Timely and LIMITED SPACE! 

Do you lead a busy and fast-paced life?
Do you feel emotionally drained?
Do you dream of slowing down just a bit?
If so, you’re not alone. EFT can help!

Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT is a blend of ancient Chinese Acupuncture and Self Talk Psychology.
By tapping on our own body energy meridian points, we can calm and soothe the nervous system, shifts emotions and lift/move energy.
If you are ready to calm the nervous system and shift the emotions, sign up for our, “Be Still and Know” Retreat, for May 28th, 2022!
Lynette Brossart with “Rooted in LōVE Healing Naturally” and Hylkje Van are collaborating!
Register by email: lynbrossart60@gmail.com or call

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