5G and EMF Protection

Protect yourself from harmful EMF's
(Electromagnetic Fields)

including 5G and AI
using the

Co-creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer

Our "Vital Field" - Bio-energetics studies the impact of natural objects, such as minerals and crystals, on the energetic bodies of living beings, which includes our subtle energy centers. We define bio-energetics as the science that studies these "vital fields."

An energetic field known as our "aura" fans out from our body like ripples on a pond. In most people, the vital field extends out from the body about five to fifteen feet but is most powerful closest to the body. Our vital fields are affected by any change in our internal or external environment, including food, water, toxic exposures, emotions, lifestyle, and overall health.

If there is a disruptive pattern reducing the vital field, it can lead to physical or emotional illness. Chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation is one of those disruptors. Many people are unaware of how EMFs are affecting them until they are away from them for a while.

The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer works to realign and optimize the body's vital electrical field. Essentially it transforms artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies, thereby neutralizing their negative impact. The Enhancer transforms damaging radiation, not by eliminating it, but by softening or adjusting its harmful properties.

The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer also balances and harmonizes the energies called 5G and AI. 5G is the 5th generation of cell phone transmission wave lengths, while AI is a computer based artificial intelligence. Since it is not actually artificial we choose to call it TI, or Technical Intelligence.


When we test the rate of emissions with a valid testing meter the reading is usually constant before and after installing the Enhancer as it does not block emissions or suffocate the device.

When testing the emitting devices using a pendulum or other dowsing tool, you/we normally get a negative or a "no" reading as no Enhancer has been installed. After adding the Enhancer the reading on the pendulum changes to either neutral or in most cases positive. Since one intention of the ENHANCER is: "To adjust the spin to render harmless-True", the emissions are co-creatively harmonized. The pendulum test shows this adjustment. The emissions are no longer testing negative.

Are you making friends or enemies?

Your electric/electronic devices will work with you as they work for you.

If you are blocking, shielding, or suppressing your phone, computer or other electric appliance , you are in essence telling it you don't like the way it works. Is it any wonder that its emissions harm you. Man created it the way it is.

Also remember if you try to block in these energy patterns you are forcing the device into an unnatural operating mode and it will either expire/fail prematurely, or it will find a way around these shields. Be aware also that you are living in an electromagnetic soup which is unnatural for your electrochemical body.This is likely causing undue stress on your body including its auric field.
The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer is designed to adjust the spin of these energies to a neutral or even positive spin. Try one today and feel the difference.

The Enhancer comes in the form of a 7/8 inch self adhesive dome. It is easily applied to any emitting device and establishes a new harmonic relationship. Since you can't/won't live without these technologies why not make friends with them. The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer is designed to facilitate this mutually beneficial relationship. >> Read More

The Enhancer is now also available in a 3.5" x 3.5" Large model (not adhesive) for use in computer and electrical rooms as well as in areas where the EMF interference levels are extra high.



"michael, am just going to let myself ramble a bit and invite you to excerpt what you think most applicable for a testimonial regarding the field enhancers you sent me: on the fourteenth of october, i received the field enhancers you sent me by mail with an immediate sense of positive anticipation. after our telephone conversation that day (wherein you directed me as to their "installations" and i had placed every one of them in various locations in the house), i had a near immediate sensation of stillness/calm/peace that seemed to have permeated all the rooms (or maybe i was simply more disposed to heightened perception, having exerted myself :) and an almost palpable sense of visual/emotional/mental clarity in the very air (which may have originated with the resumption of the use of my alpine air purifier but which i think the enhancers elevated/reconditioned/redefined) but these conditions continue apparent and persistent to me in the nearly four weeks since (without exertion and with greater habituation to the air purifier :). from a more introspective (as distinct from an environmental) view, i find i no longer feel precipitated to take action against "the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to," becoming increasingly aware of my correspondingly increased capacity for patience and acceptance, together with an apparently resulting awareness of alternatives presented in simple, daily situations. i suspect i would hitherto have found such situations daunting or defeating but given an increased willingness and resolve to persist in the completion of tasks and the accomplishment of goals, i am reminded that my late, sainted alanon sponsor used to say to me, "patricia, we always have choices." since the enhancers have arrived, i seem not only better able to discern them but also better able to select from amongst them. trusting you will agree the foregoing generalizations are not insignificant; their particular actualizations have positively impacted my environment and person and produced a greater sense of ease and focus in both "arenas". shall continue to amend this note as continuing "enhancements" manifest which i fully expect they will. with ongoing appreciation of your creative efforts in generating and bringing the enhancers to market and most especially, in gifting me with them as i grieve the death of my friend."


"We purchased the Energy Enhancer from Michael a couple months ago. We put the stickers on each of our cell phones, our wifi box, our microwave and our daughter's baby camera. We purchased a larger one (coaster size) for our living room. Within a day or two we noticed the difference in our home. The bigger one is extremely powerful and we felt a quietness in our home like we had never experienced before. It is the type of silence that one experiences only after background noise has been removed- similar to the quietness of a typical night in a city vs the deadening silence in the country. We didn't realize the 'loudness' of the energy that was there until it was gone. The enhancer felt like it was pulling all the disharmonic energies from our home and transmitting them into harmonic waves that worked with us as opposed to against us. We were able to think better and have more clarity in our conversations like we have not experienced together. We are very grateful and can not thank Michael enough for suggesting to us to use them, especially with all the air wave pollution increasing in our society now (e.g., onset of 5G). Michael has further programmed these enhancers to work with us in harmony and we are so grateful for the peace they have brought to us and our home. We would highly recommend anyone to get this product as it certainly has been a game changer for us. Thank you Michael for everything you do and the work you continue to do for everybody and the environment!"


"C has given over 30 items of the Creative Field Enhancer to lots of those whom she deems necessary and she feels great about doing it. She notices the auras of each of those recipients have changed for better the next day and thus takes great pride and zest about it." -- J. C. Hong Kong

"Dear Michael: Once I placed one small enhancer on the control panel it took two hours for the kitchen to change in energy--really remarkable. And when I attached one small enhancer to the heater in my bedroom the atmosphere really changed and felt it immediately. The enhancers took almost six months to help in healing my ES. (Electromagnetic Sesitivity) Notice changes every evening in my brain and body. I am falling asleep for about an hour now before taking my sleep meds. All my best" -- Daryl?

"Hi Michael,
Thanks so much for taking time to speak with me on Friday.   I can’t tell if this is coincidence or not, but in the hospital that I work at my office is the maze of electromagnetic instruments that you speak of.  I put one brain and body field enhancer on my desktop computer which is centimeters from me, and despite a demanding schedule this week I don’t feel the fatigue I usually feel.  I feel a calm energy in me. Although I don’t understand the physics, I feel better.  I’ve put the second field enhancer on my cell phone. We’ll see if that makes a noticeable difference.  Thanks so much for suggesting this!"
-- Wayne

"I have been using the enhancer stickers on power tools and electronic devices to good effect. I really noticed a difference. When the Plate Enhancer came out I decided to add it.

So I have had the plate in my room for one week and these are the remarkable effects so far. 1) I am sleeping on a much more deeper level and I am falling asleep a lot sooner. I am sleeping for the same amount of time but I am waking up much more restful. 2) I feel more calm before bed and I don't through the "mental gymnastics " of de-stressing and winding down like I use to. When my head hits the pillow, my mind is clear , calm and ready for sleep. 3) Also when I do wake up in the middle of the night I am able to fall back asleep almost instantly. In the past I would wake up and start "thinking" or "stressing" about the previous day or the day ahead and I would end up being awake for god knows how long!! I have no more monkey mind! Just PEACE ! I am going to the lake for 10 days and upon my return I plan to place it in other rooms and will write to you my observations. I do plan on bringing it to the lake ! :-) Take care and thank you for the patches and plate Enhancers." -- Rod K

"I brought the Plate Enhancer to the lake and noticed a real peaceful feeling. It was reminiscent of how it felt at Turtle Lake before the cell towers and smart phones were the norm. Once cell coverage came in, EMF's changed the very nature of area and my ability to de-stress, un-wind and relax. I can go to the lake now with the confidence that I can recapture what I thought was lost." -- Rod K

"Michael thank you so much for the Enhancer. I noticed an immediate change in the ambiance of my whole house. I couldn't believe how quickly the whole house felt warmer, and much more like home. "The Enhancer"    is very, very powerful and makes my whole house be at peace with me. Seems to have opened up the communication and love to my house 100 times more. Thanks Michael." -- Barry Turlock

"May 19th, 2014   - A  smart meter has recently been  installed at my Mother's  place. When I visited her last weekend, I took an Enhancer with me. First, we  felt  and liked the energy of her home.   Then we placed  the Enhancer on her  smart meter  -  the results were dramatic.  Immediately , the energy  of her home felt   more uplifting. We also became  aware of a  sense of a   deep peace.  When we  removed  the Enhancer , an  underlying  tension  and discordance    became very  apparent. It was only when  this tension ceased that we had become aware that it was even there.  Needless to say, the Enhancer was placed  immediately on the smart meter  again. Having experienced the difference, we would not be without it.  Thank you." -- Heather

"I have tested several devices that reduce EMF and all of them reduce some negativity. The Enhancer is the only one that generates a positive field rather than just creating a diminished negative field. The whole house feels wonderful. The Enhancer also feels great in my back pocket. It seems to create a bubble of very nice energy around me." -- W.G.- Alberta

"We have a few EMF devices in our home , so I was not sure the that Enhancer would be of any benefit. I was totally surprised to find out what a difference it made! It generated a really uplifting energy for the entire house. The Enhancer accomplished far more than all the other devices combined. I would not want to be without it." -- H.B.

"Hi Michael, I want you to know that I have been using the small enhancers for several months now and have found they've made a a huge difference in a number of applications. I have placed one on the back of my cell phone and am now able to use it extensively without it burning my hand. I also use one on my mouse and the lamp beside my bed. At the time I received them and the reason I was eager to try them is because I was living in an apartment susrrounded by WIFI and would be awakened several times during the night with strange, intense "head achy" symptoms. As per your suggestion, I placed an enhancer on a card which I put in my pillow case under my pillow with the intention to harmonize with the energies. It was such a relief as I gradually returned to regular sleep patterns without the disturbance of the WIFI EMF's. Thank you so much Michael for your dedication to this work! In addition to receiving the enhancers, I'd had a clearing done on the property where my apartment was located. I felt the shift of energy immediately as I'd noted the time and later confirmed with Michael that the clearing had taken place at that time. It seems to me that the devic clearing may compliment the enhancers energy when acknowledged and honored with the intention of harmonizing with the environment." -- C.T. in Chicago

"I had been using a few of the small enhancers which I'd found effective but when I introduced the large enhancers to my environment, I noticed a distinct shift in the energy of my home. It's difficult to articulate but I felt a distinct sense of upliftedness. A palbable light, happy and invigorating sensation dominates my entire home. I would love to have a flexible one I could wear as an armband but in lieu of that do carry one with me wherever I go." -- C.T. in Chicago

"I can tell you that 'I get a Happy' & an opening in my chest area when I look at the little ones on my tablet and monitor... I 'send gratitude' & receive a strong 'good feeling' (blessing energy) .. if that makes any sense. Bottom line, I find I must interact consciously & energetically to 'feel the impact'. It may be there & I'm just tuning in... but it feels more interactive. I find the reminder (of the visual) & the interactive re-enforcement very good! The color & patterns really attract me & trigger the reminder to 'relax, breathe, & know all is well'. I had my son Connors put one on his phone. He actually cut a hole in his case to accommodate it as with the new touch screen phones there is no way to apply it without interfering with the functionality of the screen. And you have to have in one of the form fitting cases... so he chopped a hole in the back & now there is this cheerful little 'reminder'. He tells me he noticed a difference - but couldn't really say what it was. I'll check in with him again." -- C.C. - Calgary

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