SAPPHIRE Sapphire known as the "wisdom stone", releases mental tension, depression, unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion. Sapphire restores balance within the body, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual planes, bringing serenity and peace of mind. It stimulates concentration, brings lightness, joy and peace of mind. Sapphire is also known as a "stone of prosperity", attracting gifts of all kinds and fulfilling dreams and desires. Dark blue sapphire will allow one to use their full creative potential. it is like a mother stone because it tends to your needs as your creative juices flow so that you do not become scattered about but remain grounded. It is also good for helping solve problems, sexual relationships because it tends to make deep bonding between people and creates loyalty. comes in a variety of colours, clarifies emotions, helps self actualization, assists in healing all parts of the body, amplifies intuitive abilities and invites us to explore our own truths and capabilities - SAPPHIRE IS KNOWN AS A STONE OF PROSPERITY
SCAPOLITE Scapolite assists one to focus on a goal until completion. Great for writing a book, losing weight, exercising more, giving up bad habits, etc.

stimulates the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras and grounds and filters energy. Excess energy is grounded by Schalenblende which helps prevent over arousal during psychic awakening.

Schalenblende is highly protective and is used in magical rites by Shamen and practitioners of the old ways.

Schalenblende opens one to intuitive awakening and is a crystal of discernment, allowing one to tell the difference between authentic and bogus information.

Schalenblende facilitates clarity of thought, vitality and strength of will, inspiration and decisiveness. Schalenblende promotes a positive attitude to body image.

SCOLECITE Though somewhat rare, scolecite is a popular mineral among collectors. It forms in volcanic bubbles called vesicles along with other zeolites. Scolecite is a tectosilicate mineral. Scolecite helps one to realize subtle messages from the inner self and from higher sources. It enhances the dream state, facilitating dream recall, lucid dreaming and restful sleep.
SELENITE Selenite is powerful enough to clear negative energies, and reprogram all your crystals. You never need to recharge it! It can help in expanding your awareness and contacting your Spiritual Guides and Angels. Rubbing the stone may help you enter in the realm of dreams, intuition and in a meditative state. Selenite can be placed on the Third Eye Chakra to increase telepathic abilities. The insight it provides makes it valuable in any healing treatment. Selenite is a major rock forming mineral that produces massive beds of rock, usually found near saline waters. It is a soft stone, that can be scratched with a fingernail. Do not immerse in water it can eventually dissolve the mineral. To clean, just wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use soap! Flexibility, decision making, clarity, strengthens spinal column, access to past lives, balances body’s electrical system - INTEGRATES DIMENSIONS - SELENITE REPRESENTS SIMPLENESS AND CLARITY
Fishtail Selenite, also known as Angel's Wing actually looks like the tail of a fish. Fishtail Selenite is great for calming and healing the nerves. It can ease the emotions and get rid of tensions. Use this Angel's Wing to contact your angels. Fantastic for meditation, connection to the higher self, self awareness and remembering past lives.
SEPTARIAN (also called Spectaria Calcite)- a clay, ironstone, calcite bond, enhances public speaking acumen, placed in the centre of healing, drumming circles, it assists in the direction of the energy of the minerals to penetrate the area which one desires to be healed, promotes survival and self healing abilities, activates turtle and beetle totems
SERAPHINITE Seraphinite often referred to an angel stone because of its higher energies and is said to help contact communicate with the angelic realm. Psychically,beneficial for intuition and psychic awareness. Is protective of the heart chakra and is used for sending unconditional love. A purifying stone to help find one's higher purpose,-extremely helpful for transformation and transmutation. Physically, seraphinite heals nerves, brain cells, purifies the blood. kidneys, liver.and eliminates toxins. It appears to have feathery wing patterns which are mica in the stone.
SERPENTINE protective & balancing, enhances balancing effect of other crystals, assists in use of kundalini - ENHANCES MEDITATION
Serpentine emits a profound healing vibration and facilitates the energetic activation of cellular regeneration. Renders assistance to disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system, and mental structure. Works on the heart and lungs by helping to withdraw toxins and activates the absorption of nutrients and oxygen. It is used in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia, eliminates parasites and used to increase the absorption of magnesium and calcium.
Often misnamed Jungle Green Jade, Asterite Serpentine is a powerful and transformative stone that can help to awaken the kundalini energies. Use Asterite Serpentine to manifest abundance. It also is used to channel grounding nature energies. It is a good luck money stone. It can be used for awakening self and positive meditations. It is A TOOL FOR PSYCHIC PROTECTION
SHAMAN STONES Moqui or Mochi Marbles - iron and silicon concentrations, found on 5 continents in archeological sites, always in pairs, they bring forth the wisdom of the ancients when we most need them, used for visioning and for journeying, brings balance to male and female energies, they provide protection and clean areas used for healing while absorbing and transmuting negativity into good and useful energy, recommended for personal as well as environmental uses - MOQUIS HELP US TO RELEASE ANYTHING WE TAKE TOO SERIOUSLY - for more information see link to separate section of this site
SHARK’S TOOTH collected from the ocean bed as sharks continually replace their teeth, use with fluorite for a runny, draining sinus, use with coral for a broken nose, also use as talisman in medicine bag or around neck, Shark’s tooth is for the nose, sinus and nasal passages and works whether it is internal or external
SHATTUCKITE Shattuckite is a strong psychic communication stone. It will assist with the development of psychic visions, intuition, mediumship, channeling, psychic knowing and automatic writing, all from a position of absolute truth. This stone allows you to communicate better with the spirit world, as it heightens the vibration of your connection. This ensures that any link you make will be with guides of the highest vibration. It will also facilitate a stronger connection with your personal guides and teachers, and your loved ones who have passed over.
SHUNGITE Shungite is a rare and very ancient stone, around 2 billion years old. Shungite is a powerful stone to shield you from the electro-magnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment… including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions. It is said to aid those who read the future and will help to emphasize the gift of prophecy.
SHIVA LINGHAM STONE The Shiva Lingham Stone is from the sacred Narmada River one of India's seven holy areas. This Crypto-crystalline quartz is gathered from shallow riverbeds and hand polished to balanced egg-like proportions .
This often worshiped fertility stone is revered by Hindus as the embodiment of Lord Shiva. Lingham is also the sacred Sanskrit word for phallus. In Tantric Hindu tradition,the shape embodies masculine energy, dynamic expression and knowledge.The markings named Yoni (sacred Sanskrit word for vulva), depicts the feminine energy, wisdom and intuition. Together, the female energyarouses the masculine urge to create. As such, the Tantric Lingham unifies the dualistic (male female) world into harmonious balance. A great stone for those who did not receive proper nurturing in childhood.
SIDERITE Siderite acts on all chakras and is excellent at aligning the meridians and subtle bodies. Siderite helps one to re-engage with ones career providing stability in employment. Siderite is a crystal of postivety, stimulating postive thoughts and ideas. Siderite can be a soothing ally for those confined to long periods of bed rest. Siderite has been used to treat disorders and deterioration of the bones. Siderite can be used to stimulate the assimulation of minerals. Siderite facilitates treatment of anemia.
This beautiful and rare stone first arrived on the gemstone market around September 1996. It is comprised of a unique combination of royal blue shattuckite, robins egg blue chrysacolla, forest green dioptase, in smokey quartz with pastel light green malachite swirling together in a vibrant mix of colors rarely seen together. Namibia is the only known location for this mineral. It is said to have these metaphysical properties: - Bolsters the immune system; - Heals grief from past trauma; - Aligns all chakras; - Brings mental clarity when placed on the Third Eye;
SMITHSONITE Smithsonite was named after James Smithson, the founder of the Smithsonian Institution. The luster of smithsonite sets it apart from other minerals. Smithsonite promotes energies in an environment that brings about kindliness, charm and pleasantness. It can be used to replace any stone during a "laying-on-of-stones" healing layout.
SODALITE healer of throat chakra, prophetic dreaming, endocrine system, eliminates confusion, supports higher creative expression, balances will - CONNECTS OUR TRUTH
SPECULARITE Specularite is a variety of hematite. It has been observed on the Martian surface by TES (Thermal Emission Spectrometer). This has been a significant discovery due to the preferred formation of specularite, which is through aqueous precipitation. Specularite assists energy workers to find the best solutions when guiding and healing people.
SPHALERITE Sphalerite is a mineral of strength, vitality and grounding- enhances perceptions to determine the truth about a problem, insights, or the right path to success.Enhances creativity Increases energy in athletes or anyone doing physical training. Sphalerite is used to assist the immune system, prevent infections. Staurolite is sometimes referred to as'Fairy crosses' - as it was once believed to be created by the tears of fairies crying when they heard of Christ's crucifixion. Considered a good luck charm as well as a charm that would protect children from evil spirits. Staurolite is a grounding stone,-assists in connecting with the fairy realm. It is used by some as a tool to psychically communicate with the animal kingdom. Staurolite is an aid in discarding destructive habits, stabilizing the emotions, and brings a feeling of protection, safety and security,-an excellent stone for use in widening one's visionand awareness of other realms,-used by healers to counter the effects of aging, recover and forfrom abusive habits, muscle and blood formation.
SPHENE Sphene a calcium titanium silicate mineral, is also known as Titanite, which is the preferred name. Sphene stimulates the third eye and crown chakra-facilitates altered states of awareness- journeying. Meditation with Sphene raises consciousness linking into universal wisdom and alternate realities- can be used to access and recall past and future life consciousness- may help boost the immune system.
SPINEL Spinel is a very attractive and historically important gemstone. Its typical red color, rivals the color of ruby. In fact, many famous rubies belonging to corwn jewellery, are actually spinels. It's energy is said to have the capability of renewing vitality and the desire to try again. It gives hope to those who thought hope was dead, raise thoughts and purifies the imagination.
SPODUMENE Spodumene is the stone of love, pure unconditional sensual love. Highly purifying, Spodumene will release the emotional blocks and release love on all levels. It can remove any obstacles to love, is protective, and can ward off psychic attack. Spodumene is highly calming and an excellent meditative tool, centering and gently raising vibration to highest wisdom. It instils the freedom of a child, in thought and action. Spodumene can help treat heart conditions and circulatory problems. It can help to reduce stress and stress or anxiety related illness. Spodumene can help stabilise mood swings, and stimulate the endocrine system. It may assist with lung disorders.
STALACTITES Stalactites are the formations that form on the ceilings of caves. Stalactites begin their life as a single drop of water which has been combined with carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, and calcite. It is a protecting, grounding and centering stone, and can help bring inner peace. It can also be helpful in astral travel and in channelling.
STAUROLITE Since the first time it was worn, it has been considered a good luck charm as well as a charm that would protect children from evil spirits. Staurolite is a grounding stone that assists in connecting with other worlds, including the fairy realm. It is used by some as a tool to psychically communicate with the animal kingdom. Staurolite is an aid in discarding destructive habits, stabilizing the emotions, and brings a feeling of protection, safety and security. This is an excellent stone for use in widening one's vision and awareness of other realms. Opens the inner eye; Helps to find lost objects; Increases the connection to other worlds. Staurolite is used by healers to counter the effects of aging, recover from abusive habits, muscle and blood formation, general well being.
STIBNITE focuses on strengths and helps make decisions and encourages achievement of goals, protects against negativity, helps to remove toxins and remove the intrusive, clears old blockages and congestion, increases understanding between one and the animal and plant kingdoms, enhances the energy field - A STONE TO STABILIZE ONE’S ECONOMY
STICHTITE Stichtite brings emotional awareness and expansion,-a calming stone that brings tranquility individuals and one's environment,-helps one to be gentle with self and others,and promotes keeping promises, openly sharing opinions, and considering all thoughts with love. It engenders loving companionship of all kinds. Stichtite can help children behave positively.Physically, stichtite helps heal teeth, gums, skin elasticity, skin regeneration,and mucous membrane problems.
STILBITE This is a mineral which can powerfully enhance our levels of creativity and intuition. It also helps us to be more self-expressive. A very good mineral for those who astral travel, as Stilbite can provide you with guidance whilst when you are going through dimensions. It also helps us with transition from one plane to another. Silbite is a powerful detoxifier.
STROMATOLITE Stromatolite is the oldest of all fossils. The banding that commonly appears in stromatolite is a record of the growth patterns of colonies of microorganisms. This stone is said to help cleanse the mind, body and spirit and to purify the environment all around. A great stone to aid and speed up the healing process and to use in healing ceremonies. The healing properties of Stromatolite include assistance in past-life meditation. It is also said to relieve physical and emotional stress, while refreshing the flow of body fluids that may have become heavy, blocked, or dried. It can also aid in promoting adaptability.
STRONTIANITE Strength and confidence, enthusiasm for life, increased vitality and sexuality, decisiveness and self-control
SUGILITE Sugilite is one of the newest and rarest gemstone. Many have hailed Sugilite as the gem of the "New Age". It can help to clear the mind, making the way open for the rising of consciousness. It is also beneficial in opening and centering of the Heart Chakra. These two enhancements are the essence of the next evolutionary step for mankind. Fortifies our “sixth Sense”, an innate knowingness that defies description, leads us into our intuition, connects body and soul, helps heal the inner child, dissolves tension in the soul, alleviates sorrow and grief and helps with fears, paranoia and schizophrenia - A STONE FOR THE AGES, SUGILITE IS FOR SELF DISCIPLESHIP
SULPHUR Sulphur carries a negative electrical charge, making it great for removing negative energies from a person, environment, or item. Sulphur supports a healthy self-will and self-respect.It can help you to release negative, repetitive behavior patterns of rebellion. The volcanic origin of Sulphur makes it especially helpful to those who have trouble with outbursts or eruptions, be it emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or physical. It has the property of quelling outbursts of rage and is good for those having anger management issues. Personality disorders are often helped, and some have even used it to ameliorate symptoms of turrets syndrome. Sulphur is believed to help with acne, inflammation, fever, and infections. Sulphur is toxic and should never be taken internally, even as an elixir.
SUNSTONE dissipates fearfulness, increases vitality, spiritual growth, clears & energizes chakras - STONE OF LUCK
Alson known as Golden Labradorite or Oregon Sunstone. Yellow Sunstone works very well for depression. It is a crystal of the Solar Plexus Chakra. This crystal clears and energizes all of the Chakras. Sunstone works well on your fears, and it also helps you get rid of stress.
SUPER SEVEN It represents the universal brotherhood of humanity! Also known as Sacred Seven and Melody's Stone, Super Seven retains all the properties of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite combined. This is part of what makes this stone so desirable. It is a powerful stone for healing the earth, mind, body and spirit.



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