Andrew Daniels - Cree Soapstone Carver

Thompson, Manitoba
R8N 1E8

Phone: 204.679.4175

Carves: Bears, Buffalos, Turtles, Whales, and also takes special orders.

Carvings can be created from a variety of soapstone colors
such as Black, White, Green or Brown

Andy was born in the fall of '99. Raised on the reserve of Pukatawagan, Manitoba. Andy was taught to respect and to acknowledge wildlife from his grandparents and elders from his home community. Andy expresses this through his carvings created from this "rock". Andy has been carving, off and on, for the last 17 years, but has taken his artistic talent seriously for the past 3 years. What keeps Andy carving is seeing people that take joy from his carvings. -- Ekosi

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