spiritual love and enhance willpower. It is especially thought to bring emotional healing. Above all it promotes a feeling of joy. It is energizing and rejuvenating. Holding a piece of watermelon tourmaline in the receptive hand whilst boost one's energies. A super activator of the heart chakra, helps one appreciate nature and have self love, the green and red create a nuturing space for its opposite which eventually allows each to support a perfect balance, this enables self love and the love of others - TEACHES US TO GIVE BUT ALSO ACCEPT LOVE
TREMOLITE GREEN Tremolite is a unique mineral that's also a variety of Nephrite, one of the two materials that make up Jade (the other being Jadeite) Contributes protection and love to the heart in hopes of re-establishing a true connection within. Brings inner peace, confidence, and joy. Eases anxiety, panic, and depression.Stimulates our evolution. Helps the emotionally sensitive to adjust. Opens one to love and compassion.
TURQUOISE Turquoise is a gift from the Earth, bringing the blue of the sky to the Earth and melting together the energies of the heavens with the consciousness of the Earth. It strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies. It can bring any and all energies to a higher level. It stimulates the throat chakra, bringing communication skills, creativity and intuition. Friendship, mental relaxation, respiratory system, helps re-learn forgotten abilities, calming & protective - HELPS RESOLVE OLD KARMA



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