The Labyrinth

This Cretan style, 7-circuit Labyrinth is always open to the public at No Charge. The 85-foot stone labyrinth offers a place for walking meditation and reflection.

"It allows you to clear your thoughts because it focuses you on following the path. It strips away the less important details that seem to clutter our lives so much. This allows you to decide what's important in your life."

-Andy Wallace, on walking the labyrinth monthly offered by
Holy Family Medical Center

"I wanted to thank you for opening up your property for people to enjoy and heal. I was feeling overwhelmed on Monday and was guided to get out of town and take a drive and go for a walk at the Devic Center. When I arrived there was a couple in the labyrinth but I did not want to disturb them. I walked along a path through the woods and then spend some time at the medicine wheel. Connecting and thanking mother earth. I then made my way to the labyrinth and was thankful that nobody was around because as I starting my journey I began to become overwhelmed with emotion and bawled. I felt my soul team there comforting me. It was a surreal experience. I felt so much lighter when I was finished. Very powerful and very thankful! I then decided what the heck I'll sit in the 10 sided pyramid. I know nothing about it but I received some guided information while there. I wasn't sure what the one thing was at first and had to Google it when I got home. A crystal! Bornite?? I was wondering if you happen to have any in stock? Apparently I need one and one can never say no to a new crystal??. . Again I wanted to thank you and share my experience with you. Enjoy this wonderful fall day," -- Trina

Able Crystals at the Devic Centre -

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