TAO Hands
Practitioner Level 2 Certification
workshop May 19, 20 and 21st

Hours are from 10AM to 6PM
(bring your lunch, water and/or snacks) 

Teachers: Master Donna Marie Hutton from Alaska

Cost: $625 for all three days, includes transmission of TAO Hands, Light Wall, Tao Body Pendulum 

Contact Lydia Maes for more information or to register
at 306-380-3377 email: Lmaes84785@aol.com or visit https://www.drsha.com/taohands/taohands/

What is Tao Hands?

Join a global movement that helps to bring love, peace, and harmony to all beings and the world through the power of Tao Hands. This is a unique training program only offered through Master Sha and his Certified Master Teachers. During this challenging time, Tao Hands Practitioners are trained to assist humanity through the blessing abilities of Tao Hands, a permanent spiritual transmission that can be used to offer blessings for every aspect of life: physical and emotional well-being, relationships, finances and business, spiritual journeys, and more. Tao Hands carry Tao frequency and vibration, with love, forgiveness, compassion and light and can remove soul, mind and body blockages to maintain happiness and health. Practitioners offer services based on ancient wisdom and bring internal harmony to soul, mind, and body.

With Tao Hands, you can make a big difference in people's lives and bring more peace, love, and harmony to your community and to the world. Tao Hands blessings transmit the messages of love and light that help people overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of true well-being and flourishing. Tao Hands bring out the highest potential and ability to serve in everyone who wishes to receive their blessings.

Together Master Sha and his Certified Master Teachers have blessed thousands of people worldwide through Tao Hands. It is a great honor to become a Tao Hands Practitioner.

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