Here is a recent Testimonial: "I just want to say that I am HIGHLY impressed with the quality of the sacred geometry forms. They are absolutely beautiful! They exceed my expectations of quality and look more impressive in person than in the photos. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. I also love that they have a purpose and intention card attached along with a corresponding stone to each shape. It was well worth the wait. Thank you so much and please forward this message to David, he did a wonderful job. I also want to thank you and him for the great customer service. Namaste"

What is Sacred Geometry?

Ancient cultures the world over have gifted us with a knowledge traditionally called Sacred Geometry.

Look closely at the patterns. Geometry is everywhere. It is the way the Universe speaks. It is the way energy expresses itself. From the microscopic to the galactic, everything follows the patterns of energy.

Sacred Geometry is the universal science of mathematical ratios, harmonic resonance and archetypal symbols at the core of life and consciousness itself...

As above so below ... This is an ancient saying, however, what does it mean? If we were to meet an alien, how would we communicate?

Or as far as that goes what if we were to time travel 1,000 years or even 5,000 years into our past or into our future. What would be the universal language we could draw upon? To word it another way, what would be the language of The Universe or the language of God common to both of us regardless of our belief system.

It is a third dimensional manifestation of ... Divine Perfection.

There is a language that translates universally and is the true nature of "above", which reflects in the substance of this physical reality "below". That language is number, used by science to describe interactions in all realms of the physical and energetic universe. When number moves from the mental and theoretical into the physical it becomes pattern, rhythm, cycle and geometry. Thus, we see the language of God expressed everywhere in our universe. Excerpt from Sacred Geometry: An Energetic Perspective by Gregory Hogue

This primordial knowledge is coming alive again. A surge of global interest in Sacred Geometry is currently sweeping across many disciplines: from cutting-edge science to music to architecture to spiritual healing.

These forms are not typically kept in stock. Delivery time may be slightly longer.


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