5th Dimensional Module

The 5th dimension's module is composed of 3 spheres which represents the Trinity in the heart chakra, (the father, the mother and the son/daughter) and of 2 tetrads, the top one of masculine polarity and the bottom one of feminine polarity. It symbolizes the 5th dimension which is characterized by the fusion of the 2 polarities, father and mother, which creates the son's energy or Christine, and by the absence of judgment and duality.

The top tetrahedron (With the Arabic letter Aleph) channels the father of the sky's energy and diffuses it in the 3 spheres of the Trinity and the bottom one (the one with the Arabic letter Mem) does the same with the mother energy from the earth. From this fusion, Christine energy or the light of life is created and spherically radiated. There is then a transformation of a lineal movement of the 3rd dimension to a spherically movement of the 5th dimension.

In fact, the 5th dimension's module reminds us of who we are; Antennas which vertically Channel the Father/Mother energies, fusing them in the earth's chakra while radiating energies in all directions. This is what we call the INTEGRATION or THE ZERO POINT.

The key word for this module is: UNITY, which is a state exempt of fears, of beliefs, of judgments, of egocentric desires, of dependencies and attachments.

5th Dimensional Module

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Here is a recent Testimonial: "I just want to say that I am HIGHLY impressed with the quality of the sacred geometry forms. They are absolutely beautiful! They exceed my expectations of quality and look more impressive in person than in the photos. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. I also love that they have a purpose and intention card attached along with a corresponding stone to each shape. It was well worth the wait. Thank you so much and please forward this message to David, he did a wonderful job. I also want to thank you and him for the great customer service. Namaste"


User Manual

It is with the conscious breath that one channels the Father/Mother's energies. One needs to master the complete breathing which is to inhale by the nose while inflating the belly first then the thorax then breath out with the nose first while deflating the belly first then the thorax.

Connect yourself to the central sun of the earth, Vesta the feminine counter part of the sun, and invite her into your heart chakra. Then plug yourself to Helios our sun by inviting it into your heart chakra. Inhale by the nose and visualize the golden energy which enters your crown and the silver energy which enters through your root chakra, both mix in your heart chakra to become a sphere. Maintain a pause of about 2 to 3 seconds before breathing out, for the mix to settle. At this stage, the sphere should be at about 46 CM of diameter. While breathing out, visualize this sphere that expands to infinity while feeling the unity with all there is.

The 5th dimension module is an excellent support for this meditation.

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